A Loving Alcoholic


You show me the alchoholic that I truly am.

I'm constantly wanting just one more sip of your sweet breath
That when mixed with mine
Creates the most perfect intoxication
I've ever let affect my vision

I think back and remember
How easy it was
To get hooked on this feeling
Things get blurry...

You let a certain kind of happiness dance along my thoughts
Where the once dark and cold flowers
Now go wild with sunshine and color so vivid
That I can't even picture the withered flowers that once were

I can't help but smile and laugh
I'm so warm
I can't seem to get enough
Now beyond the point of caring if I get hurt

This feeling
This love drunk

Why would I think I'm gonna get hurt?

But as soon as that rush
Welcomed me with open arms
My world crashes down
And I'm left feeling sick to my stomach with regret

I sleep it off

But in the morning
Is when the pain really sink in

It seems only earlier I was happy
And loving every thought
That flourished in my head
Now I'm here


Every inch of my body
Pulsing with a pain
That only you can cause
Everything around me spinning

The alcohol of your breath
That once provided me with comfort
Is now beating me up inside
What a fool

A thought comes to my head
"I'll drink again next weekend
I know it will go better
I'm sure of it

I'll find a nicer party
One with energy that has another
Who is looking for the same intoxication I am."
What a fool

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