That One Night.

Empty is how you left me.

Broken, my heart was left. 

Lost is what I am.

Stupid is how I feel.

Falling for someone I can't have. 

Someone I never dated. 

You felt the same once 

Until one drunken night. 

Somone kissed me and you came out and saw

But it wasn't me at all. 

Tried to explain to you 

but you just brushed it off.

That next morning you were angry

and didn't want to tell me why.

I begged it out of you 

already knowing why. 

You replied "I started to believe you did love me, and starting having feelings too."

I didn't even fight for you because I already knew. 

That there was nothing I could do. 

I tried to explain again that last night wasn't me. 

You didn't care to listen and we were interuptted. 

You still made me believe that things could work out. 

Used me as a pawn in your little game 

Then one night you told me that the feelings were true 

That i feel the same as you. 

Then those feelings weren't there anymore. 

But you still care even just a little.

I still do as well. 

I still love you and always will.

Funny thing is

You always come back to me 

and I always wonder why.

You make me think there might be a chance again 

but that is never true. 

One day i do know when you're older 

you'll come back like you always do 

but this time

I'll be in love with someone new. 








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