when i write, i write.


i can't recall exactly when i had begun writing.

but it must've been in a time of distress or despair.

i figure this because those are the only times i see

writing as essential -- as catharsis or healing. so, i write

for self-assurance, to unwinde my twisted, writhing



writing allows me to express feelings in ways that

are unknown to me; it gives me the ability to see past what

i can say, and say it. some of my best work are produced in

times of distress and despair, but also in times of joy and ex-



i write when my body has reached its emotional carry-

ing capacity. and in that time, i can expell all of the feelings

that i have locked away onto paper.


writing for me is like flying for a bird. it's my escape.

it's my freedom. it's all there is to life and more.



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