I'm Fine

We’ve all said it,

We’ve all heard it

That easy little phrase to use when you're hurting

Two words, two syllables.

I’m Fine.


Its a simple answer

And if you play it off well

People accept it

You might get lucky

And not get asked any more questions


Everyone loves that answer

Because secretly,

No one wants to dig deeper

It’s acceptable to smile and walk away

Because they said they’re “fine”.


What does Im fine even mean?

Because certainly It doesn't mean fine

If we were fine, we wouldn't have to reassure everyone

We would be able to feel the smile on our face

On the inside


Im fine is very neutral

It lets us get by

Without having to answer anything crucial

Slipping by, under the radar

Collecting little attention


We dont want to be asked a million questions

Because maybe,just maybe

We will have an epiphany

When we realize we aren’t as fine

As we think we are


But maybe thats our definition of fine

Not completely okay

But not crossing the line

The phrase “I’m fine”

Is not something that can easily be defined


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