Oh how misery loves me

Oh how misery loves me so faithful so heart wild and disruptive into my shallow mind and darkened spirit of good intent but bad movement;

Oh how misery can replenish the reality of how my days will go; we all shun the misery for the alter ego of lust that one would do as much as die for but we must not mistaken oursleves for without misery there would be no lust;

We would be nothing but a ash from the fire  without the oh so mistaken misery to delegate our lives into shell shocked responses of our hands dealt and cards given that we all know we deserved;

Ive fallen for misery to where the cuts on my knees could never heal and the burns on my hands could never shut but the constant sense of nourishment misery brings lust could never give;

So maybe this life of misery is more of love then a moment of lust could ever be ;And if my beautiful misery tip toes across the edge in an instant I'd fall with her;

Because no one else could fill my veins with such shingles and such aching stomach pains that full hearted fools mistake for butterflies well youre fucking butterflies fly away eventually;

My sweet misery would never leave


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