Poem for Abby (spoken by anorexia)


Poem for Abby


"I'm not the enemy

Food is!" I insisted.

I promised her happiness

I promised her beauty

I assured her

She'd be perfect

If she only obeyed me


Treatment sent rage

I fought back from within her

Refusing meals

Pulling out feeding tubes

No matter the contracts and deals


I couldn't take it

I didn't want her to leave me

She said I was a demon

And discarded my intentions

"Without me you're worthless!"

Or at least that's what I said

"The real demon is your treatment team

They're messing with your head!"

When little did she know

I was the one who wanted her dead


I fought with all I had

Continued to lie

I couldn't let her kick me out

Even if it meant she would die


"Without me you are nothing

But fat and lazy!

I gave you strength!

I gave you everything!"

Although she tried to stay strong

The arguing grew to be too much


A war within herself roared

Battle scars marked her arms

She cut the demon right out of her

But it wasn't enough


The doctors and nurses

Gave her direct care

To fix the abuse

The treatment grew more intensive


Recovery saved her

And I couldn't torture her anymore

Without me she was free

No longer trapped in the pain

Of my cruel game

No longer confused

By demons driving her insane

Recovery saved her

got rid of me

So she could be free



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