To You

You are the backspaced words my tongue retracts

The three o clock messages that shouldn't make sense

You are the intertwined fingers that feel like there are still spaces there

The spark when touching even though I know it's static

You and me

We are the footsteps on the beach

A sand castle where you're the tower and I am the moat

The closest I can get to you is by brushing you til you chisel away and fall

And I catch you 

Every time 

Washing away your imperfections with my tears that you 

You never see 

You and me

I thought we were nothing

A defence mechanism designed to keep out feelings that will fall through

Second hand clothing that never was suppose to fit but grew into

You and me 

We were worn out shoes

Feeling the ground every step we took

Every rock



Piercing right through

Eyes that were looking in the dark

But never adjusted

You and me

We were the flickering light at the end of the hallway

Not sure if this will be the moment it finally gave

The piano in and out of tune

Where everything sounded off even though we played what was there

Because we were always trying to find new chords to strike

The wheel that kept on turning long after it has been rusted and forgotten

You and me 

There wasn't supposed to be 


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