Dysfunctional Minority


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I am part of a dysfuntional minority,

and I refuse to believe that

I can change people's views.

I understand that it is difficult to grasp but,

"guns kill people,"

is a lie, and

"drugs will make you feel better."


So at the age of 25 I will tell my kids

they mean nothing to me personally,

and they are just a mistake.

My drug dealer will know I mean business because 


are more important than



I tell you this,

once upon a time,

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. proposed equality,

But this won't happen in my era.

"This is a killing society,"

people watching others die.


25 years from now, I'll be celbrating the 10th anniversary of my first drug deal, and

I have no hope that

I will have complete soberness.

In the future,

Kids growing up in gangs, dying on the streets will be the norm.

No longer can it be said that

people care for people.


It will be evident that my minority is hated and disgusting 

It is stupid to believe that 

There is hope.


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