Thank You Sadness

Sad isn’t just a word you know?It’s an acronym for sadness, anxiety and depression.I describe it as a little pesticide, that can crawl into my mind Lay it eggs in other parts of the bodyI won’t eat, deprived from sleepFeel the need to love or have faith isn’t necessaryIt weakens meI feel as if moving forward isn’t possible But I’ll tell you for sure, it doesn’t last foreverForget the what if, can’t or butBut I remember the I can and I will grasp happiness, relaxationSimple songs and serene scenery can bring me joySun rays falling upon my melanin skinCold creek water flowing through my toesPandora vibrating my ear drumsAll these minor remedies can uplift me to the highest of highSuddenly, the corners of my lips turn upwardIt gives me those butterflies in my belly like the world is mine onlyThere’s no obstacle I can’t hurdle over All that sad has done for me, I’m appreciative         

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