I Dont Know Why


United States
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I dont know why,
Why I want to cry,
Why my soul wants to die,
Why my hopes and dreams turn into lies.
Can someone please tell me,
Because I feel like I'm not good enough
But what is 'good enough'?
Should my hair be longer,
Should my waist be smaller?
What is it !
No one accepts me for me ,
But i only want to be me,
No one else can live this life that I live and shed the tears that i've shed
Or can they?
I've grown to love me, but as soon as the tough gets going I want to run and hid.
No on ever finds me.
But why?
I dont know why ...
I - dont - know - why . . .
But sometimes its best just not to know why things are the way they are.
Because sometimes reality can leave a scar that nothing can heal.
I dont know why.
But it's no better to hear the ugly truth than a pretty lie.

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