Scary Inspiration

Many poet's inspiration is sadness.

Many poets' inspiration is depression.

Many poets' inspiration is loneliness.

This poet's inspiration is You.


You came to me out of the blue.

Who knew I could fall this quickly for someone new ?

This is so strange. . .


Your looks captured my attention right away.

Your personality is singing to my heart;

"I'm here to stay."

My heart may skip a beat,

I may not be able to move my feet.

I may get tongue tied,

& l you have to do is smile or drop by.

Being in your arms wams my heart,

But letting go, breaks me apart.


One thing that captures me the most,

Besides that personality,

Hard to believe it's even reality,

Is those eyes !

I stare in them as time flies.

I day dream of the day you realize, I've. . . Fallen. . .

Of course I couldn't hep falling,

Or then i would've taken the time

To use my mind,

Except my heart took charge.


I'm scared of ending up hurt.

I dont know how much longer

I'll keep stronger.

You are my scary inspiration.


It's an everyday battle keeping

To myself this feeling.

If I'm not your inspiration,

My heart will try to remove this tattoo,

of whom i blew

My sadness far from. . .


written: 09.13.13



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