Feelings of Love

Have you ever hugged someone and you felt like there was some kind of chemistry there?
Like there is something in-between you guys that neither of you two know.
It's the feeling that as soon as you see each other all you want to do is just jump into there arms and hug them for the rest of your life.
When you hug them it feels as if it's almost impossible to let go.
A simple hi from this person can just make your day better from the instance they open their mouth.
As if you fell in love with them,
but it was invisible.
Like you never felt that way before.
As if they can never hurt you.
As if hurt doesn't exist.
Only love works.
As if pain and sorrow goes away once you're with them.
Like as soon as you leave them you are so happy
and all you can think about is them and once a day has past all you can think about is the next time you'll see them.
As if your world is based upon waiting for them.
As if the fiction love stories were never real,
but some how become nonfiction as soon as you hit eye contact.
As you feel so lost once leaving sight of where they are. Once love never existed in your life,
But somehow one has gave a definition to you.
As if they only can define it.
As if they can open new ways inside of you that unlocks a new and real side of you.

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