Our Change


A complicated notion of time

An ideology of one's self that allows us to think and believe the world to be a better place

A place of hope, joy and peace

A place where lovers from all walks of life can come out in the open

Having no fear of being shamed for whom their prospective partners are

A time where the poor, rich, all individuals from different walks of life,

Could commune with one another with no fear of being judged and ostracized

A place where equal pay for women wouldn't seem outrageous in certain circles

A place where racial proling wouldn't result in senseless acts of violence

If I could personally change anything,

I would eradicate the systems of oppression that divide our nation

I would work diligently to create an environment where issues of social justice and equity are front and center

An environment where individuals were human rights issues are everyone's problem.

Not just one that affects a select group of people

I would change the legislature in Uganda that made it illegal for individuals to express their sexuality

I would change the inferiority complex that has limited the abilities of individuals.

I would turn the other cheek every time something unpleasant came my way

Change a complicated notion indeed

One that can be divisive, but can also bring unity. 

In a perfect world all of these changes should be possible

But first the change must start with me


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