The Mask


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United States
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The mask you ask, is it there?

Do I hide myself inside?

For me, I'm proud to say it's nowhere.

Though the mask, I mean's been tried.

I used to live behind that mask,

I knew it all too well.

It became my way of doing tasks

to guard myself,I must tell.

The mask was all I ever used,

I needed it to live.

So no one would see I was abused,

By people, I could not forgive.

Something changed. How you ask?

I gave my life to Christ.

I now realize that horrible mask,

Is not what I need to keep people enticed.

I no longer use that mask, you see.

I've finally thrown it away.

I know that I am loved by He,

that keeps the pain at bay.

So next time you see some poor soul

who hides behind their mask.

Tell them they can still be whole,

Their savior, they must ask.




This is BEAUTIFUL and the rhymes BRILLIANT!


Thank you so much!

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