What I have to say


I'm helpless
I'm broken
I have no rights
You cut me and pull me
while I try to fight.
In my plight this is
What I have to say:
I love you mom 
I really do
Even though you decided to kill me,
against my own will. 
I'm sorry, mom with all my heart 
for what he did. 
For what he caused. 
I'm sorry he hurt you
And caused you pain
I'm sorry that rapist left you with me 
but I don't deserve his punishment. 
I'm a different person,
A unique human being. 
Because of your decision I'm deprived of my life
I'll never get to live, to love,
to learn and to play.
I'm just telling you 
What I have to say:
Someday I could have been a doctor,
a magician, a teacher or poet. 
But all I am to you is a "fetus" an "unborn child"
and a "terminated pregnancy". 
Why mom? 
Why did you get rid if me? 
Was I not good enough for you? 
Or were you too important to be pregnant? 
They told you I wouldn't feel anything, that I'm not capable of emotion,
But I felt it mom, and it hurt. 
it's all over now, any chance of life I had
You decided not to keep me, you decided I was bad. 
So I guess that's it mom. 
I guess it's goodbye. 
And I'll never get the chance to tell you
What I have to say. 


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