The Hill That Never Sleeps (Fear The Dichotomy)


The Hill That Never Sleeps


Have you heard of the hill,

That never sleeps?

We’ve been properly acquainted,

In my virtuous sheets.

Watching-your every move,

In search of flaws.

Making it tought to climb up,

And easier to fall off.


With the hill that never sleeps,

He crushes every ambition and intuition-

Only to plant seeds of doubt,

Insecurities, impurities,

And leave you to do the dishes.

But o’, these hills have feelings too-

Which we shall not discuss.

Fluttered with bitterness-

We all feel as if no one feels the feeling,

Of this hiss-

But us.


This hill,

That never sleeps-

Motivates the strong,

And conquers the weak.

The hill,

That never rests-

Will never pat you on your back,

But only crush what is within your chest.

This hill, above all-

Hits head on and never steep,

Just remember this hill,

The next time you indulge-

In your sleep.


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