You Bring Out the Glass in Me


The sharp and the stabbing
Like the shards of a broken bottle
And its gleaming smoothness
Like the beads of a necklace
They cut my stomach  lining
Luminescent- like stolen stars
I know they underestimate their power
How strongly I feel the memories
I can see them perforate me
Refracting under my loose skin

But oh, it’s fine

You bring out the pale in me
My skin shines like the round moon
Glowing under a blacklight
You’ve sucked out all my color
I’m as thin as a sheet of plastic
I’m translucent in the sun
People tend to walk on by
I am Snow White
The blanched vestal virgin
Eating poison words like apples
Waiting to be awakened

But oh, it’s fine

You bring out the water in me
I hear it crash against my chest
Sometimes it leaks out onto my pillows
I have to check to see if I’m crying
Or if it’s something to be patched
The glass pokes holes
Skin tissue- tissue paper thin
I am not something to be mended
I am not a martyr
The water from my ribs saves none

But oh, it’s fine



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