Simply Words


Every war that was ever fought

all began with a single thought.

They are such powerful things:

the start of relationships and flings.

One thing leads to another

and your thoughts become words.

Words and words alone,

given with a heart of stone.

The words that you have spoken

have left me beaten and broken.

You say your love will always be,

but you can't even begin to trust me.

You love me, so you say,

but you wander when I  am away.

Three simple words which can break a heart

bring such warmth at the start.

They seem so full and profound,

but over time grow cold and shatter to the ground.

At the beginning it was exhilirating,

now our relationship is complicating.

Obviously I had to learn,

they were just simply words.

Words were spoken and nothing more,

let us now begin to restore.

Restore the trust between me and you,

because apparently it all fell through.

Words that we now say

must stand true everyday.

They must never sever

only last forever.

Close your eyes and count to ten,

let's start over once again.

You are the sunshine in my sky.

I won't let this love pass me by. 

You can be the harmony to my melody,

the other part of me. 

By simply giving our words meaning,

we will leave our relationship beamimg.


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