When Love Gets Easier


When love gets a little easier

Maybe I'll be able to say hello and not have my eyes rain

Maybe the tulips will finally bloom properly and maybe the dandelions will finally blow in my direction and cover my face with their wishes

My tongue will never again be tied at the tip at the thought of you

I'll never hide my feelings in poems for you

Never feel ashamed at telling my next lover their faults and accepting theirs

I won't have to water down my words and watch my heart come to a slow beat

When love gets easier I'll love confidence into her

I'll kiss reassurance back into her lips and hug insecurities out

We'll make love while making love and entangle our secrets into our bodies

I'll never again cry for something you didn't want

I'll smile for everything I did

So when love gets easier, I'll stop loving you

Stop pretending that I never cared

And I'll show her that it doesn't have to be so hard

When love gets a little easier maybe I won't have to keep pressing into my chest to make sure it's there
And the wind won't feel so much like your touch
I won't hide away from the sun because it reminds me of your smile
I won't depend on the rain to help wash your memories away
I'll no longer frequent the beds of women in search for pieces of you
And I'll stop going into every relationship guarded and afraid
I won't have to bite my tongue on your name and taste the idea of something that could never have been swallowed, or savored completely
When love gets easier I'll laugh happiness into her soul

Nibble consistency and reciprocity into her neck
I'll make love to her because I want to be close to her
And not because I'm trying to remember what it felt like with you
I'll hold her and the warmth of our bodies will create a blanket of trust that shields us from almost lovers, and lovers that were never ours
From lovers that could never love us the way we needed to be loved
I'll move forward with no desire to look back and I won't miss what we never had

And I'll smile for always forgiving.
So when love gets easier, I'll stop loving you. And show her that it doesn't have to hurt...

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