Never Lost

Thu, 05/09/2013 - 12:41 -- kados


United States
42° 33' 23.3028" N, 83° 44' 28.1868" W

Words inscribed to remind.
Written in stone, to withstand the punishment of time.
The pain escapes, with no recognition of crime
I descend into darkness, carved my fate into wood.
Wood spills no blood, But does the question arise if you had heard it could?
as i lay it all out, before me to see
i realize theres no longer a secret between you and me
Even though your love was written on your face, It was just too hard for me to believe.
the remorse deep in my heart, sets us apart
for you never knew how much was true
But now that I know, I will hold on to you till my face turns blue,
Now that I know you feel this way too.


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