Dear In Headlights

Thu, 05/09/2013 - 12:38 -- kados


United States
42° 33' 23.3028" N, 83° 44' 28.1868" W

Am I guilty of falling down?
Because I feel the same.
Can this be different than before?
Difference is only an Idea.
Everyone could feel this way.
Feeling only what I’ve been constructed to feel.
Gone in the very same instant.
Holding no meaning at all.
In the End, It will never go away.
Just following me around, Never leaving, Never subsiding.
Killing my sanity from the inside.
Like a tornado to the heart.
My own mind betraying me.
Not only that, but enslaving me.
Only to tear myself apart.
Purpose without action.
Quality without an image.
Reason to not wander away.
Still no way to Escape.
Take me away from here.
Upheave this cities streets.
Verisimilitude is what it seeks.
Washing away from certainty.
Xeroxing thoughts that were unreal before.
You don’t know the difference, It’s real.
Zero could yearn for you like this again.

My Promise Dear, This Is Real.


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