Sometimes, in times when I find myself in need of it;

I stand, or sit, or lay, just... staring.

Staring at the walls, the ceiling, the floor,

whatever surrounds me,

closing in the space in which I am.

The world seems to run circles around me at these times,

continuing on while I'm being still,

just ignoring what I'm feeling,

slipping past me when I have something to say but can't find the right words.

There is no sense of time when I enter this state into which I go, staring.

Time is still, at least that's how I feel it is,

or at the very most, moving slower.

In my staring, a whole lifetime can flash behind my eyes.

Thoughts rushing faster than it seems any time could measure, countless.

I can go through a thousand of these thoughts in my mind,

cover a thousand worlds,

explore a thousand possibilities,

cross a thousand different obstacles,

and all I can feel is a minute pass by me.

I guess, if I ever thought to try,

closing my eyes instead of staring, would have the same effect,

because in these times, I'm staring into nothing.

Whatever is on the ceiling, floor, or walls disappears.

Everything goes blank, sinks down from around me,

to where my eyes see nothing but many thoughts flashing through.

I can see them, while I stare into that endless shade,

my imagination flourishing from my brain into my very sights.

It seems to paralyze me,

although a calming and peaceful stillness,

as these thought not only come before my eyes,

but through my blood, streaming in my veins,

to every limb and organ, especially to my very heart,

and maybe even a piece of my soul.

I feel my thought while I stare, I see them,

I experience them as voices, people, events,

real and actual happenings,

while in real life, nothing is happening at all.

If I could see my very own mind and heart during this event,

I believe I would see absolute magic occurring.

Colors: swirling, binding together, changing from different shapes and lines,

bursting forth, rushing, blasting out, spreading to my whole being,

spraying, forming, shooting,

and even crashing together in all my magnificent imaginations.

It would be a miracle to see...

And yet not even in my state of staring is anything really happening.

It halts, stops, I awaken as if from a dream

and continue on doing whatever it was I was doing before.

And not a single person notices,

the whole world doesn't know, isn't even remotely aware.

Because each and every other mind

is experiencing this event in its own way...

Mine is just during an unnoticeable, quick time, of staring.



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