The Moon God and the Girl filled With Lies

I think I was able to laugh before

Jokes from my friends and funny stories

Eventually I got tired of them

I wonder why….


Today I pretend to be the kind one

Laughing and smiling, pretending I was gone

Sympathizing with everyone

Became a problem, I didn’t feel anything at all


Hey, is it true that

The gods don’t care about us anymore?


Stop complaining, Stop breaking me

No one cares about your pitiful tragedy

Future ahead is dark and misty

Escape from reality


Just like the Earth spins round and round

My emotions always end up in circles

And everyday I stand in front of where we met

Waiting for the sunset


I was able to smile before

Listening to gossips, carrying other’s weights

Yet no one stayed to watch me cry

I understand why


Today I pretend to be the victim

Hating voices, hating faces

The moon god, who watched my tears

Is still watching me from the heavens, I guess


And the moon god,

Said that he just could have cared less.


Stop complaining, stop hurting me

As long as I smile, everyone’s happy

They don’t care about others’ feelings

There is no way of healing


Just like the stars spin round and round

My dreams always ends up in circles

I find myself screaming silently in the night

Still waiting for the sunrise


Hey, is it true that

The gods don’t care about me anymore?


Is it too late now?


Stop complaining, stop breaking me

I can’t hear anything over the tinnitus

Darkest night and the brightest star

Watching us from afar


Just like the planets spin round and round

I wonder if I’ll endure this gravity called ‘pain’

Before I could find the answers on my own

The sun took the moon away from me


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