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Slip. Trip. Stumble. Fall.   Slipping on tears. Tripping on fears. Stumble on life. Fall with strife.   Slip. Trip. Stumble. Fall.  
I’m so discontented with walking up and down, But I’d like to meet a nice girl downtown.   I’ll say hi to the hottie in the black gown And I hope she doesn’t take me for a clown.  
Thunder;   sounds that cut the humid air and tell us Lightning is here, along with my storm.   Lightning;   only striking once, soon leaving an ever-lasting mark.
Be brave enough to walk away And don’t look back Be brave to say goodbye Be brave enough to go your way Be brave not to tell a lie.
I need a break from reality To get back my sanity A new hope for tomorrow That can take away my sorrow To fill the void In my empty soul A cure  For the unknown
I won’t tell Christina what Ronny told me yesterday. She mustn’t know how my half-brother feels about her. Ronny is married, so I won’t speak to Christina on his behalf.
                                       I have no reason to hate
Laura, I’ve been admiring you since the first day you came to work here. I didn’t know that you had a boyfriend until I saw him with you last night. I can tell that he loves you, so I don’t want to come between you and him.
In the past, I told many girls that I loved them, But most of them didn’t love me. Now I love other attractive girls, But I haven’t told them about my love yet. Perhaps one of them loves me,
                                                  Recuerda ayer Recuerda los viejos tiempos Recuerda lo que solíamos decir Recuerda las jugadas
It has taken me some time to realize that there are two parts of your body that will always be at war with one another, And it seems like no matter how hard you try, they will never agree with each other.
Have you ever felt unnoticed? Stood silently, hoping to be approached? Sat and stared at the wall, hoping someone talks? Stood in a group completely ignored? This is for the lonely, the ignored, the left out
I am not going to wait for you to get illOr to die to send you bouquets of flowersRight now is the time to make you feelThat you're loved amid the rain showers.
Feeling the ones we try so hard to hide  It’s like one big up and down ride  You never know which one ur going to be feeling  Until it’s revealing  You see that’s the thing  You never no anything 
Think long and hard about this next one Don't be too quick to say, 'I'm done' Let your thoughts fade away in this very moment Forget every single thing you've ever learnt
Sometimes I just wanna be heard Sometimes I wanna speak without words
Sometimes I just wanna be heard Sometimes I wanna speak without words
Sometimes I just wanna be heard Sometimes I wanna speak without words
We communicate on social media. I send you my pictures and you send me yours. Miss Yen, do you love me? “Yes, I do love you.” I knew it, Miss Yen. “What do you mean by you knew it?”  
There was this one knock at the door and I knew who it was, I knew it was him on the door, Happiness, excitment, nervousness everything rushed inside me, I wanted to run towards him but I stopped myself,
There is something that weighs on my chest Every night as I go to bed, I have no way to distinguish What I want, what I can ask for, and what I need. There is something that aches in my chest
To he who owns my heart Please don't let if fall apart For while it's called "My" heart It stays in your care You who only knows What is inside Should only be for you And never to share
You can communicate your feelings to others by asking questions. There is no law against asking any kind of question. It does not matter whether people like the questions you ask or not.
Feeling lost Overwhelmed Feelings being tossed  And overthrown   Centered in our shells For no one to see
Darling, I want to say I-love-you, although it sounds like a cliché. Are there any other words to say when you love someone? Is there a better way to express the deep feelings of my heart? .
For the first time, after locking up my heart after building these walls im ready to leave this comfort zone this space I've created where I stopped letting others get close im ready to leave it all behind,
Like the sun and moon endlessly chasing after one another giving warmth, one moment a piercing bone chilling cold in the next i chase after you still my voice reaches out, but I am not heard
Is it absolutely necessary to greet someone in person and in writing? What, if any, are the practical benefits of a traditional greeting? And who should be the first one to say a greeting to someone?
Feelings will make you walk on air And also put tingles in your toes They can make you feel warmth all over They can also make your heart glow Some feelings can cause you to act silly
Used to cry once, beyond the trance of feelings unassumed - used to feel bad.   I don't know what I feel now and I don't darken the room anymore.   Smokes don't fly like
Imagine growing up feeling broken Broken like a clock stuck at night Afraid of words that you’ve spoken Or fearful of those that you might   Imagine stealing a glimpse at redemption
Darling, you knew that I was going to ask you to marry me Warmth gleamed in your eyes when the night wind blew I honestly told you how strong my love for you grew You turned your head towards me and said, “I love you too”
I’ve tied my body to someone else’s for so long Sewn my hands to another’s back But now, I look down at the scars From ropes and staples and thread
I am not an empath,  How could I possibly protect myself to lie and say;   After experiencing it all second hand,    More and more each day  
These feelings consume my bones, as a distant depression arose, those feelings of freedom and destiny are dethroned. I would not have been happy, but would I have meaning?
Have been running in circles, trying to greet every truth with smile; Couldn't change the past, but I can't seem to fit in this future of mine.
"Deep inside my dungeon You are special - Melting my heartbeat."
I adore all the scars that you've showed me,I respect all concerns that you have,But my heart is full of longingFor the things that we'll never have.
Freezing in the open air Feelings getting old People seem to never care Emotions getting cold   Running in to the fray Taking flak from emotional spray Dodging the depressing bullets
‘are you okay?’ they ask, and i reply, ‘really, why are you worried? i swear, i’m fine.’ but i know that i’m really not okay that this is all a mask, a pretty face
Kathy, you're the woman that I've been waiting for all along. My heart was depending on the love of someone like you. On my first attendance, you offered to share your songbook with me.
How do I explain this situation? A strange thing is happening to me now. I am developing feelings for you. I have treated you so unfairly, But you loved me, You loved me with sincerity.
What thoughts come to your mind when I stay out late? Do you have a feeling that I am seeing someone else? You went to the drive-in cinema with your friend. I knew that she would tell you bad things about me.
AND WE FOUND ALL THAT   I know agony. I know victory. I thought I knew love...   My nights sleeping with shadows       of empty arms. And lonely dreams 
At first, I felt a spark of love for Aisha. Now it feels like a burning flame. I’m becoming more and more attached to her. We talk about this and that, But she hasn’t told me the most important thing.
Your sweetheart says she’s leaving you And you really don’t want her to go You coax her to stay and she doesn’t listen And you don’t know what else to say to her .
For Monique .
We are captives of our feeling Drifting where it's pleasing. Missing? Looped roads and trees, Or warmth of skeptic companies? Living on surface- faking breathing Placing rigorous limits on loving.
    I know writers say  Love can happen twice  But what if the  love never really happens ?  What if the emotion we thought 
You can never really tell when a girl has been through trauma. And she'll hardly ever bring it up for fear of sounding like a melodrama. But I believe it's good to share, it could help others with the strain.
your golden-brown skin is warm and inviting.   on the outside i stay cool and collected --   freezing my feelings so i'll never crack.   but on the inside,  
snow caps treetops   like the cap that snug on your head,   hugging your scalp   the way i wish i could hug you.   the icy flakes outside dot my face  
To determine self worth on a sliding scale strung so precariously How melancholic is this! Tendrils of doubt embedded superficially On the surface of marbled skin. The varying shades of gray-
Music is the only medicine that exists when there's no cure for  the noise in which my mind is drowning. Maybe I don't cry but it hurts, Maybe I don't show it but I care, And although I don't say much I feel a lot.
One tiny peck of the lips. It’s one little tiny kiss. It’s so simple. It’s so easy. No. No, it is not. Movie screens lie.
I roll a blunt and sink deep in my thoughts. I smoke a blunt until I get rid of all of my thoughts. Clouds of smoke then I feel nothing at all.
This feeling I have now It's so painful I can find it in my mind Your lie and my truth I hate liars I like truth It is painful but whatever I say what I am thinking I say who I am
Like every girl, I have a crush. Someone I know that makes me blush. He makes me laugh and he makes me cry. So much sometimes I think I'll die. I try to stop because I know That no relationship could grow.
You know the value of the word "love" You say everything you feel You are my calmness, My strength I trust you more every time Without you I would be nothing You taught me how to be happy
I met you, I saw you, I liked you, I poured myself into a mold that I thought you would want. You met her, You saw her, You liked her, You poured yourself into a mold you thought she would want.
i hope that someday i can change not just for a moment  but true change when i don’t feel these things when i can overlook those words which have disrupted my peace
i thought i would feel peace but all i feel is chaos slipping deeper into the black falling from anyone’s grasp as the seconds continue to pass
were those promises ever true i am no longer sure this emptiness has remained in me for too long your words do not bring me comfort anymore
I slept to getaway. I slept to hide from my responsibilities,  Now I stay awake to get away from my dreams.  Now I stay awake to hide from my thoughts.   
I need to write something. I need to write what I feel, or perhaps what I’m thinking. I have yet to learn if those things are different. It seems they’re supposed to be.
When                                              my back hurts,  It’s because          I carry the weight of the world on my shoulders,   
hot. hot wax. burns it all away. i barely even flinch anymore. it's all new. White. Pink. a cooling touch of Green. each stroke of Brown. an angry claw. we dream of change forever.
I descend deeper in the dent you made in my heart Slowly chipping away at me What had been the shallow end  transformed into an extensive ocean   I knew I'd be here a while so I made myself comfortable
They expect me to stand here in silence to find worth in how they deprived me of who I truly was .
Rain pours, the dogs sleep, and Pandora shuffles my music. From a mason jar I drink my tea. Weather reflects one's mood. Loneliness, longing, insatiable "hunger" and depression burn within; my heart roasting.
Whenever I don't take a joke so lighltly  I am labeled as sensitive They use the word sensitive as if it a bad thing I can't help how I feel whenever I feel attacked  The only way I know how to react is to lash out
 why is it so hard for me to find happiness? maybe because that i don’t know whats happiness for me.
I am a vessel of veins and bones, a tumor of love that'll destroy any worth you give to me. Teeth like knifes that'll cut through any truth that you may believe. Call me baby, choke the life out of me until I feel alive.
I think the worse thing is imagining what I feel for you right now isn't what they call love, True Love. It's an inflamed obsession, more temporary, something that'll fade overtime.
How do you feel? What if you were never told how you’re supposed to? What if no one told you to feel sad or feel glad or get mad, is that bad? Would we feel at all?
You made me feel frightened An uneasy feeling You made me feel paralyzed I am frozen; I can’t move This paranoid feeling of fear Has me trapped You made me feel panicky
We love with a love that’s more than love. It’s passion, It’s experience, It’s understanding.   He’s loved me at my lows.
Yeah Let me tell you something crazy Things been shitty for me lately You think just for me Nah there a lot of us who hazy You cant even for a second be lazy Yeah that’s right, always busy guy
Dear one, what did you say? A dining hall, a distant day, It seems it was time For goodbye, Speaking of my eyes, ‘They shine so bright’, Words said (or words of this kind),  
Is it what it seems?
I’m sorry that I couldn’t make you happy I’m sorry that I can’t make myself happy I’m sorry that happiness isn’t a language I speak But I loved you I’m sorry if I pushed you away
****Trigger Warning****     It’s like I want to tear my skin off. I take a breath and hold it. I can’t let it go.
throwing a plate like a frisbee into a concrete wall
Thought you had the currency  But you couldn't handle me currently, You couldn't mentally afford me . Tried to put me on layaway, while you played the games and spent your money on cheaper feins.
I wish I knew where I was going, jumping on trampolines and through the gardens of my thoughts.  
We go to great measures, Just to ensure we have the right gestures. For in a world where we have to earn, Shows us how much we have to learn.
focusing in a deep way dreaming about last summer thinking about   feeling a spark a distance some energy a certain way   looking at myself
Dear to whom it may concern I have never been in love I don’t know what being in a relationship feels like when I look around and I see how truly happy the persons in love are I need to feel like that for someone
all I can see is flashes in my head , Memories back when we were together The world was so different.. for the first time, We were just living for the hell of it, Nothing to regret at all..
As a best friend then brother, now potential life partner   These feelings… These intense, powerful feelings. As infants grow to become teenagers into adults… A typical crush grew to become infatuation into love.
I can never seem to wait I always rush into things I wish I'd give more time I hope I can learn to abide   My emotions lust to hurry for the ones I think I love But how can I be certain
Be it a single lumen or roaring bonfire, my feelings for him burn purple; Pink (love) + Blue (lust).
Everyday is like a nightmare. I would rather be elsewhere. But my fears are here, It feels so severe. I’m afraid of giving up.
When we don’t talk, I feel nostalgic and I want nothing more than to be around you. I long for you, why I’ll never know.
A tight emptiness in my throat A quick consideration of options but endlessly told to say nothing Youth does not hide the terror in trying or the knife swallowed as i do nothing
i feel nothing as he puts his arm around my shoulder except for maybe discomfort   i don't understand why doesn't it make me feel excited or loved like the media says it should  
Acting out emotions may delve into extremities Throwing knifes of truth And bullets shredding thin   Ricochet Ricochet Ricochet  
Through that happy dream Open this wide gray doorYell then step and screamWhat is this place all for?
Memories are funny little things, Neatly filed away and tucked into little manilla folders in the back of your mind, Watching,Waiting, For just the wrong time.They slip;
Broken and Bruised Internal damage Love weighs heavy on the heart But how will I manage   I gave it my all Tried to win her back Things started to change Then we fell off track  
Parents think they know us. Because they once were one of us. Young, and immature. They think we have the same intentions and the same ideas rolling through our minds as though there is a young version of them burning inside of us.
You were there when I needed you the most… When I was breaking under pressure, Like a sapling overburdened with snow. I always thought of myself as a mighty oak,
I was 17 when I realized I couldn’t swim Jumping into new waters Where my feet can’t touch where I thought there was a lot
What is it like to be eighteen? Eighteen is driving down a dark road Blasting music At 12 am. Eighteen is a baby eagle Just leaving
It was a dreary night when it had happened, I was craving the sweet release of death, And I'd been wanting it for a long time. I had grabbed the red and blue pills, Gazing at them with true desperation in my eyes,
I.   Every emotions we have has its colors Others were basically there to brighten Like happiness, always there to enlighten
If there was a time in my life where I said I hated you I lied If there was a time where I said you didn’t mean anything to me I lied If there was a time when I said I didn’t need you I lied
I have all these feelings that im feeling. all these thoughts going through my head. yet so many things are left unsaid. now im stuck with all theses voices in my head.
I've seen things I never meant to see And dreamed of places I'll never go With you   Well, maybe you're just an archetype But not the soul sent to save mine From you  
In a world where you cannot show your feelings, surrounded by only white walls and a ceiling.   Pencil to paper, words spilled on the pages,
Aren't these things supposed to flow naturally? Shouldn't I just be able to pour my feelings out into my writing? Write eloquent, tearjerking stories  and just get it all out Why can't I?
Crying Out!Jesus Christ up in heaven, Come into my heart and purify me. I would like to be born again! My heart is filled with the Holy Ghost; Lonely, confused, lacking love, screaming
‘Mother! I’m home, I’ve gotten the correspondence from Lord Heathers.’ Another sip from whatever drink I was given Tsk! Filth amongst the crowd, something I’ve learnt to sense
‘Mother! I’m home, I’ve gotten the correspondence from Lord Heathers.’ Another sip from whatever drink I was given Tsk! Filth amongst the crowd, something I’ve learnt to sense
They tell meDon't look backKeep your head highThings will get better They tell me, they tell meYou are a strong oneThe past is in the pastThings will get better
It's hard to be told, Something unwanted, By a loved one- Heart and mind daunted.   Yet I'd go beyond limits, If that's what they ask. I'd break my heart myself, For them to bask.
Thoughts of self destruction may appear, Nobody seems to hear, For humans are busy fighting internal battles. The moment you put your thoughts into action, The world will keep moving,
Him. Me. Tranquility.     I feel safe but strange, it’s not my game.                 My chest feels small
The cool air slithers through your shirt. The water soaks your face in vitality. Your foot throbs with invisible hammers The dark clouds shadow your happiest day.   These are just sensations.  
Give me more energy I pace my bedroom floor thinking about you definitely What do I do? What do I say? My mindset can’t get rid of you
The words will show me the way. They do whatever I say. So I write them all out. There's no need to shout. My poetry can save the day.   Poetry is an interesting creature. 
Sometimes I'll be in a really great mood. I'll have a jump in my step as I listen to the rhythm of different tunes. As I dance through the songs my heart will often skip a beat. Could this song really be about me?
Life is tough when you fall so easy, you never see it coming Smiles make you melt, words shatter dreams of the lonely It's tough when he only looks at you, you fall faster
It’s the words I can’t say, but need to let out. It’s the emotions I can’t express, but need to release.   It’s that moment in the middle of the school day. It’s that 11 p.m. scramble
Words Brings life to ideas newborns who await to be seen by the world. People destroy words that come from precious gems. Never to be spoken Never to be written Never to be thought of 
I would say Shel Silverstein was our first friend That's how we learned where the sidewalk ends.  Bet you thought this poem was going to rhyme But that was the only line I could get out my mind (just kidding) head . 
I always felt that my Words, Thoughts, Feelings, Were choked by my brain. Chained by my heart. Jailed by my lips. Until I heard the reverberated echo caused by poetry. There was a hum
Diplomatic  Emotional tyrant. Distance. Why are you so distant. I haven't even told you how I feel. Yet I feel trapped, pulled in by reel. Throw me away. Don't throw me away.
The search is on. Bring out the helicopters. Bring out the floodlights. Maybe it’s behind here. Or maybe it’s over there. I can’t find it.  
I feel it, Their pain, Their joy, In the words, That are written.   My thoughts, With theirs, My feelings, With theirs, My words, With theirs.  
It is okay to feel. To be angry, to feel lost To be joyful, to laugh It's okay to be who you are To love and live and enjoy every moment  To revel in the failure of enemies
My feelings are like puffs of helium being pumped into my body, filling me up like a balloon.  No escape. If they don't come out soon the balloon will pop. The only way out is the way they came in. Through my mind.
Do you feel it? Emotions flooding your veins. Happiness, Sadness, Anger, So many uncontrollable feelings. Frightening, Nervousness, Excitement,
Personally, I've always liked sunsets more than sunrises. Call me sadistic, but I've always found endings more beautiful than beginnings, if for no other reason than to watch how the universe ties up the strings.
Best friends forever? More like best friends for never Every word you ever said to me was a straight lie. You played with my head and I just gotta ask "why?" Your selfish ways will never be forgotten
I hurt so bad, it's getting hard to breathe How I feel inside, well you wouldn't believe Thanks for making me cry, what I total waste of makeup This nightmare feels so real, come on Maddie, wake up
Why won't you treat me like I'm perfect? Why won't you treat me like I'm worth it? You ripped my heart right out of my chest You did things to it that I never would've guessed Couples don't treat each other this way
Poems shape our thoughts The deep meanings strike my soul They teach us the world.  
Poems convey obsequiousness They declaim hurts and faults And lessons aqueous Engaging in reconsults As mysterious as a maze Poems Telling
Fingers to keys: A familiar click-clacking symphony that warms my heart and feeds my soul. I’m throwing words to my thoughts, my emotions, my trials and tribulations out into the abyss. For once I’m not silent.
The words  Put to paper  Made to make  Expressions Feelings  and Life so REAL  3 things fixed together To Explain Living  To Understand The Sun shine  Wind blow
I never feel like I belong anywhere and I always feel as though I'm in someone else's space.  I don't think this is the way I am suppose feel, I miss being secure and stable in the person I was.
Red- through the dictionary A color at the end of the spectrum next to orange and opposite violet   Red- through the poet The feeling of
                                                                                                                     I hate the rain. It’s been raining all day and each drop tears me up
My heart used to be whole. But now it’s ripped apart, It feels physically broken. Will it ever heal?   My joy used to be full. But now it’s disappeared, It seems out of reach.
How can anyone love me? I have too many issues... Not who I want to be. My feelings are misused.   I choke on my words. You say I’m shy…
From a desk Looking out See the array of stars Mysterious, cryptic Like the souls of all you know In the Nexus of dreams Ideas to explore Vast and intricate Some simple yet potent
What are the feelings that I hold for you? A strange new vulnerability in my outtake for life. Holding me to the weaskest point in my breath. Breaking the links to the chain than I grasp.
I got in love with myself It's been a while Ever since I found out I was living in denial   Through the years I got stagnated Cherishing my only soul's company Closed to possibilities
Lord, give me pain. Let me feel every tear that wells up in my eyes, Every moment my heart is shredded to pieces, Lord. Give me pain and give me torment, Let my soul wrench for the poor and for the needy,
To feel The love That eats The soul That loves Thy sweetness So!
Hi, my name will remain anonymous for the simple fact it's my heart speaking not my name or who I am. Lorde, I've never been a die-hard fan but I am absolutely a fan, especially of your latest album Melodrama.
The baby was tucked into bed, Quietly breathing, slightly smiling The mother was laying down right beside her, Mentality breaking, silently wondering
It is not me who over thinks. It is you who does the over thinked.
I feel like I'm drowning in your words and every time I open my mouth to breath, I lose more air. 
love is just not my thing.  maybe it never was. And never will be.
you broke me broken inside I now am you touched me in places others can not reach my mind places I did not want the world to see you told me to let you in the light house
Dear Katherine, My friend. My love. My life.   It’s was a new year.  I was starting over.  Not sure who to trust.  Not sure where to go.    Then I saw you.  Recognized your face. 
Dear Lover, I am a lie. I did not mean to be something that I internally despise But I, I can't help it. You believe that we are as we are born and assigned to either blue or pink.
From across the parking lot  I glimpsed her sweet warm smile, it said hello and beckoned me to stay and talk awhile.   We talked about things near and dear and how we view the world, 
Dear Nana, How are you? How have you been? I've been trying to be happy but how do I begin? I remember your last day like the back of my hand Little did I know time was running out like dripping grains of sand.
my mom's gf and her roommate would have parties almost every night and every weekend random guys and girls would come over to drink the night away and that's when I'd want to just sleep my life away
Being with you is like going to the symphony or wait, being part of a symphony sometimes I can't tell the difference   Sometimes I feel as though I'm watching and listening from the audience
Sometimes I wanna say what I think I should have saidand sometimes I keep things all in my headmy mouth closedneedle and threada zipper acrossmy lips of red
On top of a mountain surrounded by snow.Eyes looking everywhere where did you go?My fingers slipped right from your graspedand led me to my life's last. Where did you go?
I shall chase the sunand catch the starsride the moon however farclimb the peaksand swim the oceansnorth to southmy heart opensThe stars your necklacethe planets your rings
The saddest feeling   Is the one not felt The one that stays, and is never let out The one that haunts and torments   The one that fills you with nothing the one that soaks you dry
I was trying to be conscientious to not think about you, But after closing myself off in a personal quarantine for so long, I couldn’t help but start reminiscing about our relationship.
There's a night sky star And as I watch, it twinkles from afar A simple one in the sky I don't understand why A shooting star I miss It's like an endless abyss Many stars illuminate the night
I think it was love at first sight  I liked you before but seeing you again  today,  it was like seeing you for the first time, if I didn't love you before, I definitely loved you now
You know how in college being rejected is emotionally easier than being waitlisted. Being waitlisted toys with your heart— you were good, but just not good enough. Wait and see if you finally make the final cut.
It’s that single moment where everythinggoes numbgoes blankgoes vapidgoes cold
my parents fell out of love screaming silently they never fought, it was only tight lipped smiles and white knuckles on coffee mugs not listening when the other spoke and finding away to disagree
Hey, what's up. How's your day going? Honestly, mine's a little bit boring. You're probably asking, "What is this thing?" But all I ask is just listen, Please don't throw it away like it's nothing.  
The first time I saw you, you meant nothing to meThe second time I saw you I forgot your nameIt's been eight months since I first met youYou have been very good for me
Dear Penelope   We have often discussed Our least favorite feelings I have always told you "Sadness," while you replied "Guilt," without hesitation   I never understood
Drunkenly, I smiled. "I love you."
My Dearest Lover, I don’t believe in using metaphors to define people. Metaphors are romanticized. If someone is defined by the metaphor in which I put them in, people no longer see the person,
like the seats on the bus in the morning, be occupied  be taken up with warmth  with different stories  and different perspectives  be overpopulated  because when the takers come to take
I think of you and i smile, the thought of you makes me happy. Until reality hits... I get so frustrated. So impatient. I'm tired of playing this game of waiting, it's driving me crazy or at least it has been lately.
My stomach tied in knots, my heart beating fast. I'm wondering how long this feeling is going to last. I'm scared.
premeditated achievementwarm kisses sporadically laidin a sea of bewilderment between the cotton waves enclose me in your pillowsdeep in the feathery sandour smiles graze the skies
  I wonder if you’ll ever believe, in the gifts I see in you. Gifts so real to me; yet, when I sincerely put forth and say, they often get pushed away.
I miss the smell of alcohol on your breath, The haze of smoke in the air around us, The half smirk you always have curled up on the left side of your mouth,  
Sometmes you're better off alone, Than to be with someone who isn't "home". They may feel like it when you're there, But hindsight is 20/20 in cleared air. Being alone isn't always being lonely, 
Dear you, My feelings are hidden Somewhere deep in another world So far away that no one else can reach them But you
 I was in love with you Closed my eyes and dipped myself backwards knowing the enemy laid beside meI was in love with you And the way you talked about blue skies and how gravity tears us apart. I was in love with youWith the way you leaned over an
I can see the dying trees And the blooming flowers, The strikes of lightening  And the drizzling rain.  All through my window I can see these things.    I can see the working bees
A single lie says it all, A love that blossom after all, Can be ruined by a single roll, Without your way to overhaul.   I made a mistake and I felt sorry, But saying sorry adds only weary.
Having a crush on someone is not something intentionallyCrushing on someone secretly is inspiring and frustrating Crushing on someone is the lightest feeling ever
  With the poinciana tree in view, I’d at my window sit, Starting the day in meditation made the tree a perfect fit.   Yesterday morning, the tree loppers came, Watching them made me feel almost lame.
Because I love you Time stands still when you're around Because I love you I finally feel safe Because I love you I know we're meant to be
I have been very independent. Very to myself. No one to cry to.  No one to ask for help.  People help me with obvious things though; like homework, essays, and colleges apps.
     The days are getting shorter and shorter, and I just don't know how much longerI can hide it.
I know what's wrong.  I'm so afraid to jump and fall My heart wants to jump She thinks it's worth it, she's been hurt but not enough. My mind sees the hurt and warns of the danger
Nerd That’s what people see when they meet me They notice my glasses, my tucked-in shirt, and my messy hair No sense of fashion they whisper Nerd, they snigger mercilessly  
I feel like your choking me when i am around you, but i breath, because i love you.   I tried to fight my feelings,  but victory was impossible, because i love you.  
this feeling is like no other, the feeling everyone deserves to feel, the feeling of knowing someone cares for you, the feeling of pure happiness whenever you are with them,
Why didn't you fight back, they say.Why didn't you scream?Why didn't you run?You must have wanted it, they say.You must have secretly liked it.Otherwise, you would have fought
(Intro)why we gotta take it there Babe, you know I ain't tryna go there.what happened to us.
     I love you so much that I forgive every wrong thing you do. I don't question you anymore. You remind me you love me but your actions sometimes contradict your words. I love you that's why I don't stay mad at you. 
If This is what would be described as Love, Let me know that you see It. Only, see not only roses and a glass of champagne, instead Velvet-soft flickers of a name from time to time throughout the day,
Being hated is my biggest fear And of my struggles you are unaware But through all of this unbeknownst to you some of the little things you do have helped me through
Societies Belief
Inside me is a  boiling brass kettle screaming on a hot stove.  As if a frantic teapot Could be contained  without spilling over.  As if the shrill cry of a  steaming pot bawling 
Love is not "butterflies" in your stomach. Love is the feeling you get when you take the first sip of a hot beverage on a cold day. It is when you have the first bite of your favorite meal.
“How was your day?” “Please let me know when you get home.” “I miss you.” “I promise.”   “That’s my girl.” “Let’s go somewhere.” “I’m making you cookies.” “My family adores you.”  
My words are locked inside of me. It is rude to talk to oneself in public, so I refrain from doing it. But... My tongue is twisting itself, trying to part my lips.
I've watched your broad shoulders stretch outward, Listened to your beautiful quip of laughter, Traced the flesh of your lower back, And told you about my darkest moments.  
He talk and talks and talks He will not stop moving his mouth All I want to do is go for a walk He insisted on going, I insisted he left But deep down inside my inner layer, I love him.
I see the pain in your eyes and I remember the day Our friendship ended, and I turned you away. We never held hands, yet our souls intertwined. Our hearts melded together; yours and mine.
I love you, but you don’t see I call out for you Oh, how I reach Do you hear me? Do you feel? Just tell me now
After I tasted you for the first time everything tasted  The way the first bird of spring sounds SCREAMING demanding to be heard 
Paint me with your breath and your favorite hues of red until the pigment and anticipation drips from my chest.   Draw the sunlight onto my back with your fingertips
I’m in love with the kilometres between us, I’m in love with the distanceBetween your eyes and my eyes and your arms and my arms and your place and mineI like that you like what I like and that I like what you like
I dream as any other does, and I breathe. I see as any other does, and I cry.
I think I was able to laugh before Jokes from my friends and funny stories Eventually I got tired of them I wonder why….  
I felt like I was losing apart of my soul Did the love you had for me grow old Was you thinking about the mistakes I made And felt that you should make a change
I am too much, too much. Too quiet they say, too shy (I'm obnoxious when I talk, it's better this way) Too rebellious, they say, too passionate (I'm just trying to find my way, never thought I'd reach 18)
To you I’m probably this bubbly person, a breath of fresh air, but actually i'm dead on the inside. To you I'm this pretty “shy” girl but in reality i'm just this ugly girl with scars.
Your sweetness, tender words, are kisses on my dissected heart.   Scarlet with my idiocy, a crown of shame.   Fool's fool, parading in saint's mask and desire's cloak.  
One day my burning desires will lead me to retire. Everytime i speak i unleash fire. Back then, i had my dreams covered in barbwires. kept it on the DL Now its time to release my sequel.
You're the one i want to tell all my secrets to  I want my fears to dissipate when I'm with you 
Blinded by your lies  I trusted you I should've seen it in your eyes You were too out of view All those nights were fun and games Little did I know I was being played
My life revolves around me. No one shouldn't be able to tell me what I do and how I do it. It hurts to live under rules already and not opinions. All I hear is fuss and cuss. Not sunshine not even butterflies!
Seeing you do the things that you love- That smile you get That glint in your eye That shine of your soul That burst of pure life
What I hate is how I don't love you but how I don't hate you, And I don't even like you yet I don't despise you But you ruined me I was never a masterpiece to begin with
I thought you loved me. As the words slipping off ure tongue. Wet verbs hit my ear. dripping with sorrows of are ever lasting. 4 years of our life's devoted. At first I was alittle hesitant. Cause I knew relationships arnt persistent. A humans min
Most people start their poems off with "roses are red violets are blue"but one question do you really care if I pour my feelings out to you?
Love is patient, Love is kind. Love is what we crave all the time. Love is hurt love is pain, Love is a beautiful thing. Love is my strength yet it makes me weak.
Every last word is meIs a part of what makes meWell.... meThey are an expression of my beingAn expression of what I'm feelingEvery last word
It's so strange and almost silly that I noticed little things about him, sometimes things he might not have realized about himself before...  
The Pink Bows wrapped in my Hair. The Carefree Smile I chose Wear. The Dresses, The Heels, the Jewerly Too. The Girl, they Thought, Only if they Knew.   Ten Years Later, The Bows Have Disappeard.
I was pathetic.I was lost.I wasn’t me anymore…. because of you. I would indulge in..I would desperately seek.I would want…. alcohol because of you.
March on, march on Little soldier, march on. The path may be weary And dreary And cold Through the gauntlet of expression and conformity, Of G notes and B naturals, Of passion and emptiness,
Far away I left my fears  Become strong enough  To control them all.   
A door A door with chips in the paint, reminded me much of 2016. A year full of dread, for me, that is. The knob shined as bright as a newborn star, representing the new year that was yet to come.
XX Chromosomes cried in excitement from the minute the ball dropped. 2016. My best friend and I cheered surrounded with friends, “This was our year.”
Your absence hurts me Why can’t you be by my side? Mentally killing me   Why are people cruel? Insecurities haunt me Please just let me be
There are cracks in the sidewalk that represent my life;A broken home;A broken family;Needing something to mold to.I've become the flower sprouting throughThat people tend to walk upon.
In the middle of a normal day I find everything so out of the way Inside myself I am blank and nill Wondering if I should take a pill. It is outside of time and space This reluctant child without a place
Appreciated, Accepted, Assuaged--all things that signify respect,                  and yetwe are left with copious amounts of Belittlement, Bias, Brokenness.Individuality is SADISTICALLY strangled.
Hello sister: i know you can see  the scars on my wrists  and the secrets hidden deep Hello brother: i know you can see  how wounded i became  when you took your leave  Hello mother: i know you can see
I often find myself wondering, If there is something more out there, For me, For us, But then I remember, That we all die,
I don't quite know how to tell you, tell you about what goes through my skull, when your eyes light up like neon street lights, in a city all too far away, I don't know what to say, 
His hair spills around his face like a halo of curls His eyes are dark and careless and captivating They are black holes and I am falling, falling in His laugh sounds like a waterfall Rushing out Spilling out When he laughs his whole body laughs S
A year ago I had been frozen. The frigid frost had seeped into my mind, Spread into my heart no matter the obstacle I had set before it And I could not stop all my senses from becoming numb to the world.   
My body's in school, My brain's still in bed, And my soul went to Hell without me.
His smell lingers I used to be quick to cleanse my body But I’m hesitant to rid myself of him I want his fingers to be imprinted on my skin I want to remember the feel of his body on mine
I love you. My gosh do I love you.   I dream about you. We lay on the beach, we eat in fancy restaurants and I have even visited you overseas.   I've seen you get shot. 
Today is the day I have a date today With a guy who just seems great He is just like me in countless ways We have the same order at Subway
I am not like most others, Or at least that's what everyone else tells me. They'd call me crazy, So only four people know. The boy I trust with my life, The girl that didn't judge, The boy I love,
It is a place that does not discriminate any race. It will put a smile upon any face. This place I speak of has the power to heal whatever the case. All that is necessary to unlock such feelings of enjoyment is three
"You don't know how to let go." Right you are, I have been lost in the dip of your throat, the curve of your mouth, the feel of your skin.   I have been drenched in the past,
Our lungs full of oxygenOur heads full of thoughtsOur bodies full of energyYet I feel so emptyConversation seems pointlessThinking proves difficultSleep never happensWe are full of many things
You follow me everywhereFrom sunrise to sunsetSometimes tallSometimes shortYou watch my backOr sometimes take the leadYou may not always be visibleBut I know your here with me
I can feel my eyes soften at the thought of youmy heart, turned moltenwarmth, liquid gold through & throughrunning through my veins
Looking up,  
When I'm feeling low, Music helps the feelings flow. When nothing else can save me, Music is my savory It serves as an escape As I feel like there was an earthquake. When emotions are running high,
this the type of shit that make you run yo mouth asking how  but only answers are not given to what you amount the sound of clout 
All my homies hmu like where you been Clearly Smoked out comatose and unresponsive tearing  Searing pain unmistakable 
Packin bowls and all I smell is loud  My senses gotta be fucked Since when can I see sound? Dumbfound you have me  Bruh I'm Not so grounded can we 
I'm left alone, searching for a distraction.  I remember the taste of your lips, how your hands felt grazing my skin, I remember you saying you could lay beside me forever.  Then you told me about her. 
 Whenever I see a shooting star I think of you And whenever I sing I think of you And whenever I close my eyes I think of you   The world keeps spinning And I desperately try to feel
Where are you now? You promised to always be by my side. You promised to never leave You said this day will never come But yet, you had to leave Why? Why are you gone? What did I do wrong?
Here again; I’ve built these walls.
I can hear but you never tell me- how you feel that’s why I’m drowning- in these ashes of flames that we caused, caused to burst since we showed each other our flaws.Though we try we just fill with hatred- for the agony of the other in the other’s
Empty is how you left me. Broken, my heart was left.  Lost is what I am. Stupid is how I feel. Falling for someone I can't have.  Someone I never dated.  You felt the same once 
Colorful,beautiful full of life Brilliant,cozy,soft Full of color,diffrent Spirals of bright rich life Fiery hells,flamboyant screams Painful solitaire Then endless blank nights
I remember the end of June,  Oh my, It was like my favorite song, but except now it sounds out of tune.   We would look up, Wondering what we got ourselves into,
"Listen to the forest. Breathe; this is home." When I say this to myself, I am you. I become Daddy's footprints. My first steps were on top of feet with fingers held in weathered hands
I am water,/Flowing and ebbing and dipping,/Murmuring a silent scream,/My emotions are like a waterfall/rushing, never stable./ I am the earth/Crumbling, shaking, tremoring,/Cold, warm/without voice, without choice,/Alone, and overrun./ I am fire.
Lost words in an empty palace Obedience follows every whim Each action Small requests Humble Selfishness Never ask too much or too little Never command attention; just keep it
Sad isn’t just a word you know?It’s an acronym for sadness, anxiety and depression.I describe it as a little pesticide, that can crawl into my mind Lay it eggs in other parts of the bodyI won’t eat, deprived from sleepFeel the need to love or have
My partner in crime poetry finds me beaten to the ground, They pick me up so now I am found, You let me vent and friendship came to be a natural event, So do not go away my feelings will never change,
Time rushes by as I sit here, All around me the world is constantly expanding Shifting and shrinking, Lives are changing, Milestones, Tragedies and Miracles are passing by And here I sit, Still,
When I fet like I could talk to no one, You were there for me. Through my troubling thoughts and feelings, I could open up to you, Poetry.    My smile always plastered across my face in public
I am not a poet. You are not a poet. I am a lost soul with an imagination that demands to be seen. You are a creature looking for words that fill your aching void with a sense of      belonging.  
The air around was abundant but i still felt as if i was suffocating, streets flooded with nothing but it i screamed "someone save me." Like when you are parched for water
In the same way the moon lights up the sky when the sun is busy or how the grass sways when the wind breaks, ugliness, not beauty, creates poetry.
Pen. Paper.  Thoughts. Words. Feelings.  Unfinished trains of thought.  Wants. Needs. Desires. Plans.  All lie within the space between My poetry and me. 
I like words To pin them in my head; repeat them like mantras apply them where I can throw them into thoughts small prose, poetry ways to express the catacalysmic feelings of being alone
There are seven wonders, And a thousand beautiful things. Lines to stand in, And people to bring. The pressure is growing as time slips away, Why aren't I growing In this well-traveled lane?  
I have no one No one has me I am all alone Stuck in a tree The leaves are changing The birds are singing In comes new weather That fall is bringing I have no one No one has me
At first school made poetry seem like a bore All the poems I had read just made me want no more But in the end I understand that I had been at it all wrong  At the time, it hurt my mind, and some poems were way too long
I feel like I died a million deaths How can you not feel the same? I would say my tears are just allergies but really my heart cannot be tamed   I feel  useless seeing you with your other
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I am not good at feeling. Courage was never my strong suit. Right now, I am working on healing.  People know me as the “mute”.  
I walk down the empty road as a single car glides past I keep my head down as to avoid eye contact I wonder if they saw my eyes, how they are filled with fear. Not many people understand what the problem is here.
I should stop calling these thoughts Dumb I just really like you is all And I'm afraid I'll fuck things up Like I always do By telling you how I really feel Or showing you every single thing
i cant let this break me. i cant let this stop me from being who i want to be. i have to keep moving forward even if my heart is stabbing my chest like sharp pieces of glass. i have to pull myself along even if my lungs are filled with fire.
I remember when I wrote my first poem. I was 8 years old. I had just processed the loss of my father. I had never before felt so alone So hurt So empty So lost.
I do not know this so called "emotion", but I'm desperate to find my life devotion. I get this feeling in my chest and it feels so real. But when I'm around you, that feeling grows stronger. What is this?
It pounds through My bloodstream Paralyzing And choking I can't see Anymore What's important It sits in the back Waiting for me To notice But I'm stuck  At the front
Does anyone else feel like they are useless? Did anyone else think they could be better? Does anyone else hate themsleves more than their enemies could hate you? Did anyone else think they were loved this whole time?  
Let one guy left with a fond memory of her raise their hand It's unlikely to be her bae Took her so long to realize the damage she's done Spreading how she felt to everyone
Words I can't say, I'll write down today. With this pen the words in my head Will then be read, again and again. The truth comes out. But I still can't open my mouth.
I lost myself. Why? Why do you do this to me? Constantly blinding my eyes, clouding my mentality, forcing my heart to beat faster. Why? Why do you allow this to happen?
Sometimes I'm broken down and am heartless   I tend to self destruct when things go too well Overthinking, overanalyzing every step I ever took forward
Happiness is a newborn child Written in the softest pastels  Ever stitched by crippled hands. You try your hardest to hold it, Not to upset it, Simply obey and soothe it.
I felt as if the world stopped and shattered. I felt a pang of regret and sadness. I didn't regret being here with you or telling you that I care about you. I regret the way it happened.
Love hurts they say It cuts you deep to the core, I'm told Remaining only is hurt and pain Loneliness and emptiness creeps its way  
a child not yet old enough to see her teeth grow. a child who feels her heart beat like a drum. a girl who sees beauty and perfection in even the most broken of hearts.
I write from my heart The feelings of my soul Poetry is an art With no specific goal
The mirror think it knows me when it don't The mirrior might think it seeks every part of me but no. The mirror doesn't see how my reactions of others sayings hurt me They see with mostly what's out but not what's within.
04/19/2016     Entrenched in Existentialism 1:36PM   Trying
A glance too long in the wrong direction. Addiction seeps into my core. Where is my fix?                                                                 Your Mind much too far from mine,
Has vanished without a trace, leaving me barren. Mayhaps it found a better place, Somebody who wants it.                                                                     I
Poetry, building up inside me. It fills me up until my lungs explode, It’s love, that brims at the seams as it sloshes
I'm falling deep,knees are shaking,I'm feeling weak.I don't know what to say,When I open my mouth to speak. All these fucking feelingsAre attacking me. Weighing me down, 
Which way should I go? My heart says yes, but my head says no. Should I go up the path, or down the road? My hopes are high, and then they're low. Waiting for answers, chasing dreams.
if you asked me to say what poetry means to me  i could not write you a poem about it for i write poems when i feel broken  or hopeful i write poems to burn bridges and build new ones  for myself
Just like drugs and alcohol You pulled me in with a promise to feel better. You brought me into a world of feelings Made me addicted  I'm so hooked it's become mylife. I do it in the world
Sending a puppy off to be someone's eyes. Fighting depression and anxiety. Making my way through a world with few allies. Feeling like an outsider to society.   A way to express the feelings inside,
the words just flowed  out of me around me so real I could actually see the words that came from inside me  not good, not great, not even okay  but still a part of me that demands to be seen
I have been put down In the harshest of ways And I cannot frown Because it is not you who deserves the blame.
The one thing I cannot live without is the belief that I am GOOD ENOUGH. Before I realized I was GOOD ENOUGH, life was much harder, days much longer, problems much bigger AND worries much more suffocating.
The only thing, that I need in this world, is me.   My mind, my thoughts, my feelings, my knowledge.    Without it, I am not alive. I couldn't reminisce about happy days,
We are two havles of a whole, two sides of a brain, two atriums of a heart. Without you, I am broken, a robot with no heart, a robot without a soul.   With you, I'm alive,
seagullsshriek toone anotherthey are open and honestand truelike human screams in conversationthe coarse sand plugging their throatssea salt wind and ice cream pavement
It seems like lately my life is ruledby ine's and isms, Words more dangerous than drugsand I fall in line because Ithink in rhymes and speak in clicheseverything to say in this world has already been saidso what difference does it make to think or
It is not my fault that I exist My pressence is not a mistake My words are not baseless What I feel is not pointless The stupid shit I do truly does not concern you
My mind filled with memories repressed, swirling with feelings of nothingness. Lack of self expression leaves one depressed, the one thing I need is feelings of aliveness.    
I guess I'm somewhat used to thisIt's normal, more or lessThe games that we don't know we playAre really just a test
Drip-drip, pitter-patterA steady pace to punctuate a thoughtTurns to a down-pour with a crack of thunderAnd a single thought becomes a roar
Why not speak?Direct my thoughts in a linear wayWhy hold back the truth in me?The cacophony of things I need to say
It is plastered upon faces Determines choices that need to be made Feelings may be hurt Connections between families can be saved  
With your eyes so deep blue   and the sight of your lovely pale face.          Oh, you don't have a clue!   It feels like I'm with you in space.   You've taken my heart.  
Touch is a sense of teaching; Exploring the world. To know you're home. Defining your perception of "beauty". Making memories. To be exposed to what we call... ...Life... Living without this,
Words can't describe the feeling inside, the pain, the sorrow, the laws you were supposed to abide. You say you understand, but you could never seem to comprehend the pain you put me through.
How do you feel? Is a question I hate No point explaining; you cannot relate I don’t want to talk I don’t want to share  You could be sincere I really don't care
For a very long time, I was alone; not because I wanted to be, but rather because of the way that I would stare at the sky and be amazed by the clouds that would float like tiny castles in the sky.
We could have been had we not parted, We took chances others wouldnt have stared that we see why.   Hopless dreams that spark meaningless thoughts and ideas into a watery bubble that
Is it the way the breeze feels on the skin On a hot day, when you just feel it within Is it a child's smile? So innocent and Undeniable Or is it something unmeasurable? Something that's naked and unable.
It finds you  in the early evenings  slithering past ankles  willing to be bit until it circles you  frozen with the news of abandonment- how could they do this to be? fangs sink down into skin 
You can I love you You can say I’ll be here You can feel the passion You can sense the loss of fear.   You can shine as bright as the night skies While swerving down the road
While the world does offer a rare ocean of inspiration to pull from which sadly few people tend to find, the waves calm, for I can live without.
tearing up inside me  fire and tigers and rage and roars threaten to rip my limb from limb but i don't have a word   i say i'm mad i have that word i say i'm mad  
She said she's sorry that she made him ashamed To be vulnerable and open Since she's been living that way It was imparted on she, so to him she did the same She never knew that the girl that she wanted to be
Anger. Hatred. Sadness. Each day,  Driving past your house, I'd always wonder, Did you ever think about me? Did you ever miss me? 'Course not 'cause you was never there
I was never graced with such sorrow Until Sorrow did grace me He landed on my door step And what other choice Than allow him to retrieve
My God, your steadfast love brings tears—Your plan perfection never wrong.Oh, show me how you lead my years,How broken lives express your worth.
I’m not saying I need a prescription But I’ve made multiply Attempts of self-inflections, and ignoring all of life’s safety restrictions
There is nothing more beautiful than the feeling of love, Than the infatuation betwix two teenagers, Than the stolen glances of shy lovers Who fear unreciprocated love.   The feeling that realeases dopamine 
Something within beats madly, angrily forcing thoughts to the surface.
I'm sorry You cared so much  And I thought I did too  Now I miss your sweet touch Though I was the one who left you You weren't perfect But nor am I 
Don't run fromDon't lash out at somebody else Accept them as they areNever forget why they are there As sudden as they may beNo matter how hard we push them away
My mind is blank, My thoughts won't grow. I'm a bit tired, But I thought you should know The way I feel when I'm with you. But how do I feel?  I have no clue.
There’s this feeling in my chest weighing me down It makes me twiddle my thumbs Bite my lip and shake my leg   Do you ever get a feeling
Where is the ability to smile? Wondering the earth forever, Kissing the soil that brings life. Who can bring me happiness? Holding on until it hurts, closing my eyes to rest,
She stares out the window Plugging her earbuds into her ears blocking out life's problems thinking about what humanity has done to Mother Earth's children  about her problems
I write all these poems About all these feelings But none I know about I've had glimpses But nothing strong Not even love I've lived a sheltered life Sheltered from any true emotions
I can't seem to contain these feelings Bottled up inside me Every time my heart sees you it sings Of what I want us to be  Crushes seem so complicated why is it so difficult it just gets me frustrated
I don't know what to write Only that I must write I cannot understand these feelings But I need to epress these feelings Like a cry for help in another language I don't understand
I try so hard to please myself. It's about me, yes I am selfish, and yes I am egotistical, but in the end was it really me I was thinking about? Who knows what I think, but me.
You said you loved me From the first day that we were together You said you cared for me And that you would forever. Those nights we talked
I’m catching feelings for you mighty fast so if I put you to through the tests I hope that you will pass ‘cause I would hate to not have you around me all the time,
I don't like your parties I don't like your alcohol But I guess I'd rather be here than not at all.   I don't like her I don't like the way she stares Cause I don't think I can compare.  
It's such a plot tiwst, When you're your own worst antagonist.   It's not people who hurt you, It's late night thoughts you drew.   What happens when you're the biggest enemy?
You're saying there's evidence of my kindness In the fact that I've never spoken the sour words lying behind my lips But I thought them all the same, Cold and biting Words only a bully would say
I look away, sharp, quick. breath heavy and thin. but the raw emotions they drill into me branded deep deep burning in my viens cheeks so hot everythings hot hot like lava
This artist is prisoned, In thoughts of grassy head. Many things describes him, But few expresses. He is empty with childhood memories, Away from freedom of another soul.
Hope you die first that’s all I can think about. Your love was like Poison that fell down on me like acid rain.
Dear No One,
When you grow up you realize the heart comes with a burdenYou will see it now how blind it was back thenThe responsibility to have your heart can only be taken on by one
You can't take the good without the badYou can't be happy without experiencing sadConstantly fighting a battle with good and evilAlways running back and forth, two sides never equal
My race, the color of my skin shouldn't affect how you view meWhat you should be looking at is that which you cannot see
When I was growing up, I imagined my life A sparkling fairytale A delicately blooming water lily upon the surface Of my reality Everything would be perfect, set and ready for me  
You asked me where it hurt  And I wanted to say  Everywhere, and,  Does it ever bother you that  No matter how tightly our bodies press together 
When I am aloneNo one can hurt me anymoreNo one is able To tell me a lieAnd injury my precious heartBut there is still pain
The sun goes back down Days turn a bit longer Time passes much slower Grey tinge fills the air   I'm stuck and defeated Downthrodded and beaten Torn and split on emotions
I am from lilac bushesGrowing tall and full like small treesBlooming a beautiful purple in the springAnd filling the yard with a wonderful scentThat can comfort me even now,Even on my worst days
And it was as if All of my dreams Were finally coming true And reality.. Reality was finally a thing to look forward to Fire began to burn In the pitts Of my stomach And im anxious
Be patient good things come to those who wait Rushing speeds up negative vibes pushes you away No holding back Believe that's why my last relationship escaped No excuses but we rushed despite the years
As we sit here in this liminal space Do you feel that? Do you feel something? Do you feel anything at all? Truck stops along the 5 and The middle of the woods High school hallways on a Sunday.
You are toxic You are poison to the people around you You are manipulative and twisted and sinister You do not feel You love with your mind, not your heart You are cold and calculating,
I ask myself Why all these things in life, matter.
Do you know the love I could have gave, Is only the love I really crave
Herr with a mind so complex and a spirit so playful Herr a brain so intriguing and a heart so pure Herr a soul full of love to give and hands full of space i want to fill Herr
The Fall is a feeling, not a time or place.    It is orange and brown, and the nips of wind blowing.   It's broccoli and cheese, and the rustle of leaves 
Outside in the midst of nature and a boundary set by humans 
Have you ever looked at someone and felt completely warm? In the coldest of winters they filled the holes in your heart with patches of summer. You couldn't look at them without smiling or urging to share a laugh.
i feel no pain right now but um sure im sure i will soon with my heart slwly breaking becyase uts bekiongs to you and i wont remenbrt this in the morninging how drunk or how sad i was 
Where were you  You said you'd be here but yet your absence is pretty fucking clear. The hole you left in me is not done tearing me apart, I am slowing becoming into what I've feared the most; nothing. 
Rhinestone eyes sparkle deep, shiny locks to your soul.
Violets are red, roses are blue, and as you can see, I am confused.
Being sick to me, iswaking up due to that small subtle crease in the bed causing
Turn my tears into words Words that shows how it hurts Though can never be heard I'm still writing this words
With my, life on bypass, I drive by my life's past,
It was like drowning in the darkness of the seemingly desolate ocean Lit only by the odd glimmer of moonlight The odd sparkle of his eyes I can swim, but I didn't want to
How it feel up there? That act you got hanging in
Are you ready to be fooled? We break up, we make up and then everythings okay. But now? nothing is right. Where is the makeup part to our routine?
It feels like I'm blind and cant see, like I'm stranded in the middle of the sea, like I'm submerged under water and can't breathe, like my sarrows are an obvious fact that no one will believe.
A love day filled with joy and laughter. Went to the cinema after. A breeze of beauty passed me by. Acknowledgement and denial, My normal self but still a cosmic pawn. Choices are given, options limited.
feelings smash collide and integrate mixing colors like the finger paints my mother made me as a child   one minute i am functioning one minute i am overwhelmed and the next i am gone  
It takes no time to write if your saying what you feel As if what you say represents an official seal To the way that you see and the emotions you have For the way that you write is proof of what has
I write in you My mother says it’s childish My innermost thoughts My secrets Locked safely in the tear wrinkled pages of your tattered spirit Burdened with my shameful exploits of debauchery and lust
I feel like I always need to prove. impress. Which makes me feel consumed with stress.  Everyday its school. Then rest.  When can I break loose. and test Boundaries. limits ment for me to break. 
All I know...is what  I know...all I do...is all i do....and All  i know I never meant to hurt you........every time I think I'm starting to get it right....i do something stupid..then we fight....but baby I want you to know that...I'm true so tru
Tell Me Again 
Have you ever hugged someone and you felt like there was some kind of chemistry there? Like there is something in-between you guys that neither of you two know.
Our love is a fire, brightly lit in the cold. As the lights around fade, the flame becomes bold. It waves         and ripples                   and grows in it's power.
Who am I really without a filter? Because with it, I feel as if I have shelter I don`t want them to see the real me Yet, I feel like I should let it be   1977, Hudson,  Walden
"Poetry," he said, " is so over-rated." "So many thing are," I thought. Simply because people hold them above the things that are more valuable,  and more under-rated.
I’ve eaten my heart out in the rain,
I'm looking up at the sky, thinking about our memories-- And all the good times, and the bad; I remember... When I really blew it hard to the core, beyond recover After that I never saw you ever again.
I want to be free
Cheeks are tear stained Streaked with regret and hurt.  So much hurt.  the laughter echos in her ears Like Satan keeps hitting repeat.  Repeat.  Repeat.  Repeat.  This is what she feared
When we first met I was nothing but an empty landscape. You made me laugh so deeply that I cried, and the tears watered a lost garden in my body.
If it isn’t my skin, then what shall it be? The two arms and legs that extend directly from me? That enable me to run past the wind, and jump the hurdles in front of me.
It's funny how when it came down to it Everything you did made you seem like a hero Like you could change the world with your words Like you could fix a cold with your hugs
They tell me emotion is weakness. They say I feel far too much to create something productive. But I can't control it. I am me, Because of what I feel. They say I speak far too excitedly,
When I'm low I dream of gettin high,
The hooves pound My oh my do they pound  On that hard, frozen ground The wind through that beautiful mane The wind through the rider's hair You can see the connection You can see the determination
I watch you from a distance 
 in third grade i was the weird girl with glasses freckled face  head hung low whispers of "she's weird" "why is she so quiet" i didn't know what self-hate was back then
Things aren't right but you can't tellIt's like I'm trap all alone in this cell
The hurt
From our view the moon goes into secrecy almost every month; it simply makes itself invisible to or eyes, but it always comes back; the moon aways ends its secret ventures. Maybe we are sometimes like the moon,
She came to me Eyes filled with tear and she began to confine to me, She said "I fell in love with him because i thought he was best for me, looking at the entire world in an illusion 
Enclosed, cramped, scared, worried Pain in your chest, can't breathe. I need a release, I need a release. Aching head, chest, feet It's all going wrong, I can't stop. I need a release, I need a release.
I am perfectly imperfect
I never feel rushed Or pushed
You wonder if it's all in your head. Why can't you run awayor cry for help? Once again, you are driven against the cold cement.   You become paralyzed. Unable to move
Romeo and Juliet? Just stories Kissing in the rain? Movies Wishing on shooting stars? Walking along the beach? My question is why? Why do you want to fill me with pain and envy?
It will be a while till I am fine Until this jumbled mess in my cold chest That used to pump in its warm nest Is recognizable enough… to be called mine
My feelings are rewritten and straining as I see others struggling to make it in life The winds in my heart are changing   I remember when my opinion of the world was so loving, so unbending
I walk on this lonely road
It was a drowsy battle that yearned for sleep. The light and the darkness. And I found myself in it. Instigating and terminating its intentions of cruelty. But what if I mistaked its cruelty for consideration?
When did arts and crafts turn into powerpoints and drafts  
Color me blind and show me the world You want the money the cars and the girls But I want the rage that comes with the passion The infinity that comes from the intimacy As we create sweet symphony
Why do I continue to do this
I am not comfortable with who I am,
I want to go to sleep But never wake up With words so deep My life I reap.   Lying in bed WIth the sheets grasping my head My face turning red Hoping I'd end up dead.  
I left her. Afraid scared and alone. My guardian angel needs me. I didn't know my heart was her home. I felt I could fight alone. But I proved I'm weak broken and a wreck. I didn't want her to see me use, I always hated that feeling of regret.
You get them from fear  you get them from shame  the runing words coming out of your mouth  will not make a problem disappear.  
Art, Abandoned and angry. Alleys and attackers. Alone, Alone, Alone.   Art, Abandoned and angry. Avalanches and alligators. Alone, Alone, Alone.  
My heart raced My stomach churned My body ached And an overflow of hapiness devoured me.
And once again I'm given the chance To live my weekend To that dance. We all know How last time went, My reputation Is a little bent. So easy to go  With DJ, I wish I had
I need to prepare. I have to get ready. I have got to get the part perfect.  I am here. I am alone. I am nervous  I should not be nervous. I have to calm down. I know I can do this.
love is a soft, and strong  feeling,  We can feel it so right or so wrong. It makes us smile, and make us frown.   Love can last for ever or for a day, It makes us wanna run or wanna stay,
I have trouble keeping my imaginary body together, Free from the safe house of epidermal covering and rippling plasma I used to be enamored, in love with the entity that led me to my self-destruction
I wish I had the words To make you fall in love with me. But you are So much more than I deserve. I’m terrified of Scaring you away… Please don’t leave.
When you're a child
People aren't always going to remember what you
When I was born you were next to me, Then I grew and you gave me your hand, I remember your look,your dreams, your eyes shined they could talk. Something happened that Autumn your laughter was lost
Once I forgot the tune to a song  once I got my spelling words wrong once in PE I fell on my face 
I wish i could write about nothing at all. wouldnt it be interesting to describe nothing? we couldnt say a color, How would we know what color it would be? We couldnt say a shape,
Mirrors      And I remember being seven years old Coming home from school the first time a boy called me ugly
((We're hanging here by our nails and our toes while the lights flash red and the feeling goes.
Happines where is it?  I sit & wonder will I ever get it? My fake happines is fading each day No one can tho its just me I can only keep this act up for long
Don't kiss me- There's still blood in my mouth from the last battle. You know, I've never actually left that field. A part 
Day by day, Night by night, I see a ray, But no true light. I sit and wonder, Is it me?
Sweet flower, oh so delicate Awaiting to bloom, within the first week of November To have something to give thanks for The beautiful flower that is to come
An art An abstract painting Words lightly brushed on a canvas
You know that feeling you get when you walk alone? The feeling that somebody else is there? You get the sensation of footsteps behind you But you are too afraid to turn and look?
Grandma Grandma Have you any faith? No ma'am No ma'am You don't have enough Grandma Grandma Am I ready yet? No ma'am No ma'am You are too full of regret
My beautiful little girl, From the moment I knew you were, I couldn’t think straight anymore. To know that my soul had found
Everything around me feels odd
No one can know for sure what it's like to be me, to be her, to be him No one can know the feelings inside
I’d change the homophobia, the fear and the hate, The suppression of expression we face each day, The way they look at us as though we’re not quite right,
You're dancing fingers along fret boards, stopping on notes to stop my heart. Writing me love songs from the ashes of past sadness as if its your job to learn the melody of my soul. Is it?
Oh how misery loves me so faithful so heart wild and disruptive into my shallow mind and 
There is a secret to the monsters You see They crash and burn When it is that you succeed   Strive for happiness Strive for love  Strive for God
There comes a time in your life  When you stop checking Behind shower curtains and under beds Because you feel as if you would be better off If the monster got you anyway
I can see it all. The downfall of men. The inevitable destruction of all we once held close.   There is nothing we can do, but watch.   Watch as all the hope, comforts,
I've reached the point where I just want to sleep Let me hear a melody and just close my eyes and sleep.
There's a girl
I am hardwired to feel every emotion so deeply that I have to rip holes in my skin to let them out and I am not human enough to be considered alive on the other side of it all
You go on winding path. Past all the dancing palm trees. You look down and see, old wooden floor boards
i sat, on the edge of dexterity and ineptness. my heartbeat couldn't decide whether it wanted beat into an oblivion or just stop all together. my mind was split in two. i wished to be yin and yang
I’m scared to tell you what’s going to happen, ‘Cause I’m not ready to let you go, I’m scared if I tell you, We might never grow, I’m scared to say “I love you”, ‘Cause it ain’t so,
The pattern of the clocks...each tick cuts through empty thoughts.Blood pumps through little veinsThat lay neatly upon solid bone.Hours at a time
Headphones always covering my ears Blocking out the sound No one can see my feelings I am a stone No one knows what was taken from me No one knows my reactions I do everything calmly
If your lips were a drugI'd be addicted-I'd keep coming back for more and moreUntil I couldn't stay away.
The darkness That I feel Is not normal It changes me
Its empty. One way after another, ally after ally...home? It's still missing. I've sarched and looked but the intrnal voices follow. No screams just mute sound, mocking me as I played around. I dare not stop, but where should I stop?
Everything was perfect I was in my comfort zone My happiness was short lived So many years ago   I saw my parents fighting It wasnt supposed to show But I can still remember
Minds are crippled from the so called cure. The doctor says "here take this" now people are passed out on the floor. Your friends think its fun to take, your parents think skipping doses might be a fatal mistake.
I want you to be mine
I remember when I first saw you I was a little afraid of you.
If only I had a boat, so I wouldn't drown in my thoughts, and I could sail away.
I don't know how I got this way, my feelings for you still haven't changed. The good in me has gone away.
Words, Light and sweet, like cotton candy, Soak into a sugar dribble.   Words, Hot and harsh, like habanero peppers, Sting into a capsaicin burn.   Words,
Sculpted by the likeness of love, Beaten with cupids stick, We all become lovesick, Showered with great gifts, Driven nice, luxurous places, Meeting the family, Leaving with no traces,
I want to help you I know you are in mourning Your dad died too soon
Everyday it's the same thing I look at you- you look at me, We laugh at all the craziness  around us I text you " Hey " or " i just seen the  funniest thing and it made me think  about you '
Weightless happy euphoria A cloud filled with wistful thoughts Breathless whispers That mask the sliver of darkness So sharp that it cuts slits In the fabric of their lives But I am gone
I'm standing here, lost among a masquerade Hiding behind my mask of secrets that I've made
Many poet's inspiration is sadness. Many poets' inspiration is depression. Many poets' inspiration is loneliness. This poet's inspiration is You.   You came to me out of the blue.
It is wet and rancorous and my new leather shoes would feel the worst of it long before I got to class. I stopped, before exiting, to appreciate the mighty storm – and open my umbrella.  
I look in the mirror  You know what I see? Such an unhappy girl Staring back at me. She sits and she stares Waiting for something to change Too much darkness to bare  That nests in her brain.
All I wanted was to feel wanted. I thought you felt the same way, but the feeling wasn't mutual. If anything, it probably never was.  Out of it all, I was probably a piece of ass.
Sometimes I want someone to hold me with no reason to just because you want to love me 
The mask you ask, is it there? Do I hide myself inside? For me, I'm proud to say it's nowhere. Though the mask, I mean's been tried. I used to live behind that mask, I knew it all too well.
How could you say that you love your kids when you treat your 
5 months into this foste care          Life is a struggle, it just ain't fair           All I want is to live with my mom and dad        SO they can finally give me the life I never had         I want to get away from all of this      Liike these
Things I want my daughter to know - feel comfortable and confident going a day without makeup. A day when you have errands to run or have to stop into work for a bit. 
You’re looking out your window tonight So many things running through your mind You feel like you’ve lost who you are You want to find your way back to the start But you can’t, oh no, you can’t  
Am I not good enough for them?Is who I am not who they want me to be?They want me to be this plastic, perfect figure that I don’t seeAnd they need to know, they need to know  
Staring at the image of a reflection, The glass shrouded in its entirety, A personification of what must be.
      I’ve seen apart of me I didn’t recognize. Through my eyes I saw how my reactions to your actions, made me low, low point on the scale, I’ve inhale, what you’ve exhaled to me.
Woke Up with my legs open and my mind crossed. "Boys sure do like me" "boys like me" "like me" "me" Boys like to suck me dry. my being, my spirit, my soul;
'Be yourself.'   How?   I am so many different People.   At the start of the day, when the sun has not  fully awaken herself 
Hated onAnd beat uponBecause the way they live Is "wrong" Who are you to take the role Go and take another's soul
Row upon row bekons to me As I pass each one by I ask myself Who will I be today? The tired one who oozes laziness The reluctant one who lacks self confidence The smart aleck, the isolated one?  
sitting in the broken land. surrounded by dead memories of lost friends. family and friends are all dead, the ties to my history have no thread. i lay motionless, cry towards beauty and sonnetts to the grave,
In this torturous classroom I sit in row 5, seat 3 and to my right in row 4, seat 3 sits the most beautiful boy I've ever laid eyes on. Every time we make eye contact I feel a rush of warmth
This body is not an apology This blacked out mirror  This blacked out skin This skin like shadows  This shadow makes noise  This "bitch don't make noise" 
So you want to know what makes me tick? Then listen up because sometimes you can be thick,
Life, too often, is rushed. No time to waste, no time to relax No time to even say good morning " Tick-Tock " says the clock! Everyone's gotta be somewhere Rush, rush, rush Rush to school
The fact that evil is stronger than good is evil itself. Why must good be weaker than evil? Why must death me faster than creating life? Why must bullies be stronger than nerds?
It seems these days the only way to be considered for anything is to be a battered, broken, shell of a person. The scholarships, the colleges, they want survivors They want the best storyBut what about me?
There is a man quite dear to me who I’ve known for many years. He knows all of my feelings, and understands my fears.   He lets me know what’s rational, what’s within my expectations.
Does it matter that I come from a poor family, or that I am bi-racial? Does it matter that I went to private school, on tuition assistance?
All my life I told you tales about monsters The beasts underneath my bed Always telling you they wanted to kidnap me When in fact they wanted me dead
His mouth tasted like coffee and cigarettes, and his mind, his mind was like and overwhelming wave of beautiful thoughts, that I was drowning in. The odd thing was, I didn't want to swim up for air.
With a swift brush of the breeze, you are beautiful.  Soaking in your everlasting scent, I can see you. The ability to taste your bountiful lips is euforic, in the sense of purity and love.
I look in the mirror with disgust cause I hate what I see, I don’t want to be me
Ducks are ducks trees are trees what is not here is bothering me   Quacks are quacks seas are nothing but simple seas this poem is really bothering me   what is this really?
I think about how we used to be Then I get stuck in my misery I still remember the way you used to look at me & how all those feelings came free  But now things will never be the same
The first time I made you my hope, my soul cried, Loved one! And from there, I have not let you go, you're the reason for all my passions. With the love to the desired child, I’ve waited for you so patiently, waiting my whole life.
Sunset settles on the east As the sky darkens Stars twinkle While tine slows downs Owls awaken Yet, birds fly south Heart beats And I stay still waiting waiting waiting
He went for my forehead and I went for his lips, He slowly pulled away and I quickly pulled him closer, Grabbing his arm as he grabbed my waist, Soft sweet lips touching and I think I’m enjoying it,
Home is a small place that somehow still has room for everyone. Home is filled with strangers. Definition: Family you've yet to come to know. 
They say I have your eyes. They say I have your smile. To fnd out where they came from, I'd walk an endless mile. In and out of my existence, I dont know where to turn. All I can do is search and run,
There is no peace There is no joy Only darkness The blood stains the walls
As the night settles, it begins. Slyly, creeping deeper into my psyche Darkening, the rims of my thoughts. Slowly, swallowing my heart in captivity.   As the shadows crawl, the creaking floor boards
What is a father with his son,A boy without a dadashamed to ask his mother about any questions he ever hadhe used to be so excited, just to hear his dads voicebut its fadeding aways, he can see the devorce
And I stare As you stand there But you don't see What I can be.   We are here But I do fear You will never know What I want to show.   My feelings for you
I wish I could see you
I’m outside, enjoying the view and warm sun Guaranteed, this is where I’ll always be I hear the thump of deer, grunt of a steer
So you know the phrase: "It gets better." Well, for me...... it doesn't. At least....... not yet. Or maybe building so slow that even a tortoise outruns it by thirty miles. Always the same.
I'm an odd one, Oh you know its true, A crude mix of happiness and some tainted blues,
They call me a gift That when I was born i saved their life That Nikolas has left  6 months after the tragedy That I was born with a responsibility That I should be a light   Here I am now,
The girl lies on a cot -- The girl with hauntingly beautiful green eyes. With nothing but a battered baby blanket to cover her emaciated body. Her feet peek out from beneath the sheet, bloody and broken,
The world is a beautiful place. Maybe it’s that belief that always gets me in trouble.   I spend my days in this constant awe at the world, in people, in how wonderful
From my stomach To my lungs and my throat. From my heart to my head 
Poetry is beautiful It has meaning It has feelings It is strong It can be loud It can be quiet But like everything else Poetry and poems Come to an end... like this,
Why is it that mankind can never truly find happiness? It can be grasped for brief moments in time before it disappears once
I say I’m a writer, but how would they know When each line and verse I’ll never show? Each word loops endlessly through my head a catchy tune, not sung but said Still, the words can’t leave my mouth
The epitome of what a woman should be. I struggle to capture perfection in words You do it ever so effortlessly If by chance you notice any defection, its absurd Not timid nor intimidated by possibilities
I just wish that I could be myself, you know? 
I planted you a rose; sat and watched it bloom the rose didn't feel me watching, or notice that I was trying to forget you.   Who do roses grow for? Surely mine for you,  
What is hope Is it the illogical sense of knowing everything will be alright? Is it stupid Is it smart   What is hope Is it wishing something that you want comes true? Is it selfish
How can we forget, the endless times we cried because we were full of regret, We never meant to say the things we said, it was in the moment and we needed to clear our head, intentially no,
I think I'm gonna be sick But it's not because I took a hit It's because of the way I felt I don't feel that way anymore I stopped loving and you started 
Time Wasted, Spent Wondering, Waiting, Pondering Happiness, Smile, Anger, Sorrow
A smile that is what I show Behind it a tortured mind that no one will ever know I walk my line, I do my time I try to be respectable, caring, and refined But on the inside what one does not see
Times almost up.
I have locked them up, far, far away,
If anyone has listened to the words of a song One will surely hear a time long gone   It comes quite swiftly too fast to avoid the feelings of the past both of sorrow and joy  
Living is filled with moments we enjoy. Surviving is the moment where we overcome an agonizing obstacle just to live another day. Luxury is not present until awarded. Only the talented species can live.
your words, they stingjust like a razor blade upon my skinsinking deeper with each cut you slit  
"It’s fine, don’t worry about it." Are always the first words to come out, "It’s all in your head, you’ve got this." While wanting to spill your lunch on the floor. Hands shake and arms quake,
Why is life so unfair?  
I see my country's flag Snapping and unfurling above my head In the light summer breeze And I wonder, What do people across the globe feel When they see their flag flying high? Many are proud no doubt
Stand Up Wake up with that dreadul feeling.
The sharp and the stabbingLike the shards of a broken bottleAnd its gleaming smoothnessLike the beads of a necklaceThey cut my stomach  liningLuminescent- like stolen stars
I await the arriving of my enemy to render myself.
My mind rose, my heart pose,
I've learned many things In the eighteen years of my life, Many of them being rather disconcerting. Perhaps to you, But not so much to me.
No one seems to understand my poetry the way I write my poetry is not for the rhymes my poetry ia written to make me feel good my poetry is where I vent all of my feelings my poetry
Every tear 
A weed in a lawn full of grass. A disturbance an annoyance Ugly and fowl.
I lay in bed, caressed by my warm covers. Staring out of the window; that is littered, With translucent, tiny little bulbs of water. I hear it. I hear it against my window.
I don't like it. Not at all, I don't appreciate this. This immense hatred, and dislike. That is all towards me. Why? I must ask why... Why am I the target, of all, Your hatred?
I’ve been thinking a lot lately. About what I want with my life. What ending. About myself as an older woman. Scared of my own reflection.
Sometimes I get in my feelings, for no reason. Just a thought can shift my entire mood. I can be happy one moment then depressed the next. I have issues. I guess that's called bipolarism.  
Remember when I made her smile? Lips parted like you haven’t seen for some time. Those thoughts The ones that plagued her mind.   Those that caused her to pick up the yellow bottle. Empty it.
Your eyes, red and swollen, your eyes set to kill lock on me. Why me? Why Me.........
I look at you, And all I feel is disgust. You mock me, Capturing me in your everlasting frust-stration.   I look at you, You mentally batter and abuse. Do you enjoy it?
When you were alone, I gave you my companionship When you were tired, I gave you my rest When you were in pain, I gave you my comfort When you were lost, I gave you my home
I feel as if we are a family of trees with no water Slowly dying from being so dry and broken down When is the sky going to be bright and yet full of darkness for a shower to bat us?
Usually (8) hours of sleep should be enough-
Female, Is not synonymous, With quiet. I came into this world kicking and screaming, and I don't plan on stopping, anytime soon.   Because female,
it's early.  my phone buzzes numbers at me and my mouth says, "get up get up get up," while my mind says stay here stay here stay here.
You convinced me to love you with the illusion of it being mutual. 
What do I feel when I think of you?
The demon of loneliness sits on my chest as I lay down in bed, thinking of a life where I'd be able to say I'm happy and mean it. The demon of loneliness fills my head with strong, convincing words of pain. "You have no one." It says.
Washing my eyes With rain drops of Summertime He’s kissing my throat As I choke on this lullaby Singing it softly I whisper the words Lungs filled with sweet flowers  
Trying to connect with my past
Today was a day of sorrow and grief Tomorrow is a day that is short and brief. Although its a terrible path to tread There is nothing I can do instead.   There are things that no one can understand,
Momma told me nobody would understand me... I remember on day in the black light momma told me to old on tight...
Grief is a war.
Inside my head, I mean a little more. Inside my head, Personality is at war. I dream to be outgoing,  Both pretty and sweet Everyone wants to be my friend When I'm inside my head.
You treat water better than your own blood.I might as well be mudAm I a disappointment to you?I don't feel our relationship is trueBirth certificate says your my motherBut seems like your just another
To have a forgotten dream, it's like to have forgotten your way,
Yes I did it, now it's time to go and get my recognition, 
The way he looks, The way he smiles, The way he says my name,  It makes me fall for him, I'm crushing hard, He's everything I want, He is caring, He is fun,
Dear, (Fill In the Blank), I decided the “check the box that applies to you” on the form, was not for me. So I’m writing over the boxes. I filled out my address, my name, typed in the codes,
Hello  Umm......  I apologize if I'm a bother  I usually don't do this because I'm....  Well I get nervous  But I just wanted to tell you that you are gorgeous 
Social Media     Facebook -   Making a page that will deliberately describe what I want to say.
I’m 15 and I dread waking up e
People just don't understand what we go through everday. Sitting here, sitting there trying to make straight A's. Looking at other people making thier grades, then we become afraid,
I feel like a wannabe an empty shell, a hollow tree Dying inside, rotting away I want to laugh blissfully  to be consumed with love and longing totally  to be embraced by the warmth of it all
I miss him 
The world around me it's as if it was a world of darkness but in reality all that is around me is light Everyone is laughing havng a good time. As I sit here wondering if the sun
Honesty is honestly a rare commodity.
My nail polish is chipping, andI wonder if the walls of myinsides are the same colorof sea greenbecause I feel a little sick,because I feel the paint peeling,piece by piece,my false peace in pieces.
The girl who slept in class seemed to not care the words that were being spoken and the lines that were being taught but did you ever see  that girl outside of class?  
You're still here (barely). 
Can you tell me you love me Or that you don't even care About the outfit I put together And how I did my hair That you think I'm beautiful Every time you see me  And in the midst of everything
whilst the trees , royal and majestic slept through the dark,
I'm losing my mind it's three in the morning and my mind is starting to unwind, I'm going on auto drive and everything is so intensified,
Dead eyes move in slow motion Dead eyes see so much pain Dead eyes look into the past With the lenses of retrospect, dead eyes see everything more clearly Dead eyes stare off, stilled by hurt and sadness
There's a monster. It doesn't live under my bed, Or make the floorboards creak at night. It doesn't tap at the window, Or make eerie sounds. It doesn't cast shadows on the wall, Or grope at my throat.
Sometimes, in times when I find myself in need of it; I stand, or sit, or lay, just... staring. Staring at the walls, the ceiling, the floor,
Electricity and power and thoughts inside Music, and wonder and time It’s just a glimpse inside my mind   Worry and hope and tears I’ll cry Happiness and running and learning to fly
When the Earth was created and the humans were made. God created a thing called feelings. And as in every fairytale there's always an enemy . This enemy is called hurt He goes around prancing up and down killing joy as it was a passion of fate.
Why take the hurt others give you, when they don't even hold your pain with you?
I'd like to blame it on the time It has been so rough Between the rapes and murders, I've had enough But is that really an excuse for the way we're acting They don't care about the love, only things
Mother, father, can't you see all this pressure you've placed on me? If I fail, you'll be so mad. Am I the child you wish you'd never had? My thoughts run wild when my mind starts to wander.
My heart lies open floating on the surface of dark waters facing the black night sky as the full moon moves farther in among the large clouds passing the shining stunners
First right, and then left. Just me, my board, and, the sea, my mind, left at shore.
These thoughts, rushing through my head Confusing, crying out “It never really happened. It’s a figment of your imagination. You’ve gone crazy” They scream at me, “You’re nothing. Worthless” I start believe them
I look into the mirror, and what do I see? An ugly, overweight blob looking back at me. Now, I know I'm beautiful. All of Gods creatures are beautiful. Yadda Yadda Yadda. Where you see a "pretty" face.
Who am I?  Am I the person you see right in front of you?  Am I the person you hear people talking about?  Am I the person crying out for attention?  Am I the person who needs your approval on who I am? 
My Father always asks me, "What makes a man, a man?" and I'm never able to answer because I simply know I cant.
I am fear inside us all.The swirling, contorting depths of darkness that consumes.Slight glimmers of light cry as they attempt to break through,But they can’t.It’s overpowering.I am human.  
What the hell is life when a life is determined by money? When you live in utero, grasping for cash in the darkness Everything is a business Education, religion, your own health The cash flow is circular
I wish, I wish, with all my might That I had the power to see the light. To see the truth, whatever it may be To unchain my mind, be finally free. I'm wasting away to a pitiful shell,
I don't understand what drives another to take a life all around every channel every second some new horrible event   I don't understand  how can someone have so much hate
All my life  you've controled me  my actions, my thoughts, my ideas you'll say jump  and I wouldn't say how high I. Would. Just. Jump. just to please you but no more
Tick   Tick     Tick            Round
You want someone clothed like a stripper with the ideals of a housewife. Someone who is worn – a shell. Gutted of originality and malleable like water.
You ask me now what makes me tick. Now I shall tell you, brick by brick. The look you see When you gaze into the eyes Of a mother who can't feed her children. Or the childrens plea
Don't think I'm crazy, but I feel so Damn lonely. The nights when I just wanna cry and have someone there to hold me. When you try to make friends just to escape pain, and emotional suffering. That's when you figure no one's there..
How do we live for today when tomorrow is a dream? Tomorrow is not always guaranteed We take this beautiful easy life for granted Standing on the corners of the earth , that seem to be slanted.
Seemingly SimpleYet so abstract
What makes me tick. You know what makes me tick? When people are so selfish they can't see past themselves. It makes me sick!
Fear is all i see, it clouds my eyes and mind with doubts and self loathing.  I'm afraid and I'll admit that I hate myself and everything I am. I feel like i'm on a plane that's slowly falling down.
Overwhelmed all the time
Work It feels like so much work that we’re putting in At first it was easy when love first began Now it’s just fussing and fighting no end
Trust is like money. Once you spend it you can get it back but you gotta work for itSometimes you gotta work for it twice as much as you did before.
Where I sit through so many hours of my life Many people just want to run away Hearing these people put me through great strife I hear many people complain its gay   Was against the law to have a bottle
I like my room, but my mirror takes up too much space and my bookshelf is to small I like the paint, it's bright and puts me in a good mood I need a regular door, the safe lock makes it hard to let people in
Observation is the source of my admiration to my surroundings, all I know is thanks to stopping ot smell the roses. Reading is my passion and the source of my incredible adventures.  Speaking the truth is how I develop.
We never know when we're going to dieor how long we'll live. So we spend most of our lives wondering why.
I am trapped air. I want to scream but I cannot speak
Troubled spirits speak the most... Because so much pain has the words flowing like the tears we cry.
ANGEL IN MY FIELD( sleeping beauty)She lets
It's graduation All my hard work has paid off It's my time to shine
No more hurt, No more pain, No more broken hearts, And no more devastating surprises. There is a cure for cancer. 
Since Freshman year, I love being on stage. I made entertaining my whole entire life. It always soothes me and calms down my rage.
I sit here 
I sit here 
"Here you go" They said. "Here is your little bundle of joy" Like all, I had paused and reflected on my past. At that moment, I didn't mean to drown in drunken thoughts. I couldnt help it.
So many competitors, not enough prizes  I hope to seek a win in some of my suprises My ambition to win is higher than most  Although I've been passed by as if I'm a ghost
I don't quite know If the masks I wear Fit Me.   I'm not sure if the
Love May I lay with you? It is not to fill in my void, gutted by loneliness. Nor to feel a sexual pleasure. Though I can, it would not be to tell you my life story.
When your used to speeding through life, As I have done in such a short time, Running every stop sign, Shifting up through red lights, Ignoring every sign of caution, Total disregard for the consequences,
Your lips love to sing a melody The way the words slip off of your tongue It's like a song yet to be sung Your smile is cunning and daring Beckoning others to come near Your eyes are dark and dead
The heart beats like a thousand drums When in the face of inquiry to another A yearning soul heard over melodious hums
I stand here before you with a smile on my face trying to determine my place in this race for success.
My thoughts painted the mid night sky red and vibrant colors to show them i still hope.
I don't want to seem selfish I know there's bad all around But this holllow sound of emptiness Drowns out all of the cries for help   I don't want to seem selfish
Hey there Do you hear me calling out to you? Do you even know my voice anymore? Calling, begging you to not walk out the door You were the one The only person I could trust
I can’t stop thinking about you. When I’m sober or when I’m drunk as all f*ck, you’re the only person that comes to mind. And I ask myself why?
I know you blame me. I can sense it in your tone, and It's hurting me. Am I really to blame? I know you feel like I crushed all your dreams, and I'm sorry you feel that way. But if you really love me,
"I don't hurt people" is such an ignorant statement.    Maybe you don't set fire to houses, or burn down forests, But that doesn't mean you've never ignited me with jealousy, 
As a writer, it's incredibly frustrating to be colorblind.  "Sapphire. Ultramarine. Phthalo. Robin's egg. Teal, turquoise,  indigo, cobalt, cerulean."
The girl walks down the long hall. She keeps her eyes trained on the ground as she feels their stares burning holes through her. They look her up and down, judging her face, judging her clothing.
What is trust to you? Does it mean anything? Is it a word or a label? Does it actually have meaning?
I hate that I have these feelings for you like why do I feel this way? 
Screw the people who break us down so much, that we become senseless and open If that’s an opportunity, damn, love, just consider me your token Let’s strip the truth of all its beauty
Sometimes he breaks me apart But he’s always there to put me back together Sometimes he makes my heart hurt But he always puts a bandaid on it after Sometimes he makes me cry
I'm in a state of suffering My soul condemned to this constant pain Expiating my sins The pain is becoming increasingly unbearable I just want to be done
He makes me sad He makes me cry He makes me happy He makes me question why?   He's the reason I smile He's the reason I frown He's the reason I try He's the reason I lie  
The condition of being anonymous I keep to myself, and hide in the shadows The depression is continuous It's trying my soul, it's hard to swallow Confused emotions, it's all a blur
My hypocritical being Gets battered by the hardships of life. On a downward spiral, Slowly ruining myself. Karma's a bitch, And depression hurts. The only thing that I thought would help
You were the best thing that ever happened to me; I love you, Michael.    
Depressed, frustrated Worried: boyfriend has mono Down, emotional
I was asked what I would change about this world. Would I change the war, drugs, crime? No. Because all of these are caused by one thing: Hate. We hate those who are different;
One who gave me Love               Delicious and delicate             Fine curves and edges             Perfect imperfections
Tear drops of you Every shutter I can only remember Finding myself so close To someone who knows   The same pain The same game Compatible with me Someone who can see  
Feelings?  What's that? Well I'm too dumb for that.   Happy?  What's that? Well I'm too numb for that.   Nice And proper ? Whats that 
It's nine A.M.. You're awake, but you don't leave your bed because you have so much to do,
What is wrong  with today's youth? We are all stuck  in our little booths.
What is this thing called life? Like a bittersweet candy that leaves a bad taste on my tongue. I never asked for it.   I'm sorry if I sound unappreciative, But I don't want something that I don't deserve.
Parfois, il est vraiment difficile de dire avec vous,
The budding feeling in the fleshThe feeling of what's in the chestThe feeling you cannot beholdThe feeling that lingers and unfoldsThe transient feeling of the air
Days, Weeks, Months, They pass. And I wait. I wait on you. I wait on a FaceTime,  A call, Some word. But you don't call. You don't FaceTime, You send no word.
Although it's been two years now I am still reminded everyday and it brings me to a bow. The new playful puppy next door,  and all I want to see is you on my floor. Being strong through these days is hard,
We are but paper Floating through the winds of life Our skin crinkling and tearing   There are words which are forgotten Carved and sunken in our flesh Speaking of our truths  
I think about you everyday.
Like the rising excitementfor a special daysoon to come,And the first dayI held a puppy.Like the butterflies flutteringaround in my stomachon the first day of school,
I have a feelinginside, deep likethe kind of lovekept secret for years.The kind of lovewhere just seeingyou walk byfeels like somethingdomestic.I feel
I'm listening to the rainthe way it beats upon the rooftopsThe pitter patter dribbles its wet dropsSplashing the puddles all around me
Catching Feelings We are both fishing for each other But only one of us is willing to get caught, Up and hooked on to these feelings we have for each other
How to share your soul, How to share what you know,
Goosebumps as I feel this feeling, a new feeling we both feel at the same time,  as our eyes meet, our lips become closer, heart beats faster,  then suddenly my heart stops as our lips touch,
Literature is as necessary to the mind as oxygen to the body, Reading helps the brain develop and imagination soar. Ranging from an ironic drama to a jocular comedy, Literature has several shapes, sizes and form.  
Why are you lonely?You are beautiful and niceI will be your friendI am here for youWhen you feel like gray clouds andWhen you need sunshine
How does one say this...That you are wonderful and In wonder I fall                        (senselessly)
I feel as if I'm a block of chalk who nobody sees Why can't I be seen? Because so many personalities stand out way more pronounce than me I am merely a shadow in their presences
Screeching Scratching Goes the door Latching its Latch through The floor The pitching So cruel To my ears After all These years The door Still leers
When I realized I the way I felt about you
How to guide On why feelings suck and why I don't recommend them
You are the backspaced words my tongue retracts The three o clock messages that shouldn't make sense You are the intertwined fingers that feel like there are still spaces there
  Feelings are a blessing, a truly magical thing Feelings make you laugh and dance,
If I suddenly disappeared, No one would notice.. If I slipped away for a year, No one would care. So the point in being here ?? None given. No point of existing. No point of living.
You taught me how to be brave.
I can't look at you smiling Laughing with you is confusing My best friend such comfort But I feel so unsafe now Your touch so overwhelming To smile, sigh, flinch, or cry I desire your grip and kiss
I wait and I falter, I'm going to suffocate, unable to breath, shaking, I cry silent tears but they make an impact, rushed away, well I tried to hold it at bay, but my conscience made me unable,
Sometimes when trying to protect Someone else from getting hurt Something’s got to give, usually your heart For the best you toughen up
Blinded By Lust, Heart Full Of Mistrust, What Does He See Really, What Do The Other Men See, See So Special In Me? Why Do They Chase Me?
If I could sum up, all the feelings I experience When I look into your eyes, so beautifully bright So close-up, demeanor so imperious
Hundreds of languages, Millions of words Split into averages, broken into thirds And yet not one, or even all Can describe the meaning, the feeling of love
I have inspiration; I just can’t put it together. I have dreams; I just don’t know where to begin. I have hope; I just don’t show it.
Emotions can run wild, confusing even the smartest people Emotions can wreck your life if they are not controlled right Emotions can bring you true happyness if you express them well
You may be far away, but I remember the day. Counting cars from the window, looking at your shadow. You told me not to be, like you; But Daddy I am strong, I get mad,
I Am Self-Discipline. Brilliance. Dedication. I Am Beautiful. Young. Emancipated. I Am Success. I Am Blessed.
These thoughts spiral in my head, Feelings of anguish and fear, Like a whirlwind whipping the air. Falling seems to be the best solution, but then who would be around to hear me.
I blame you I blame you for the whiskey not burning more I blame you for the weed not making me forget And for the cuts not bleeding enough I blame you for the good days and the bad days
The color you feel when the sun grazes your face  The color you feel when your mother kisses you on the cheek  The color you felt when your father left you  The color you felt when your uncle wrapped his arms around you 
Father o father why do you cry?
In all my 19 years,Through fears, cheers, and massive clears,I would have never imagined I'd be sitting here mirrored.
When I was younger, I used to think that  our teenage years would be different.    I thought we'd all be happy  and have boyfriends. But in reality,   we're all depressed.
I wake up and fall asleep to the same thing on my mind Unfortunately, this something does not go away with time. These thoughts are the farthest things from being kind
It sucks to be alone Rather be alone than with deal with fakes Bestfriends??? I'm not sure they exist Not talking to many people Is something very rare Having to deal with things alone
I really wish you can see what I see
I once met this girl, She was always boucing along happily, Playing without a care in the world, She had friends and extremely great family,
I wander lonely around, As I watch the world move as fast as lightning. I watch those that fall leisurely get up and move on, unbound, While I'm stuck in the black hole I once found shiny.
One night the world was ending
I wait I sit there and wait as life passes me by Still wishing that it could all be a joke Time heals all wounds is a famous lie You just learn to cope I'm waiting
Walking through the hallways
Taking my new heart, I'll have a fresh start
Two people embraceIn so peaceful a placeHis head next to hersTo be heard over the surf.Far beneath the ocean waves crashAnd ocean sounds mash
Gone… But where?
In those quiet moments when you are left alone, your mind ever wandering, in the barren cold.
What if I told you the world didn't go round, And that both of your feet are not on the ground. Would you feel helpless and scared floating around in space,
I wasn't exactly fine before you came.But I was still okayand you were youjust a friend of a friend.Then our hands brushedand my cheeks set a flame.
Unrequited feelings may seem like the end of the world a B may seem to taint my report card a fear may seem to become reality and life just may seem too hard   Let it go is I what I say
How can someone get to the point in their life where death deems so right?   When you wake up Every single day Wishing for an end to it all.   And more specifically,
I am alone,
My poems are like life stories now they tell what's really going down. Emotions, bundled up in a jar wishing I could throw them somewhere far. So much on my mind i don't know where to start.
I feel as if, if I let a tear drop my body would erratically shatter. To bite the bitterness away with coldness. To repress the said with utter and complete numbness. To shiver away the sense of alone. To drift off and never return.
Sun beats down on me My heart wavers up and down The heat seems endless A few steps forward is hard Your kind hand is out of reach
Well the first thing we do isn’t expose our feelings to our teachersI had this bottled up for some timeSo I was so excited about coming to collegeThe 2 months period of anticipation took all my previous knowledge
If you knew me now, you’d know I’ve changed If you knew me now, you’d see me differently I’m not the same person I used to be
I'm slipping. You make me so confused sometimes. I'm still trying to figure out if you're good for me. You take my breath away. But, don't I need to breathe? I'm confused.
Words on paper Words on paper Paper that cuts Paper that wrinkles Teacher cant teach Teacher cant teach Why am I here...  
Ding, ding, ding, ding, Car key turns off,
The thought of liking someone
Could one let a whole lifetime pass, without feeling like they've walked on broken glass?   Could one look into rain out of window, and say they've never felt a drop of sorrow?  
College is very scary. Taking the ACT and the SAT can be a pain.
The sun rays hitting my skin,
You give me some kind of feeling. I'm excited, Yet a little scared and apprehensive at the same time. Will I do it right? Will I be good enough?
Stumble on the veins of my fingertips  and feel the throbbing beats that lingers from my fingertips to my chest. Can you feel the sensation of the chill that staggers inside? Striving for warmth
God you're amazing I think I told you this before
I ran. As fast as I could. To try to get away from him. From the hurt. But he always found me. I screamed. I ran the other way. But I found myself in the end back in his house.
We've got chemistry, figuratively and literally. The beauty of your inner-human Is intricately enticing. Physically, you're not my type, but I'm not looking for physical. This attraction is chemical.
You’re the only person I want to talk to but I swear I’m annoying you.
A season gone, Not far, but too long
Blue for tears the sadness hidden inside.   Green just as emeralds vibrant  alive.    Gray dark clouds  preventing one  to enter her soul.  
Stuck Between The Transition Between Hard Times And Sucess, It's Oh So Hard To Not Stress,  My Soul Intact, But My Mind, In Mesh  Good And Foul Intentions Sowen Into A Soild/ Flimsy Net
Don't take me for who I am because I don't even know who I am. Take me for the emotions that controls you, the souls that I lifted, the music that are now deep within my skin. Let me lift you with all that I am feeling.
The way he makes me feel The feeling is unreal He makes me feel pretty He's not the one I imagined But still he makes my heart flutter The way he stares at me is not uncomfortable
I dreamed of you last night I dreamed that you were with me all through the night I dreamed that you held me close and never let go I dreamed that you whispered in my ear And told me that you loved me
Let me go, Hard past memories. I don't need To be reminded Of how much You still hurt me. I need to be Released. I refuse to accept, That this is Just how it is.
We’ve all said it, We’ve all heard it That easy little phrase to use when you're hurting Two words, two syllables. I’m Fine.  
A poem a day Keeps the darkness at bay, Extracting my emotions Sets my creativity in motion, My writing is a hiding place Where I can disappear without a trace, I submerge in the waters of passion
You show me the alchoholic that I truly am. I'm constantly wanting just one more sip of your sweet breathThat when mixed with mineCreates the most perfect intoxicationI've ever let affect my vision
I possess the ability to pick up a pen and pad, Then progress to prophisize any feelings I've had, In the form of a melody, exciting or sad However, no one will listen. Isn't that bad?  
Can you believe it's really here?It's October of our senior year. Our class is closer, closer than ever.Why can't this year just last forever?
I am more than what’s between my legs.   But you’ll never see that because you seem to live there.   Just like every other boy that has walked in and out my life.   Notice I said “boy"  
A young soldier with knowledge and wisdom doomed by man. It's possible I may never touch land. How could you let a voice of such substance go unheard, left to be forgotten and others just don't understand.
And she says to herself why am I not loved? Why do my efforts go unnoticed to my "affectionee"? I never get noticed.
Judy It’s been two years And time has flown A time for tears And now I’m grown   Empty inside
I wrote about you before I met you. I wrote about your dark skin and your fustrating hair I wrote about the way you dance alone before you shower And the way you observe the choreography created by your favorite musicians,
My heart is split into two Between I can continue and the other I would be shunned Cast out, A pariah. I don't have the callus for such ignorant human beings.
The pain, the hurt, the awful, the words, the things that could come, the things I've so carefully not done. I'd let it all come flooding through, Just to hear you say to me, I love you.
I hate when you don't sit by me, I hate it the same when you stay. I hate when our eyes, they meet, I hate it more when you quickly look away. I hate the feelings that come to me when you say you're my friend,
I'll remember this next time, Next time I won't fall so hard. Next time I won't cry... Next time. I'll remember this next time, Next time I won't step up so quick, Next time I won't ask...
Why do I write in pencil? I'm afraid of permenant feelings. Why is your name in Sharpie? Because you're already permenant, darling.
Life. isn't always about Love. isn't always Pefect. doesn't always mean Flawless. doesn't always mean Right. sometimes leads you Left. is the path less Taken.
Rules. Are meant to be broken. Promises. Are meant to be kept. Secrets. Are meant to be told. Friendships. Are meant for you to hold. Relationships. Aren't always perfect.
Maybe the timing’s not right. Or maybe it’s just not meant to be. Should I put up a fight? Or should I let it be?   I keep running into you. We’re so close, yet so far.
Let me love you down even if it takes all night Words out of a song describe how i feel about you If you let me i can show you love like no other I'll caress you with my soft hands 
My heartbeat is frozen I to you is forgotten The love is cold now, and dead But you are stuck like ice in my head I'm cursed
Hit the road hard and fast all i wanna do is drive fast  you know me well you think ill fail and come running back to you you want to see me fail , to be there to tell me you were right and i was wrong
Everything is overseenWind blows through the treesI see the gleam from the rain drops on the leavesThe grass a shade of greenSo peaceful So siren Grey clouds stream In the sky
I try so hard, even when I feel I have made some progress It is for naught.   My line is corrupt.
  “Don’t let them in!” I scream. Barricade the door. Board all the windows. Cry. “Don’t let them in!” I scream. Voices behind the door. Scratching at the windows. Panic.
I feel like I messed up like I misrepresented myself to the point where you don't know who I am. Like I'm singing a song on your off beats with a syncopated rhythym you
Before the first second I saw you,I was incomplete.Deep, but nowhere near seeingTo the bottom of my heart;Immersed in emotion,But not to the pointOf drowning,Slowly and all at once,
Tell me something please Is it normal to feel like this? Oh, to be young and this sad is so sad My thoughts are making it hard to breathe And I just can't stop feeling this sad.
  Stop picking your nail polish off  You can pick it off quickly and without thought I wish it worked that way with emotions But they wallow  Like food in a dumpster  My mind falls to my heart 
It's a feeling that i can no longer hold. I feel as rhough im incimplete, like something has a hold on me. It's wrapping itself around my soul. Treating the person I love wrong.
Feelings, Emotions, the basis of our existence Tearing apart every piece of my weakened heart Though through all the pain I show no resistance
They say you will never amount to anything That the color of your skin is too dark You’re body too curved Skin too tinted…
I said I liked you         & you said you do too but youre only you when they're not around   But that smile & your wink it's getting to me
My heritage and my background, The color of my skin or the color of yours the length of my hair or the length of my nails, My hieght or my size only have as much power as i give them
Once we parted ways Of course I've been thinking  Thinking of sinking into what we had once more  Thinking of looking you in the eyes  And getting los in the chambers of your pupils 
I am walking on sun shine  as I walk towards another day  I love how the sun shines on my face  how the wind brushes on my skin the smell of fresh air run though my nose
Feel sick to my stomach...Just want to throw-up... Trying to stay positive, but real, as well... Seeing things I dislike...Thinking about things that are out of sight, but still in the mind....
      Competition in this generation marks the determination of H.I.P.H.O.P We will be those who carry insanity
People think, argue, philosophize. People dream, live, and die. People hate, love, laugh, cry. The actions of humans are so desperate, But why?  
The Door bell rings "who is it" no reply, again it resounds still no reply Annoyed legs stomp aaway, opportunity was knocking,  I did not open the door
And it's really sad, how this all worked out. I watched the scene alter, watched it all fall down. With a tear or two, maybe three.  I can feel them drowning, or is it me?
I heard you buzz near.  The quick flutter of your wings, an indicator- that you were small and most likely, ugly.
I am an old soul with a new state of mind Wondering through my mind are the obstacles that lie ahead The wind whispers in my ear, so clearly every word is heard
(Read top to bottom) I am part of a dysfuntional minority, and I refuse to believe that I can change people's views. I understand that it is difficult to grasp but, "guns kill people," is a lie, and
Every night it's the same hopeless dream Every day you can't stand the writhing pain No one understands what you go through No one understands the inconveniences it brings
Feeling is so overrated. So I've decided not to do "that" anymore. "That" is like licking the pages of a cookbook, Stupid and silly.
Butterfly my Butterfly Divine as my eyes Calm as my spirit
Some may not know it Because they can’t show it Dogs feel, taste, touch, and smell But compared to humans not as well We hurt, as do they They know when we are just putting on a play
I sing so you don't know im crying. I luagh so you can't tell im hurting. Close my eyes so you don't know im watching. Walk to keep from running. Hide in plain site so you can't see me.
Butterflies In the night Drift away without a fight Lose myself Lost in you Wondering why, But such a pretty view No more sadness No more pain Watch that blood,
Can't. I just, I just... Can't.Now there's no one around to hear this rant,and even if there was, I wouldn't let them. 
I hold the silver over flesh and feel the sting of thorns.It seems like there was no damage.Ah, there it is.
looking in the mirror, I can see what I'm not. I see what I don't have, and not what I've got. but she's so much skinner, is something I say. or she's really pretty, and I'm not that way.
If thou didst ever hold me in thy heart, absent thee from felicity awhile, and in this harsh world draw thy breath in pain, to tell my story. If thou didst ever hold me in thy heart,
  Opening the doors and sliding onto black leather seats.   Squinting as sunlight reflects off of the sunglasses hanging on your rearview mirror.  
Everyday I'm trying to move on Memories with you keeps haunting me Peace, when will it come? To the day when I can forget You were my everything   So much for your pretty lies
I’d treat you like a queen, but what does it mean? Not a thing, cause I’m new, and you want the old You tell me nothing even matters, you lie to me Warmth of your touch… yes, your lie's so bold
I have lived a life of stress and hurt I have been harassed and treated like dirt I do have some friends, yes, I do But I have a lot more enemies too These are things you hadn't known
Wordless is Worldless. Without imagination. A curse of darkness.
The thoughts of running myself into a car, or wrapping myself around a tree is automatically followed by that of apathy and then sorrow for even thinking of putting that kind of weight on my parents
Some days we are told how to feel and what to feel. It is on those days that it is most important to listen to our hearts, and not to think, but just to feel. Some days we may feel alone or lost,
If I were older than I am,I would be travelling the universe.If I were wiser than I am,I would be writing countless books to inform the publicthat I am doing something.And although I am not older nor am I wiser;
dads, i've had somedaddy's, more than onemisters i've had tonsbut i've never had YOU...gone before i could blinknever did YOU thinkwhat will happen to the girlI leave behind
You walk in the room My hands begin to shake You look at me My heart pounds I can feel it fighting to jump through my skin You begin to speak
In your life you're always judged. PRESSURED! YELLED AT! Until you're crushed. People will tell you you're not worth a dime. But giving up and crying is the biggest crime. Never stop until you're flying. Even if that means you die while trying.
Ambition   Trapped in a dark room filled with doom But I’m waiting on that spark so I can start. On a new road but I’m getting too old To be wait’n and contemplate’n on choices but I can’t hear
Words can mean everything, / Or nothing. / Words bring you joy, / Or despair. / Words show you're wise, / Or foolish. / Words can give confidence, / Or heartbreak. / Words can be heard, / Or ignored. / Words can teach, / Or destroy.
I am leaving my roots. / Off to the prison I go. / I am leaving my home. / Off to the vast unknown. / I am leaving the love. / Off to where hate will roam. / I am leaving the hugs. / Off to where I'm alone. / I am leaving myself behind.
      "Let your trumpet blow!!!" so that it reaches the highest peak of your mountain       "Let your trumpet blow!!!" so that it reaches the highest peak of your mountain
I know you're my teacher, and you need to talk, but I can't be alone in a meeting with you.  You see when I was little, I was sexually abused and I got out of that, with an emotional bruise.
Time ticks slowly, almost like my heart with out you Just like the Moon, has to be away from the Sun, I have to be away from you.   Every once in awhile you visit me in my dreams
Sometimes you wonder After a morning of waking up to the sunshine Or a day spent with friends Or an afternoon of light reading Or an evening watching your favorite movies from childhood That maybe
I want to know, what being in love is like, The feeling of butterflies about to strike. The goosebumps you get every time you touch, The overwhelming feeling of them being too much.
Sometimes I feel fickle and frill Alone with chills, longing for someone to want me. Angry and bitter my soul is a sinner Waiting to be purified by love. Coarse and brittle unchanged by riddles
Sometimes I feel like a loser…..
Has there ever been a point in your life Where you say This is not me This is not who I am And this is not what I want to do
Footsteps, alone, or am I only one can hear the thoughts inside me head insomnia, Fire, Fire, Fire should I run or  should I stay Footseps, but they are not mine  
Word Jamming. Those were the first two words that popped into my head. Hmph.
Upside down Putting my thoughts straight Straightly in the wrong order It seems to me Don’t misunderstand Everyone is allowed to be confused Down to each word spoken
A feeling so strong, it can't be hidden. Nothing you can do about it, so you hold it all in, but you're afraid the truth will slip out; your secret will be uncovered.
I should be happy But for some reason I'm sad I can't understand the game you're playing It feels like we're on different levelsYou're funny, cute, and awesome But I can't seem to feel what I've felt before 
Mommy Dearest you will always beMy mother so loving and so loved by meFor God has taken you to be by his sideNow in Heaven is where you will reside
My mother is the queen, For control is all that matters.   My father is the king, The foreseer of decisions.   Mother fends for her bishops, But they cannot save her children.  
I was once something that carried a message with ideas, emotions, and a purpose, made from thoughts. For only a short time do I exist to serve my purpose, 
Days like this, I often debate, why'd I let you into this space, I kept so safe. We was always on and off so it was light switch for me to switch you off.
Intrigued, intrigued by life I see everything surrounding me. I feel it too. I went from learning to tie shoe to being able to choose.. Choose who it'll be I'll see in front of this country.. Ain't talking U.S. when they talking bout Us man..
"Momma, you are a vivacious woman with enormous potential." "Son, the corrupt has taken away my innocence." "But you have given us all birth."
It use to be so clear for the world to see, daddy's little girl that use to be me. I had no problems I was free from the world, all because I was daddy's little girl.
as i sit here in this bed with millions of thoughts going through my head most of them filled with dread others i wish they were gone but instead they sit here in their own little bubble not causing any trouble physically i mean but mentally their
BEEP! BEEP! BEEP!I wake up to my alarm going off...another day,another scar. I slowly get out of bed and set to my morning chores.I take a shower, get dressedthen I put on the darkest make up,to express my feelings. I skip breakfast...
When you ask someone how it feels to be in loveHow the idea came to be and gave birth in their mind In the light of their presenceIn front of the person they spent their days with
Once an angel sat down next to me, In the form of a homeless man, On a graffitied park bench and Said to me: “Why you’ve been an idiot.  
Here I am watching the rain whip through the window The water seeps in the cracks of the thirsty hard wood floor My face is soaking wet as I stand by the window, watching you leave
Sometimes I am outgoing. I have my friends on my side. And nothing can beat my sense of pride.   Sometimes I am shy. I watch everything from over there. I can't do much except sit there and stare.
I am Yin and he is YangI bring peace but he brings painI am pure, while he is corruptedI am collected while he is disruptive
All these DREAMS I am having. They are all free, yet worthless. Some seem sorrowful sometimes And some seem serious sometimes As if they were worth of being dreamt.   I have realized the hard way;
I capture butterflies and lock them tightly in a glass jar I watch them flutter about carefree encased in my heart And everytime the jar shakes, so does my stability
I capture butterflies and lock them tightly in a glass jar I watch them flutter about carefree encased in my heart And everytime the jar shakes, so does my stability
  Soldier By Sophie Leveille     He’s undeniably dead, Suddenly gone, And never coming back. He fell to the floor without a second thought. No wish or cry can resuscitate him.
I don't have anything to inspire me, except the feelings I get when I watch you concentrate on things such as buying a train ticket. I'm not inspired by the way flowers grow into something beautiful, but I am inspired
I-am-not-nervous Iamnotnervous.   Breathe   I am not nervous. Really, I’m not.   I may look a wreck: tired eyes and hair a mess, dressed as if I haven’t done anything
When the rain falls at night It helps me to sleep It washes away  All the pain that I weep   I try my best  To look beyond the bad But it keeps coming back  Like my pen to my pad  
I am from the southern part of Dayton, Ohio. I am from my dad and granddad because my dad has anger management And because my grandparents didn't want children, And when I was born I was real sensitive on the inside
Write. From a babe to a child, to a girl, to a...                                                                "Woman". My hand wrote more than any other kind But then, cocky girl pointed out in disgust,
Words rising and falling like mountains and valleys.Letters form Heroes with passion and calling.Seas of ideas, all structured in stanzas.
A moment, stuck in the breath of a lost memory. It's cold and will not breath the same again. A heart is frozen, wrapped in born sadness of lost words.
The emotions Bubble up to my throat and Foam spills out from my chapped, bleeding lips and Nobody knows and nobody will know the fact that I  My breath comes out in strings with messages about
  I write to learn about who I am to embrace the ugly things so that I can no longer call them ugly To force my attention to moments that sound dissonant in my mind 
Some have asked why I’m restless. I’m always moving, I never stop. When I’m reading, when I’m writing, especially scribbling on my table-top. I promise, I’m just as focused on this as the next guy.
She really thought it was real this time She was stubborn that this time, this time he was the one So she danced with words on her tongue  And made him feel like a prince
As a look in the mirror, I stare back at my reflection I see the picture of a troubled man; Searching to find and gaze at a portrait of redemption. His vision is fogged; amid dim depression and loss of understand.
I write because I need the money. 
Dreams fill our souls Weaving, spinning tales of love and laughter, Blossoming hearts. Scenes of life and color formed not in a lens, but in minds. Oh, the colors
I write the words i cannot say. I write them with tears on every page. I have thoughts i keep to myself. People used to worry about my health. I fund pen and paper. I write down every event that may occur. I write to express.
Why do I write?Because it is the thing that lets me be creativeWhy does anyone write poetry?It's a song one can sing without knowing the correct notes
I sit with a post it, Willing the words from my sophomoric mind, And they do not come, For I have nothing to say.   
It gets me through every day. It expresses what I cannot say. It lets me be someone else, or helps me to be just myself.   It is at times my enemy, but also my friend.
I write to let you know How I feel How I miss you How I resent what happened I write to let people hear The eloquence of vowels The harshness of consonants
Eyes are the doorway.Enter this typically smiling place but a frown will form;the gut seeming stuffed with aches and pains,even between cracks and crevices,attempting to crumble borders.
Escape Because a cruel world needs a safe place Dream Because sometimes a piece of paper and a pen can create a new reality Emotion Because tears come to often and tissue runs out Love
It all starts with a letter. Not a phrase. Not a word. Not even an idea. The letter is the crack in the dam that is a brain. Slowly the magic seeps through the crack. As time goes on, the crack grows.
Sometimes, I just can't talk My throat becomes swollen  And my eyes teary.  I try. I open my mouth, but no noise comes out. I want so bad to tell you. Everything.
Paper's there to listen when the earth has tuned me out, Poetry's the pillow that takes my angry shout, And writing is the friend that never fails to say, "Hello." It doesn't need to rhyme and it doesn't need to flow--
lately my grandmother has been practicing her english with the phrase: no one should have to die with pain and suffering the pencil marks bow through the pages so earnestly
i can't recall exactly when i had begun writing. but it must've been in a time of distress or despair. i figure this because those are the only times i see writing as essential -- as catharsis or healing. so, i write
    To write, is to express one’s self through words rather than actions.To write, is to speak out loud without really speaking.To write, is to release… everything.  
If he walks by and sees youBe carefulYou're like rare pork lined and soaked in fresh bloodAnd just by the way he walks and talksYou'll undeniably fall for his perfect charm
I live to write, to express my emotions and to empower my thoughts, to portray the world through my eyes. Its why I can breathe freely... With the use of my words I am reassured that I am alive,
There's a voice inside my heartAnd she's screaming at the top of her lungs pick up the penget the notebooksit at the computerfor God's sakelet me talk
My voice, the smallest in the crowd full of no one. My voice does it tell you who i am what i go through?  Or just tell you what i need to say at that time. My voice can you tell its me, is it really me.
you can dream big or you can dream small or you can dream nothing at all! but if you dream big and reach for the stars you just may succeed as far as you need and if you dream small
Why do I write
Wandering Words  A violin has potential to awaken a heart with her lovely tune Just as words have the potential To free someone
Why do women fall in love with men who are completely wrong for them? Is it a hidden sense kindled from our genetic nurturing trait that we think we can baby bad boys into good men?
Sometimes, Maybe all the time, There's A Victimless crime. Sometimes I want to just stand up and let go Show you your troubles and all of your false hope.  
When I am running running from my problems running from the world,  I can  Stop.  And think. And write.  And be free.  And then maybe I can  Stop. And see.  And know
As The Days Pass On We See What Could have Been What Might Have Been But Never Will Be   We Move On But Never Forget Bout What Occurs In Our Past And Lingers In Our Memories  
The pain that I felt over the years The kind that brought those silent tears The more I saw my heart break The less of a women in myself I thought I could make Many times I thought I fought my love
Sometimes more is said with lessThe lengths increase; the depths regressAnd some are too shy to converseAnd speaking more just makes it worse
What it means to me.... With each and every word a story is waiting to be heard. From heartaches to heartbreaks I write what I feel. I feel what I write, I'll never be the same again, I can only learn from my mistakes.
The Butterflies in her stomach emerged as sense- less words from her lips
It's all emotion, feeling the power escape when you let it free i love that feeling, the feeling of marking down who I am, feeling like me me and nobody else.. Just this little pen and paper
I've always been a litte small, I've never been super tall, my voice is light and gets carried away by the wind. Sometimes I forget who I am, Sometimes I forget what I want.
Poetry is a beautiful way people can express thereselfs My poem explains the feelings i have for poetry     No amount of words can describe what poetry means to me
I write poems because poetry is my specialty. Without it, I wouldn't be me or even complete. I write because my handwriting is neat, And the material that I write is written to intrigue.
Broken streets mind is forced to travel, Empty soul enforced to search. Trembling hands hunt for redemption, Merely paper they unearth.   Lips begin to quiver As crystal escapes at last,
Poetry is my love Poetry is a talent Poetry makes me move In a direction of balance. Finding harmony inside Expressing feelings hidden Finding love from outside And not hiding thoughts given
                                                                 Wondering Words  A violin has potential to awaken a heart with her lovely tune
Denied without love  Living inside my own blood  Opening my heart  Betrayal without a doubt  Jealous of the rebounds  Seeing the world in you eyes but your eyes everywhere in the world
Carlyn Frye Why I Write Scholarship 08/10/2013 Troubling Inspiration   Married, four kids, a big household Working for a company with a huge work load
The pain, the sorrows, the  noises, are all consuming me.  Every where I look, there is something that reminds me of that experience and my existence.
He writes poetry, He writes art. Poetry brings out the loud voice within him, Poetry was the elation he needed during those dark moments in high school. Yes, poetry was his anti-depressant. His drug.
Crisp,clear,oceans deep. Stir within me feelings. Open my soul,bare myself to you,make feelings brand new. Sapphiresin the night sky.
  The 5 senses I was blessed with became my curse   I saw, I felt, I smelled, I heard, i tasted what my life offered me   My hopes, thoughts, and dreams became deflected  
In my heart there were feelings That I never really showed In my mind there were thoughts No one would have ever known In my lungs there was air That would have never breathed words
I find feelings scary. They tend to make people Do uncontrollable things.   I find logic powerful For logic comes From the defeat of the monster That is feeling.  
Too many feelings To express without crying Written tears will do
She is the wind, frequently changing directions, never stoping.Like  the moon, she shines and gives light,forever giving the apppearance of  change.She is a whisper on my lips,velvety and soft.Like a a snowflake,delicate and pure.She is a child,In
I am from a big city to a small town. I am from the green eyes of my broken hearted mother. I am from the epileptic father, taken hours after my birth. I am from the drunken, broken promises of my step father.
With words I can open the eyes of our people The young, the old, the weak and the seemingly strong The ones who don't believe that they have a voice, An opinion, a choice, after they remove all the noise
The Rose is gone, what happen to the Rose which come in every season your petal. Was always crutch together. What happen that I come outside and didn't see your eye's.you was lays there my lane of flame that spark my everyday.
Your either writing your feelings down or writing what's on your mind.Many write it down as a verse, like a journal or in stanzas,but I'm one to write what I feel, or when I'm bind.I write because I can not always speak the truth,my mouth is sewed
As I sit in my room I ponder the many reasons why I write. A ponder and wonder and think for a moment. I have many reasons, and I shall try to be contrite.... I write to escape.
Poetry What it meant to me before Just words written in a stanza With rhymes and patterns I knew that they’re art expressed in words
I can smile and look at everythingTwisting a strand of hair with my finger,A childish expression i wear to pass the time. Until then I am wasting my time skipping and stepping on broken leaves,My toes growing numb from the water soaking into my sh
I try my best to be brave,but then it feels like I'm hiding in a dark hallow cave. I don't know what to do anymore,What's the right thing?I'm not sure,
I use poetry to bring fort important discussions, I don't believe in limiting topics because I'm young, But for starters, I've lost friends, They're legal and I'm just a teen, Life seems frugal with a hint of mean,
One call in the fall. A text in the winter. You say you're at home but I see you out with her. Must pain you a lot that we broke up. Because 2 days later you two hook up. One smile in the spring.
Momma, don't you feel the water? The water that drips all day? Momma, it pours harder, It will not go away, I haven't read the Bible, Don't recall the date, But it's when I was stronger,
Why do I write?Well, why do birds fly?Upon the updraft I take wing with pen and paper,Releasing the power within me, giving it to the world,No longer am I in control, deciding I stand here;
              I write to bleed emotion on this blank piece of tree,to connect to the depths in my mind understnading why.
When I am hurt Words flow from my mind Like blood flows from a cut My mind is raw like my skin My mind hurts like a wound Pain radiates to my heart My hand move quick Ink stains paper
We all start out as embers (with a potential for passion but a forecast for failure)  that need careful, tedious, tending. as time passes, guardians slowly wander away, but return quickly as needed
I am the heart of my house now, i've become the very soul of this dark place. The water of the dripping faucet is my tears and the lifeless broken mirror is my face. I am the walls, plain, worn, and bare.
What is a poem? Really? A page--blank without words Words--bold, yet impossible without letters Letters--lines, scratches, dots So small, so miniscule,
I'm lost in this tiny space, my mind has decided to leave and didn't warn me. I have no human interaction, not even the warmth of sunshine on my face. My thoughts are random and seem meaningless, yet they are taking control of me.
  Pain and agony Miserable and heartbroken Confused and afraid.   Amazed and hopeful Compassion and empowered  Thankful and loving.   Inspired and touched
I feel nothing.    I tried to scream, tried to cry I tried to laugh But nothing happens   I feel nothing.   Maybe if one more thing could go wrong I could let something out
I lay in bed thinking of you once again It's like you're filling up my mind With dangerously deadly mines You've implanted in my brain
You could feel the pain In his spoken words Every word hurt more than the one before He got so close to tears Ready to disappear  
You are so very special to me Even though your appearence was so bare The life you let me live is so free You are the reason I am so very fair I try and cope with strong emotions As easily as I possibly can
Proposed to my notebook with a pen in hand, sealed the deal with a handshake.Hoping maybe this relationship will function properly because it’s only so much rejection possible that a man takes.
Every year of my life, every month of the year, and every day that goes by I keep forgetting that you’re no longer here. I wished this pain would all go away but each countless moment I thought you I just made the suffering continue longer.
Every war that was ever fought all began with a single thought. They are such powerful things: the start of relationships and flings. One thing leads to another and your thoughts become words.
I only play with my black keys, My lovely black keys. The only keys I can trust Keys I can put my faith in The white keys don't understand me   The white keys
My mind races, Screaming to be heard.   But the words blur, The sentences trickle away. My jaw clenches shut, And my mouth turns to desert sand. A lump invades my throat,
I write because my pen doesn't stutter like my lips do. I write because it is easier for my to convey feelings. I write because I can touch a person's heart through written words. I write because
How can you love someone you know you aren't suppose to? Yea, I'm talking about me I just don't know what to do. The love is so strong.. but it seems SO wrong. How could something that feels SO right be so wrong..
I sat there Unworried, stress free  Or in other words calm and collected about the whole situation Determined, expecting Looking past the affection Only concerned about our connection.
Their wings tickling your sides and fluttering through you.   They kiss you from within and make you feel afloat and nervous.   They spew uncertainty into the air and it hangs in your throat.  
Try, you hear.  Because honestly, no matter how you were before this crept upon you, now ‘you’ is all you can think of.  Try, because that’s the best way to combat, because that’s what you should do! You know this, of course you do.  You know much
  Poems are used to express one’s feelings and emotions. They can be seen as a recess or even as a potion   I write to bring out  all the words that were just lost
I may be a rock But spring made my life flow. Water restored youth.
Writing a poem is a grand expression Of the man I am and the one I want myself to be Words become lines, lines become poems, interconnected like brush strokes in a painting or the individual notes of a favorite song These words that capture my hea
My grandmother told me of a place Where she played as a kid She never said how she found it But it’s gone now  
Maybe there’s no right or wrong way to feel about you;Only wrong and maybe rightOr just maybe and might, could beIf you know how to spin it that way,If you can play with your speechAnd teach your tongue to
The lonely feeling trickles throiug my mind, Solemly, I begin to climb Into your jacket, stained with your smell Praying you are doing well I sit in silence, curled in a ball my heart begs for just one call
Sometimes you watch yourself, understanding why you don't-care,Seeing several different roads, realizing they all lead to no-where,Walking down a flight of steps, hoping the devil won't-stare,
I write because I go through hard times  Family and friends are not always there Most of my problems rhyme I do not always share   People just look at physical appearance
Friends run around the blazing heat Capturing the sand under our feet Screaming like we've lost it all We'll party till the wheels fall Seeing stars in our eyes Not a care is given about how fast time flies
Noiseless voices in my head  Asking, begging to be let free.  Harshing breathing,  Trembling hands,  A small cry seeking help.  Angry shouts,  Loud words,  Rumbling floors.  Dark clouds blur my sight,  Fear searches for the light.   Years go by,  
Sometimes going through depression is what makes a person It gives a glimpse of reality A vision with everlasting loneliness and destroyed self-image This emotion holds one hostage
Sometimes I wonder why the government wants to take away our rights I wonder why I have to fight every single day of my life  Sometimes i wonder what is this hunger we have for more knowledge 
Poetry expresses hidden feelings. They make words sound appealing. They tell stories, Out of the words in your inventories. Sometimes it's hard to describe how you're feeling,
The typical words of pain, hurt and shame are the emotions that are commonly phrased  by every teenager's thoughts who are all the same. These feelings, thoughts that are jumbled up in my brain
Deleted talent you should not have wentIn my heart that beats there are a few dentsThe dark will be there forever moreAnd my pillow will forever be the cureEyes are heavy and the body is weak
Look at society and see the reflection in the mirror isn’t finished.All because you weren't "blessed" to meet the criteria of the "image"-  Straight teeth, long hair, size zero waist, 20/20 vision.
Why do You turn a blind eye to Your faultsYou pretend You've done nothing wrongLike You were perfect and had my best interest at heartBut yet its so hard for us to get along
I write for the moment,  I write for the pain. Everytime I've been bullied, harassed, and full of disdain. I write for my teacher who told me to pick up a pen, because of her I write for the children, the women, 
The first time I saw you I didn't think we could be. I said, "Yeah, whatever, he's just a flirt" But, then you started flirting with me.
I miss you in the little things In the way your spirit danced across the stage Always so eager to play a part away from the harsh reality of your life. In the way you refused to pick a side: 
The voices inside my head keep calling my name Making me look around thinking I'm going insane I try to ignore them but they find their way back in If this is war I don't think I'll win.  
  My mind is a prison The prisoner locked inside the cell  is me Why you may ask because i can't gain control so i lose it every time and when the control is lost the pain takes over
  Words.  Whether you read them backwards  or read them forwards.  They are still only words.  Racecar. Kayak. Level.  They are still only words.  Whether you say them with meaning 
I write to let go I write to say no I write to be heard I write to hide behind written word.   I write for my freedom I write for my soul I write for my heart I write for the polls.
Poetry is the plug  to my outlet. It completes my circuit. Energy whirrs within me,  Waiting to have release.   Between us, there is tension, this spark.
You must love to watch me crybecause since the beginningthat’s all you have caused me,tears and breathless sobsand i sit here as these big dropsof sadness and despaircrash like waves onto my face
I pick it up, my mind goes wild I move it around, my heart smiles. The way it moves on this sheet of white Makes the words in black a beautiful sight. My thoughts cannot be hidden here,
Facing Life's problems through my paper and pen. Overcoming the obstacles that I produce from within. Once being a lonely soul, making friends with my words. Life's a journey; I'm on a quest to find my pot of gold.
I could feel myself start to change Becoming something that was deranged. My heart raced, even skipped a beat As I surrendered, admitting defeat   Here comes the pain And as it started, so did the rain
Maybe you know or maybe you don’t,But you are the single most important person in my life,And I really appreciate you,Though sometimes I might not seem to show it, Know that I do.
These scars here are r e a l. Seems as though I -  Love -  You ,                      does'nt quite appeal. But this is how I f e e l. Like I could capture the whole world-right before your eyes.
Can I tell you a secret? I still want him back. After all this time, I still have things to tell him.   I always told him  I hated the mountains, But I lied. I love them deeply, passionately, like he did.
Inside my soul it cries and wails, I keep it trapped, for the key is mine. Until the cage, from my own hands, at long last falls and fails. Nobody can comprehend that museful flower,
Can't decide between what's wrong or what's right Confused about what to do about everyone around me I have found true love from someone who cares Feeling trapped because of grief
Love is the strongest feeling you can have,      My heart to me is my storage for love,        My heart keeps me going everyday. Love is the strongest feeling you can have,
Love is Universal  Its ecceptance for the things That make us diffrent Not change who we are to suet others But living so others see who we are  Its not use, bending out lights
Life should be simple But feelings are not Humans are predictable But egos cause roots to rot Life is not simple
What does poetry mean to me? It is written not by the pen but by the heart Likewise, it is seen not with the eyes but with the heart.
Gather the pen and paper.   Reminisce for a bit.   Jot down what’s on your mind-   Write down everything you’d like to admit.      
All the words between the pages claiming my humble heart, meek mind, tattered soul. My heart, I think, is soon to be influenced by swift words, crafted lines, touching stories.
  It's funny how people think I'm a really strong person and nothing bothers me. I'm always smiling, trying to be the happiest person I can be. I hide behind fake smiles & "I'm fine"
Eat my words you beast of paper, clawing for truth and lies Soak up my tears and my smiles, my heartache and my giggles A half-formed poem a finespun respite for
I would love to say I love you and love for you to say it back, but I would hate to say I love you and have your feelings back track. Feelings is just a state of mind and the heart has no limits,
Relationships are hard, and relationships are tough. They test you and wear you down, and lately this patch has been rough.
To express the entire entity of who I am I write. I write for the fact that living in this world of a billion people I stand alone with a voice stifled and unheard.
Everything goes on, moving and flowing. Never stopping. I think and breath, so let me break free. I'll fall and stumble, and pick myself up. I will be fine. All will be well, so let me go, loosen the grip, let me breath.
(poems go here) Spinning, spinning, spinning The ride won't stop Everything I've ever known and has been important to me has swirled into an array of colors
You may believe everything is perfect To me its just another smile to put on One struggle to the next is happening fast And it all started when I was eight.
Poetry, or writing in general is my life. it is how i express every feeling in my body My sadness my happiness my fears my pain. all of it. every single emotion i go through
The colors of the rainbow, hmmmmm! Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet; Let’s add White and Black. Why not even Gold and Silver?
(poems go here) My pen sculpts a future Potential to work and to enjoy with one job My pen sculpts a dream Hope of proving my father wrong that writing is dead
GIVE ME A BREAK! I’m kinda new to this, But I see how great your love truly is. I also see a crazy mess, And it’s bringing me distress. Kindness obsolete; And sometimes kept descrete,
Chains Chains Chains Chains Call for a need of change Born free Every child learns how to wear the manacles How to chain their minds to someone else's paradigm How to live with bent backs
why do I write? well its not for the money me with out writings like a bee without honey I write for my heart I write to stay sane I write to show my feelings and capture my pain.
Who am I? Because I'm struggling in a way that I don't understand, And I'm living in a world that relationships So easily become a misconception of a wholesome bond. I have this fleeting heart making me incapable.
My Mother seems so far away from me, On that beautiful white shore across the sea. Yet I remember love’s soft glow upon her face, And the feel of her touch and tender embrace.
A soul crushed beneath the weight of life Wings heavy with burdens Beating frustrations within a cage of flesh With labored breath and nowhere to turn Life a gaping hole, spilling across time The blood seeping
I write because I feel it Because I need it Because is me I try to express my opinion in a better way I write because is the only way to scream my thoughts out loud and be heard
I Belong to the wind I belong to the edges I belong to nobody and still I am trapped in his most deepest thoughts in his most pure sighs, in each of his heartbeats without wanting to get out.
When i speak the words that ignite a fire in my head a tidal wave a tsunami a hurricane a rumbling earth quake of what i feel must be heard just dont come out correctly stuttering and tripping
Do you feel as I do do you see as I do like the world is fake like it isn't there Does it scare you Does it frighten your very soul
As I kicked the tiny, gray pebble in the street, walking home from the park, all I could think about was the fact that I needed to get home right away.
What poetry means to me? I could sit here all day and list the reasons I write and what poetry means to me, but that would not quite express the passion I have for it.
I see faces each day The same faces that pass by the same way Nothing, nothing is all I say My lips quiver but my voice is nothing but a weak mocking squeak
You can't fit the shoes i walk in, don't judge me, and nah im not saying you have to love me, i got enough people in my ear tellin me that but its not a fact.
Please, be my words; I know it sounds absurd But you got my lips moving Forming sentences—I’m improving On finding my voice; to speak on my choice In this case, it’s you.
Paper hearts, they tend to bleed, The blood shall spill all over me. Pieces broken like empty glass, Nothing there to bring it back. No glue, no tape. Just scissors from a cutthroat soul.
Hark unto me oh ye man!!!! For it is not the struggle of one that overcomes all, but rather the struggle of all that overcomes one. We are not definite through human shape and form, rather infinite through UNIFYING energy.
Poetry’s the motivation Poetry’s the conversation Poetry’s the words that you can’t express Poetry’s the friend that spills words onto the page We got Acrostic Epitaph Classicism And Doggerel
Growing up in a home with a single mother. Role model for my sisters inspired by my brother. Holding on to hope by a thread discouraging thoughts in my head. What are the can do's when you're telling yourself "YOU CAN NOT"?
Why not write a world of art? With material abound, One word after another, This writers speeding thoughts come together. A few strokes, a big practice. The life line of communication, business,
My reflection stares back in pity I reject it And then it hit me; The truth is No matter how much they sell My legs won’t grow and my lips won’t swell My cheekbones won’t rise
Listen to the heart of the bass The beat of the rhythm The taste of the lyrics that flows so smoothly through the tunes of nature. The music that makes my heart dance and my lips sing, sing the song of melody.
As I crawl between the empty crevices of his arms, I lay against him and my cold body feels a rush of warmth. My hands start shaking, And all I can do is smile as his eyes stare deep into mine.
I don't know what to do This blade ain't workin' for me Alcohol only makes it worse I'm poppin' these pills like candy I feel so unwanted I am so lost I feel so forgotten Asphalt never looked so soft
She was sixteen when she first started I've never seen someone so unique and bighearted The reasoning for her chronic smile was quite effortless She wrote poetry in a manner so burlesque
feelings can be hard to keep hold of sometimes it's sorta like when i was younger and i'd try to chase the moon from the car's backseat
Early on a Monday, I sit in my desk. Mrs. Kohlman is pacing at the front of the room. I look at the handout, laugh with the rest. She tells us there will be a poem due soon. Handing out paper, filled with excitement
I was sitting there screaming inside I felt so alone, like I was being pushed around By the oceans tides. I couldn’t even make a sound. I needed an outlet for my escape As it offered no true freedom.
The darkness encircled me. The pain, overwhelming. The way that we used to be, Babe, its disbanding. The flowers and cards. Love notes and smiles. Babe, everything's hard. Now, it's defiled.
Maybe life goes on, even with you gone, Maybe this is how it's supposed to be. Like sunshine you'll follow me wherever I go Even through the fog and the cloudy days.
Our life is Fragile, our life is short So when life took you I didn't know where to go I found myself visiting the places we’d been Reminiscing of the times you stood next to me The more I remembered the more I cried
Coal black attacks like razor knives, And grips and rips your dreams good-bye. It calls your name—oh countless lives Have no known clue what myst’ries lie.
The mem’ries of my long lost friend, who took Me out of my woeful misery, fled Into the unknown, leaving words unsaid A mystery. I would constantly look Back at the past, picturing the blue book
The morning sun shining brightly over the orange grove The sun warming the plants and animals, signaling the start of yet another day Dust coming up in clouds as the tractor meanders through the trees
For years and years she wondered, "Will I always feel alone?" For years and years she travelled, moving home to home.
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“Being inside you is like having a million conversations that bring us closer together.” I swear that line will make him famous one day, but the solace found within can never surmount.
Brief in Brevity Truth and Sincerity’s will I tremble at cold. Truer words still be “Pain is inevitable,” Suffering is not. Do you wonder still? If eyes don’t meet, is there sight? Unfortunate.
Give me your pain every ounce of it Drop every single drop into my mouth Let me taste it swallow it, consume it When your pain is in me, you are in me I am you, but you are not me.
Daddy, Daddy look at me Watch me as I fly More and more I’m gaining speed As I soar through sky Mommy, Mommy how I see you below me now I’ll come and have a looky When I can swoop down
I hurt inside turmoil within but I will not give them the pride to see me cry on the outside. demons claw at my stomach rip open my heart and I bleed. but only on the inside
Intensity, intuition, in love Intellect, practicality, and ration are all of thee above Passion, emotions, and feelings are what drives us Lying,deceiving, and cheating is what divides us
This year has many ups and downs But the downs are what put me down I struggled a lot with the deaths this year Also school stressed me out Trying to balance school and work was harder
Tu me donne ton portable, et j'ai lu un message. Je découvre qu'il s'agit d'une terrible annonce. Tu ne m'aime plus? Mais, je ne comprends pas pourquoi? J’écoute, je comprends, et je peins mon amour pour toi.
It's almost here As I count down the days, I can't help but feel scared I leave my old life behind to pursue something new Looking at the cap and gown hanging beside me I can't help but feel like crying
There is always a gloomy day where you wanna lay in the rain When you lose someone a part of you brakes away
As the fiesta comes to end, I see you sitting down Neither on the couch nor bed; but rather on the cold, hard ground.
What does the sunrise look like, To someone headed west? One who cannot turn round, Nor take one glance behind. First a pale glow, Reflecting off the valleys low; Followed by the sweet chirping
Awoken. It was 3:11a.m. The girl stared off into the darkness. The dark hallway disappeared beyond the border. Ring. Ring. Ring The thought of worry twisted back into her mind.
Everything's changed But then again, it's still the same With the loss of a loved one There are wishes for it to be undone To be redone over again With one last chance to say goodbye
I have a vase Of sad forget-me-nots On the bedstand Next to Emily Rose-wooden eyes See what mine still hide from me Behind the thread and the needle holes I know we still holds my memories
It's funny how it all works I had it all planned out We broke up I moved on I focused on myself and no one else I bumped into a few strays here and there But deep inside I knew they were going nowhere
The longer I sit here The more unclear everything becomes. Like fog on a windshield Steam in a bathroom I fail to see What lies ahead.
I love you so much that I hate you, get it? I hate you because I loved you to the point where it broke my heart I love you because your smile made me smile I hate you because you drained me of my happiness
Our houses were filled with misery and hatred, no love, no understanding.
Hey, You. Yes, You. Why are You just standing there? Green eyes, Black boots, And that messy brown hair. Looking at me without a care. Soft lips, Colorful belt, Hands on hips. Revengful smirk.
(This poem was written following the murder of my mother and the death of my father.
To be wanted is something we all crave we want it and flaunt it we crave and we rave about it we hate on others so that they can't have what we have
Drops of golden, wasted space Pressed upon a solid face. Windswept strands of faded truth Blown across the palms of youth. Cautioned, never came to phase, Wearing starlit, glassy haze.
Empty hands Empty phase Lonely place. Shuddering loose. Ends ravel back, twisting trunks Forty stains, Grape seeds. Whispered gold, precious wrought. Luscious lied.
Whirlwind Rivers of twisted emotion, Thoughts of Alabaster and marble stairs Mixed with ashes of ashes of ashes. Of Poor and rich and kings and peasants. And she floats through it all, she
Chills rested on January's breath A realized sigh, a crushing taste. Plastic tries and glassy eyes. Lived in lies. Spinning, falling, knees of cinder. Trembled tries snap in the winter.
starlit. shining, reflected pains. calm as river. size your face. staggering on beams of steel. exhaling charms of colored blue. booked up spine. c shaped back. crack. crack.
She's a rock and she's sinking. Deeper and deeper. Those supports, what supports? Flew away. The creator's got skill in mind and pain in movement, Unavoidable. Degrading, degrading and angry.
I can't see you But I feel you I don't know you But I love you I don't want to forget you But I can't remember you
Someone once asked me, if one day I chose not to live anymore, and I decided to jump off a cliff would I prefer to be facing the sky? Falling hundreds of feet to my certain death, not certain exactly when
We will never be satisfied. It is against human nature To be content with what we have in our lives. Everyone wants more.
Obvious screams bleeding out of my shifting soul. “Close only counts in horse shoes and hand grenades” Alone with my contemplating mind. So Mind Fucked.
My life feels void and full of darkness no matter how far I run to reach the light on the other end
SOCCER player for the world Midfielder,forward,defener Players with soccer balls and The Worlds Game Yelling,Cussingm Shoving Fields of sweating bodies
Sometimes I want to dive in to greet the bottom of the ocean floor Sometimes I want to jump off to see what lies in the concrete. Sometimes I want to drink because I am curious about what hides at the bottom of the bottle
If I could tell you one more thing, I would ask you to remember everything. I want you to know that I’m not mad, But yes I often to get sad. I still believe you can hear me,
As you embark on your journey, To that world so far beyond, I think of you with sadness The girl too young. Your smile is glued to my mind When you would shout as you sang. Why did you go so soon?
Listen to what I have to say, mommy. I have so many built up emotions inside of me.
The shadow that covered me
Started with the bright sunshine staring down at me Waiting for the strong heat to pack on in, so sweet Wind in my face, music blastin’ through the speakerphone Every day chillin' it, never seem to be at home
Never could I expect the unimaginable outcome of that day You see, on that very day You took a journey through my eyes And gazed on back to the inner side of my thighs Just kidding
After my bubble bath I lie on my bed naked In a pure form For I know that this body is mine And no one else may have it unless I will it
On the first day we met you became my reeve, It was the color you had shown that was perceived. It was a splash of green, a dash of blue and a bouquet of red, You would have had me at hello, if that is all you had said.
Words inscribed to remind. Written in stone, to withstand the punishment of time. The pain escapes, with no recognition of crime I descend into darkness, carved my fate into wood.
Am I guilty of falling down? Because I feel the same. Can this be different than before? Difference is only an Idea. Everyone could feel this way. Feeling only what I’ve been constructed to feel.
Do you want to know how I feel? There are butterflies swarming around my stomach at all times of my existence. My bones shake and my heart rate goes through the roof.
Drip Drop Will it ever stop? The hurt The pain Blood dried on my shirt And still nothing to gain Why does the pain still persist? My happiness is so greatly missed. Inside I am screaming
I'm dangling on the rail of a hospital bed Clinging to you and the life you have left and Somewhere in between hushed breaths and the unnerving hum of the air mattress
Wake me up Before I lose it all This nightmare's a little too real Pick me up I'm starting to fall Pretty soon I'l forget how to breath I'm not asking. I'm begging you now
I'm the shadow in a rainbow I'm the anger in a smile I'm a raincloud on a sunny day The tenth number in a dial
Feel the tongue tingling words oozing from my overly active brain. The sensation of bottle popping knowledge residing in your heart. His words will never hurt you again The hammer in your chest will pound no more
I’m like a minnow against the whim of the sea I can’t let my heart get thirsty Or it’ll make a slave of me. I wake up musing Still shadowed by last night’s dreams. And fervidly before me,
I couldn't touch it. The body, I mean. I couldn't. Because I knew, I just knew that the second I did The supersaturated solution that was my heart Would crystallize and crack Into a thousand raw pieces.
It hurts...just like I knew it would. Six months I tried to fight it, To deny it, I didn't want this. I knew there would be pain, But by the end of those six months I couldn't complain.
Hearing the helicopter all night woke up the next morning wanting to ride my bike my good friend just got into a fight So we head to the streets at the break of daylight kids growing up wanting to be heard on the mic
I’m afraid, To let people See the tears roll uncontrollably Down my face Each one mimicking the last. And, I don’t want To have to face them And show them that I feel.
Feeling a depth of despair inescapable, an entangled mindweb is my dwelling and my tongue tastes of bitter longing.
The river washes everything away All the evidence The remembrance Of things that happened in the past It doesn't worry about the mass Amount of people That it erases
When winter storms bring snow and ice and springs face hides beneath And life is draped in cold regret where jealousy sinks its teeth The road is dark and rough, though often traversed by those
I wrote you a letter but you never replied And something was loosed inside of my mind You can take a chance and call it independence But you’ll be gone before your time
(poems go here) Tears on my pillow They fall soft. A steady stream In this lonely loft. Outside wind howls Inside I shudder. I wait for you My lost lover.
The future is bright for some and dark for others See We Live in a life full of judgmental people We try to do good in a world filled with evil We all fall but some don't get back up
I have a thought inside my head I part my lips But cannot speak It seems my thought must go unsaid I lift my pen But cannot write It seems my thought must go unread
Missing you is me Loving you is free being true is easy but not completely today is a given and tomorrow is never known so be happy and let yourself be shown
I swear I was going to listen To the advice that you made sure I heard. But my friends have influence on me And I didn’t want to be the nerd!
My dear Tyler Klein you changed my life. though our time together was cut as if by a knife. I can honestly say I am a better person because of you. Any time anyone needed anything, you were there, you'd always come through.
Drops of rain fall on a cloudless day the day is darkened while the sun shines bright a man a woman separated for now but soon to be reunited the faithful lover of this man sheds yet another tear
I held my dreams inside my hands so no one else could touch Made sure they only knew my face so no one else could judge I fed them big and made them strong so they could face the world
Hey, girl, I am just writing to say, I put some flowers on your grave yesterday. It was kind of hard 'cause I thought I heard your voice come my way, but I guess it was your spirit telling me to let you rest
GONE I shed a tear For every time I fear That I won’t be able to see you again But only value the time we got to spend Sometimes I think about your voice Life or death was not your choice
I just want to know, how far this poem will go. Will it reach you at sea? Will you be thinking of me? Will you hear it in your sleep? Will you think about about it when you weep?
My beautiful daughter She had to grow up too fast One night everything changed "Sweetie, the pain won't last."
Alone in a cabin as I passed by, A shower of crystals fell down from the sky, It is quiet too quiet as I lay here, No one speaks their lips are sealed, I can't see as the fire consumes me,
Why did you leave so soon? You left in a blink of an eye. You didn’t give me a chance to say goodbye. Or tell you how much I love you. If only I could fly into the sky and bring you back if only words could bring you back.
Forgiving Embrace
I love you Three words Eight words And so many meanings
I lose my head when I'm with you. The way I forget to breathe, the way everything in me tingles.. It's a funny feeling. It's a great feeling actually, the way you grab my attention,
A trip forward to the future- a blast back to the past! We loath to sit and wonder- how time will go so fast.
Always on my mind Your presence never binds As of lately I can't let go Of these feelings, so low Zap away those neurons That make your face appear Very, extremely, and closely near
High. High up I look down and see. Really see. See everything. I feel so separate. I am no longer a part of that. Any of that. I like it. I love it. I get to see.
Looking up at life, Watching time fly by: Eyes fixed on the future. A simple moment stops you, Surrounds you like a home: Eyes fixed on the now. Feelings. Senses. Sight. Smell. Contour.
I get this weird feeling Whenever I see you. Do you notice the glances I'm stealing And my subtle smiles too?
Whenever my life Faces challenges One woman is always around And when we didn't have nothing She'll spend her last penny Just to let me have something I know one woman in my heart
I dont know why, Why I want to cry, Why my soul wants to die, Why my hopes and dreams turn into lies. Can someone please tell me, Because I feel like I'm not good enough But what is 'good enough'?
I let the chills take over The feeling of being unwanted A storm raining on my parade For my feelings came crashing down Raining confessions Of how I was truly feeling about my imperfections
The door is shut again I'm the one that shut it. They are the ones that started it How can you live in a home like this? I can't, so I shut the door.
i try to act real i try to feel push and push words onto me you push feelings i don't want to see no longer will i try to hide the feelings i will NEVER feel inside
Do you see through my normal eyes to the sadness that lies within Do you see my unholy spirit that always chooses to sin?
We've been aquainted for a long, long time way back since nursery rhymes your presence made makes me feel sublime Got me through all the dirt and grime and now, feels like we're partners in crime
Thoughts are feelings in your mind, conjured by emotions and reactions you feel inside. No wait. Thoughts are voices in your head that you keep from having a sound from your mouth No wait
Outside lives a guy with a smile that will brighten up the room, yet inside hides a guy with a frown full of despair.
Bullies are people, who are sad, They have hearts and are really not that bad. Bullies are people, who need friends, Once they receive them usually the bullying ends.
Remember me? That girl in the back of the class. The outcast. The one everyone laughed and mocked, For years on end. To feel strong, probably. Well, forget all of you.
One cannot stand alone; shaken violently amid the brutal winds… But a few can hold each other up, standing tall in sturdy unison, despite the trying forces.
A fire comes and goes ever so quickly Like friends you thought existed They stare at me for a moment and invite me in Draw me closer But soon they sizzle out of view, Becoming dark, smoldering ashes
The constant taunting Picking, mental, and physical abuse It scars Reaping at the core and dignity of a person It stings Cutting through one’s emotions It stays with that person
Words are so tiresome, they say many things. they never get a break or rest, they put your know how to the test.
The first time I saw Lizzy, I knew she was the one, And she had to be mine. Her sad soulful eyes, Her full pink lips, How I longed to kiss those lips.
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