Poetry Is My Specialty

Sun, 08/11/2013 - 14:00 -- Tiana96

I write poems because poetry is my specialty.

Without it, I wouldn't be me or even complete.

I write because my handwriting is neat,

And the material that I write is written to intrigue.

Not just someone's mind, but life itself.

The tendencies of my soul's creativity,

From at the hands of me,

Can inspire someone to ultimately capture their dreams.

For me, writing poems is a release.

In fact,  it's my lifesaver.

Because my mind can walk in loops and get lost along its way back to sanity,

Congruent to a child alone in danger.

I write because it feels as simple as ABC's,

Meanwhile my thoughts and ideas are all jumbled in great complexity.

I write for the purpose to keep my emotions in control.

It's better to let out how I feel at that moment on private paper,

Than to have everybody know.

I write when I'm bored,

I multiply each line with my words,

Including all my nouns and verbs,

Until my hand starts to hurt.

That's true passion.

I put a lot into my poetry,

As much as a stylist put into their fashion,

I'm more involved with my soul and mind,

Rather than the more irrelevant things in life.

I write to heal myself when I'm broken inside,

Due to disappointments and lies.

I write little poems on the back of Starbuck's receipts,

After I'm relaxed from a cup of Chai tea.

I mean, if the alphabet didn't exist,

I would find a way to heiroglyphics it like the Egyptians.

I don't see how someone would not encourage this,

Especially when it involves true talent.

Because poetry is an art.

A verbal Mona Lisa,

Of phrases and rhymes that's in my brain but flowing from the valves of my heart.

I write because poetry just does something for me,

Infatuated with my metaphorical ideality,

Writing poems then becomes a given.

It's something I can't pass up,

Because it's my heaven.

I write poems because it's only right,

Poetry is my everything.

It's my life.



This is beautiful, I hope poetry stays this important to you, you're an amazing poet. I originally read "Love: The Best Relationships of All Time" and enjoyed it so much I went to see your other poems. They are all really amazing, great job. 

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