Yin and Yang

Sometimes going through depression is what makes a person

It gives a glimpse of reality

A vision with everlasting loneliness and destroyed self-image

This emotion holds one hostage

It slowly deteriorates the meaning of life

And as if you’re the victim of domestic violence,

It seems so impossible to escape

To end this horror.

This emotion,

A problem I struggled with for over a year

Possesses two outcomes

One of knowledge, experience and success

The other of deep, undesirable, medicated depression

I look it as yin versus yang

“You cannot see a shadow without light.”

Opposing forces creating such a cooperative team

I was merely sitting under a tree,

Battling the shade

No wonder the sun seemed so out of reach.

I write to share my story.

To eventually inspire others.

To give them hope.

To give them strength.


Need to talk?

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