Passed Along: Daughter to Father

They say I have your eyes.

They say I have your smile.

To fnd out where they came from,

I'd walk an endless mile.

In and out of my existence,

I dont know where to turn.

All I can do is search and run,

But I know I'll never learn.

The wind blowing through the window

makes the faintest sound.

I live the life of a tree whenever you're around.

The leaves like my heart being torn and blown away,

create a perfect ending

to my imperfect day.

I use metaphores and sybmolism, though the reader may not sway.

So if you want the nitty gritty, let my put it this way,

You hurt me real bad way back in 5th grade.

And you're about to lose the house, the home that we both made.

Please don't mistake me, this isn't about money or some "dark depression fad"

This is about a litte girl slowly losing her dad.

Fighting a losing battle, I know I'll never win,

Because the laws caught up with you, dad. Now where are all your friends?

You are my whole heart, my wisdom and my soul.

But slowly, day by day , my heart turns black as coal.

When you tell me your plan I know not to look in your eyes.

Whether you like it or not, I can feel your goodbyes.

I could spend my time telling you that you're wrong

But deep down I'll always know I'm you, passed along.


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