Negate the Hate

Fri, 02/28/2014 - 21:49 -- Liat95

I was asked what I would change about this world.

Would I change the war, drugs, crime?

No. Because all of these are caused by one thing:


We hate those who are different;

Those who think, act, and look different.

But why?

We look at them with blurred vision

as if to pretend they are unlike everyone else

or to try to ignore the fact that they exist.

We forget that we are all the same.

We all have bones, hair, organs, feelings and thoughts,

But why must we hate those who are the same but just wrapped-up differently?

If I could I would change the hate,

Without it we would not have any evil between people because everyone would be accepted,

everyone would be seen as equal

and no one would know the meaning or act of hate.

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