The Art Of Liking Someone

The thought of liking someone
Thinking about them wondering if they are thinking about you
Wondering if you should believe what they say or assume they are lying
Controlling the Butterflies that are in the stomach when you them because you miss them? 
Believing you are the only one or believe you are one of many
Is just so difficult to grasp
cause you have to put complete trust in this person
& thats hard if your trust has been broken
But what if their trust is broken too?
Two broken trusted people
Its all because you clicked…
two puzzle pieces coming together to make a big picture..
you learned to like
Thats already a step in liking because you allowed yourself to like them
It just begins a rotation..
A rotation some people don’t want to do over & over..
Cause you end up not wanting to not live without them
But then you could end up living without them.
This is why..
Liking someone is an art.
Its beautiful
But it could be ugly.
But the piece is painted by you.
& understood by you..
Call Yourself Your Own Picasso Of Love..


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