The Fire

Screw the people who break us down so much, that we become senseless and open

If that’s an opportunity, damn, love, just consider me your token

Let’s strip the truth of all its beauty

I don’t want that, I want raw and ugly

I want the dreary nights, and the late night talks and teary phone calls

I want the tender love, the ugly tears and the touch that makes my skin shiver and my eyes to fall

I want to feel the wind on my face, exposing my covered face and taking away my natural barrier with messy hair

I want a twinkle in my eyes, and my mouth forming the beginnings of an irresponsible dare

My lips are poison and my words are sweet, but don’t let that fool you

I’m just bubbling like a roaring volcano underneath, trying to keep my cool

You are the tsunami that keeps me down, but melts me into a girl that stands her ground

Maybe life makes the rain because of the clouds

But rain is what makes life and damn, if it isn’t cloudy now

It feels like the sun is pulsing its fiery glare straight at my skin, and baby, I can’t always win

If you give yourself into the fire, my fingers won’t let go

I hope you’re prepared to carry some cargo

This stowaway is going on a hunt for a place where no one’s gone

Into your heart

This fire’s gonna burn my fingertips, which would be quite a shame

I won’t be able to stroke your lovely skin, on this apparent body of yours that I claim

I look into your deep chocolate eyes, and feel the prickle of my skin

Don’t worry; it’s just a reaction to the adrenaline

It’s pulsing through my being, fight or flight, so I’m prepared to fight

For the day to end and the morn to begin without a single,” Goodbye.”

Those orbs of sweetness and cavities are blocked by heavy lids

While you are fitfully sleeping

Wake, my beauty, you surpass the truth and take on a new form

You are real and sometimes, I need a little real in a world of petty lies, that’s scarred and war-torn

These guns are all outdone, with the dwindling depression still undone

But get the medical kit, ‘cause the battle may be over, but the war was never won

You look at me with an idea in your eyes,

But not in your plans

I try to know your next move, but next thing I know, surprise

But just because I know, doesn’t mean I need to understand

A bomb may have just gone off, but that doesn’t mean I want to know if it was a landmine or a grenade

My fate is still the same

So, I super glue back all the broken pieces and stick them together like so

But a clump of papers can never be the same way before it broke

I guess what I’m try to say is the idea is not really the idea, but the imagination of the person behind it

I want to know how it came to be, why it just clicked

But my love, I can’t figure out how the gears work, unless I see them turning

So, get the shovel, my fingers may burn, but I want to keep this fire burning

The sun’s getting closer with every move I make

But once I stop shielding my eyes

And I finally take a look at the light

I realize the fire never needed fuel at all

There you were standing, proud and tall


I shot up on the bed, panting, looking at the time

11:11 p.m.

It was all just a dream


I look over at you and smile, taking in your soft smile and closed eyelids

I’m a little dazed, a little confused

I stare down at my hands, waiting to wake up

But as I look, I noticed the scars singed on my fingertips

And realize, that dream I just had, maybe it wasn’t really

I quickly, violently shake you awake, eyes wide in fear

Your beautiful eyes finally open and I hug you, watching the water trickle down your broad back from a single tear

You raise an eyebrow in question, for which I have no words to answer

Magnificence cannot be compared in human words so trivial

The heat from your body warms me up, getting rid of all the cold

I always told you I never really liked it, now haven’t I?

Warmth reminds me I’m not alone in my perilous adventures, with my trusty sidekick at my side

As long as he so choses to never say goodbye


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