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Crushed and mangled, like a withered leaf under the brisk step of a man;
Hurt: abandonment controlling the emotions within the heart.
Lost, confused and dazed as the days are whisked away by the whirlwind of the world.
Should not everyone cease motion?
When tragedy strikes, like lightening to a pole, the moment is fried and the beholder is left with nothing.
How is it that my pain does not affect yours?

Praised and loved, like a champion overlooking a crowd;
Whimsy: a willingness to immerse oneself in adventure.
Never holding back, squeezing every drop of joy from the Tree of Life.
Should not everyone shout in exuberance?
When appreciation is felt, the world becomes a better place and the individual voluntarily gives.
My bliss will brighten your day.

For if one world falls, another remains in tact.
For each who lies in tears, another lets out a jolly laugh.
For what once was grand, another replaces.
For one who passes, another arrives.

Paradoxes pervade the life we live, settling on common ground.
All people view the world in one way or another.
I know not in what place you were, or which direction you will go –
Our meeting here was by that of chance.
I enjoy this time to converse with you, and understand the world
In varying light,
Provided by this new (perspective).


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