The Feel

Everyday is like a nightmare.

I would rather be elsewhere.

But my fears are here,

It feels so severe.

I’m afraid of giving up.

Like my body could blow up.

Or maybe I could be afraid of dying,

The light would be so blinding.

I’m sorry that I’m scared,

I feel unprepared.

But you must realize that I tried,

There is a sudden upside.

I started to look within myself.

I learned to start at the root,

The second step was to execute.

At that point I was still afraid,

That I would still be trapped in this cage.

It took other people to help me,

For me to finally feel free.

Free from the fear,

That I don’t want to interfere

With my life anymore.

I’m tired of this feeling so hardcore,

I want to be restored.

And I eventually will be,

Due to the fact that I didn’t flee.

I stepped right up to the plate.

I faced my fears up straight,

And this is why I now feel great.


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