It's Story

As a best friend then brother, now potential life partner


These feelings… These intense, powerful feelings.

As infants grow to become teenagers into adults…

A typical crush grew to become infatuation into love.


A hungry baby on an airplane, the ring of a smartphone during a speech, Chatty Cathy’s tongue…

Distraction, distraction, distraction as I can’t stop thinking about him.

White noise, Sleepy Time, melatonin… All rendered ineffective by his name.


Mosquitos to a bug-zapper, north to south, us to fire…

Attraction, attraction, attraction as I long to be with him always.

Underneath his superficiality lies a human being a-kin to me.


Our foundations are the same but, his architecture differs greatly.  


Southern Baptists and Ladder-day Saints, business men and politicians, blacks and whites…

Opposition, opposition, opposition as our opinions clash causing chaos!

A common goal leads to a peaceful compromise.


Starvation’s stomach grumbles, greed’s fingers reach forward and curiosity demands an answer…

I Want, I want, I want him to fill my void and satisfy my libido’s craving!

Both Adams search fruitlessly for their Eves.


He has unexpectedly, unintentionally, obliviously stolen my treasure.

His is locked and tossed into the red velvet folds of Hefner’s robe.

Leviticus 18:22 and 20:13…  It’s a SIN and God says “NO!”


Colorful flowers still draw me in yet monster trucks roar tempting me more.


Katrina, 9:11, one of three Olympic-class ocean liners…

Disaster, disaster, disaster will ensue if I act without his consent.

A massive storm will hit, thunder role, lightning strike, winds scream and trees fall.


Split-second decisions, once-in-a-lifetime opportunities, first time ventures…

Risk, risk, risk… Is it worth it? Will it be worth it? Am I willing to suffer?

Honestly… It’s not. Our amazing friendship may not survive the explosion.


Job’s story, a cure for cancer, signs from above…

Hope, hope, hope still exists for each of us as long I continue to resist; our Eves are out there!

He has been told of these intense, powerful feelings; thankfully the fuse wasn’t lit.


A, B, C or D? Actual love causes all the above.


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Fitzy Marlote

#2- This one was written on 5/29/18.

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