What Is Love?

Is it the way the breeze feels on the skin
On a hot day, when you just feel it within
Is it a child's smile? So innocent and Undeniable
Or is it something unmeasurable? Something that's naked and unable.
Unable to see, touch, or uncover
But only a feeling so deep its like its undercover
Love love love everybody wants to give it until they no longer receive it
What's the most powerful love of all?
Is it from a savior right when you're about to fall?
Someone unknown or someone you knew all your life?
Can it only be a brother, sister, husband or a wife?
Or can a stranger give you unlimited bliss
Someone you werent meant to connect with

Love love love the secret of it all might even drive a sane man to end it all
Is it true? Is it better to have lost love than never loved at all?
Or is it dependent to love one another weather we care for it or not
Is it normal to never have loved so deeply?
Does it come in time or just luckily?

Love love love so many questions i have for you
But i guess youre just a learning game.
As i get older i see theres more to gain
As time keeps going some questions get answered
But more and more people i meet, the closer i am to master
Well not completely master, this is a game afterall
But different people help me try to understand it all

Time and love, love from new people
Experiences that are treatful
This will help me narrow it down
Hopefully get someone to hold it down
For me, for "us", but really for me.
So i can see the true meaning
Feel all the feelings
All the feelings put on max
See if I’m able to climax
on every subject, feeling and action
Because love reaches every form of abstraction
I want—need to experience this
Without it, my life feels like a dark abyss

Hopefully I will get my questions answered
And hopefully by a man I can always banter
Who has the same, or even more, amount of love for me
As I do for him, if that can be a possibility

I will search and search, in the cities and in the wildlife
Whether it be in my neighbor, child, an animal, or partner in life
I will search and search for this feeling I keep hearing of
Then one day, I hope, I'll be able to understand this thing called "love"

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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