To You

To you I’m probably this bubbly person, a breath of fresh air, but actually i'm dead on the inside.

To you I'm this pretty “shy” girl but in reality i'm just this ugly girl with scars.

To you I seem like I am outgoing, but I hate having folks being around me. Honestly.

Exactly who am I?


To me I’m this person wanting to be in the popular crowd, but never got the chance to fit in.

To me I’m this girl living off of folks energy.

To me I see a girl who has amazing friends, who goes out every Friday night, but only one person fits this category.

And I chase this non existing dream…


In middle school we were suppose to find ourself but I ended up finding who I really am 11th grade, but then I was wrong-

I found out that wasn’t me, and honestly I still don’t know.

I can’t sit here a try to find myself forever.

I can’t sit here and try to be happy when I am not.


To you, you think I got everything figured out

To you, you think you got me figured out

To you


To me i’m just this girl...


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