Sometimes I want someone to hold me with no reason to

just because you want to love me 

I feel sometimes there always have to be a reason to show someone you care 

you have to see my tears in order to whip something I'm struggling 

to take heed to

All the questions what's wrong 

when I have been unsolved for so long you just now opened your eyes and noticed 

It doesn't matter that you care after the fact I want you to care before 

I wish you could read my mind to remove all my hurt and add it to joy 

to be able to see something I'm to afraid to relive again so I hide 

Stop pretending you care for me when in your absents I have to rescue my own self

Because you couldn't see the footsteps I left you to follow

I have to work harder for you to help me when I scream as you put me on mute

Looking at me as if I'm overly dramatic and to needy

something you can't handle or if you would even pick me up when I laid hopeless 

but when you had a fall you expected me to drop the world at your knees 

I'm worried about you 

as I rolled my eyes taking a second though about what you said 

what was that again you worried that you might lose me when I'm already lost 

So now you worry 

It's amazing how I can see though the clear glass and see all the cracks to you

But with me somehow I must have forgotten 

my walls are to covered with blackness you couldn't find a light

to see a hole not a crack but apart of me that disappeared

as I look at my reflection of suck emotions that caved in to me as my image becomes a blur 

Girl I'm here for you 

makes me hold on to my small faith that stands in front of me as it shakes me out of breath 

sometimes words are not enough

when I saw a readied message be skipped ,the fact you ignored me just makes me see where I stand in your eyes 

All these problems were surrounding me in a room and instead of jump at fear 

I let it burn me 

removing the skin that detached the scares 

I got so frustrated of this world that was a lot stronger then me

that defeated me though the punches as the crowd yells KNOCK OUT 

misplaced around life I didn't even see anymore I could take 

I wish life had a pause ,a stop maybe even a replay but theres no such a thing 


I was weak to the point I couldn't walk or stand but stay stuck 

Help me !!

all the people run to see what caused the noise 

that only left a brick wall I built up so high

not a person could even see the top or feel the touch of my hand

as I ran up to this wall 

I didn't see a bricks but  memories that hurts me 

And as I continue to see the wall get bigger ,get stronger at the though of me thinking 

The bricks are to hard to break though as I hear my friends try and help me 

as I stood looking at the destruction of something I built 

The walls got bigger only made me become smaller 

little old me had enough bitterness to be the only thing that could kill my own self 

I was the one that held on to my neck as I turned blue 

it was me all alone 

Imani listen can you hear me 

I wish I could runaway from my past,present,and future and just be in a time period where 

I couldn't feel 

All the moments I hurt ,cried,though of everyone who left me 

everyone who blamed me the moments I had to seat quiet and take what I was given 

No reason for me to show it but to own up to it 

but how ?

Tell me please is there a clip I could watch on how I became this 

I yelled at what hurt me so I broke everything that had to stand perfect with no flows only perfection 

which isn't a fairy tail but a nightmare 

I broke everything in me 

i broke it ,it was me 

no one had to show me love because I wouldn't take it 

I let my heart blacken until it  stopped  but I wasn't dead but alive 

Imani imani I need you don't go please don't you have to much to live for 

I though I did but now I don't see nothing left for me 

I wish I didn't have to be my own lowest amount to anything that ever reached the dark cloudy sky 

I wish I could stop adding bricks to a wall no one can help to get to me 

sometimes I wonder how people see me now 

as they knew the truth of me 

I wish I could stop wishing for something that won't happen




This is me breaking down my walls and the real meaning to what everyday seems like to me .Being Imani this is my story .Hope I inspire you and others .It's ok to let all the pain you feel run on a piece of paper . Thank you for your support 

sorry for how long it is it just all the stuff I held in just exploded 

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