I love you.

My gosh do I love you.


I dream about you.

We lay on the beach,

we eat in fancy restaurants

and I have even visited you overseas.


I've seen you get shot. 

The fear that flashed through your eyes, was unbearable.

I have stood up for you,

even when others may have been right.

I do it, because I love you

and you don't even say it back

and now, 

now you are leaving. 

Now all that talk is really happening.

You really are going overseas. 

You are suiting up and getting ready to jump,

while I lay here in my bed, with tears in my eyes

just wishing you would say those three words back to me.

This poem is about: 
My community


Jan Wienen

Priorities and blindness ... we sense it from afar ...

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