For a boy I never knew

I think it was love at first sight 

I liked you before but seeing you again 


it was like seeing you for the first time,

if I didn't love you before, I definitely loved you now

Seeing you standing my way,

ignited something in me,

something that I can't quite explain

Seeing you again, 

was like seeing the love of your life again, 

after many years, 

looking as handsome as ever

This love is fake 

And this love is untrue 

But when I saw you, 

I felt hope and excitement

Hope of seeing you again

Excitement of having you back in my life,

even if it was for a short moment  

Your face is mysterious and beautiful

Your eyes are a dark void that I want and need to explain 

they're irresistible and make it hard for me to look away 

Seeing you in such a mundane part of my life was like seeing the sun a night, 

you looked like you didn't belong 

I felt as if though you were seeing me too,

but not like the way I saw you 

Glimpses of you were enough to get my heart racing 

I strongly feel like I love you but I know I don't

Seeing you again, 

was like seeing the hope, 

of seeing you again,  

and I don't even know 

your name


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