Fri, 12/15/2017 - 00:14 -- jxxh

I miss the smell of alcohol on your breath,

The haze of smoke in the air around us,

The half smirk you always have curled up on the left side of your mouth,


I crave the heat of your body after being out in the cold,

The quip of laughter that always passes past your lips,

after I curl my toes underneath your legs to keep warm,


I want to lay beside you on that warn out sofa, 

with my hand cirlcing your chest,

as your hands run down my cheek straying slightly to caress my hair,


But I cant be with you.


Thoughts of a drunken night,

the mistake of kissing you back, 

I'm haunted with regret,


Because you are not mine and I am not yours,

Because we did such a good job of hiding our feelings for each other,

Because now we can't forget how we both felt in each others arms,


I want to be with you.


I remember the look ony our face the moment before we first kissed,

I'd watch you take drags from your cigarette like it was the most alluring thing I'd seen,

and I'd steal them from your lips just to try and get a taste of  you,


But I knew I shouldn't.


But I didn't care, 

and now I'm stuck here,

wanting you,


Because when I'm with you everything feels right. 


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