Thinking of You

 Whenever I see a shooting star

I think of you

And whenever I sing

I think of you

And whenever I close my eyes

I think of you


The world keeps spinning

And I desperately try to feel

Like a part of it

But I’m being thrown around

By its speed and force

And I just want it to stop


I want to look into your eyes again

And see where those falling stars ended up

I want to feel your hand again

And know the world isn’t moving that fast

I want to see that smile

And feel like I’m the only person in the world


I spend so much time thinking

I just can’t stop

And as much as I try to get you out of my head

You keep coming back

But I know it would hurt more

For your memories to die

Than for them to plague me

For the rest of time


So I sit and I think

And I think

And I think

But I just want to feel again


But to stop thinking

And to start feeling

Is to be with you

And I know that just isn’t possible

Right now


So I wait,

And I wait,

And I wait,

For you to come

Unlock my prison cell

That I trapped myself in

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