The Room of Doors


Come with me to the room of doors for some fun
Take a deep breath and open door number one
In this room lives
A teenage girl
Hiding away
From the cruel cruel world.
Her eyes are hollow
Her soul a shell
What a terrible place
In which to dwell
She wants to end
Her pointless life
Left alone in a room
With only a knife
This room has proven too much for you
Let's move on to door number two
A lifeless corpse
In this room lies
And a girl with a gun
With tears in her eyes
A cheating man
That broke her heart
Took it's part
She holds him close
So soaked in blood
She whispers softly
Twisted words of love
How this ends is easy to see
Let's move on to door number three
A boy in a corner
Covered in bruises
Hurt by a father
Who rapes and abuses
He cries and flinches
As daddy gropes
His world is dark
He's lost his hope
You see the dad
Throw a brutal punch
The little boy cowers
And you hear the crunch
Close it quick you can take no more
Let's move on to door number four.
A frail old man
All on his own
His kids have all left
His wife dead and gone
A broken heart
By the kids he loves
Dumped him in a home
To the men with white gloves
He sits in the shadows
With nothing to say
A silent tear falls
As he fades away.
We're almost there, don't lose your drive
Let's move on to door number five
Door number five
Is a horror untold
A black abyss
That's damp and cold
Disembodied screams
Echo through your ears
This room holds
The whole world's fears
Whimpers and cries
From people unseen
Yet you feel as if you're being
Watched behind a screen
To the largest door of all the picks
Let's move on to door number six
The final door
Belongs to you
It holds your past
And your future too
It molds to your mind
Holds your dreams and your pain
Your fears and desires
And holds your insane
It's a scary thought
It is what you are
So think about
What's behind your door.


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