Shared Trauma

You can never really tell when a girl has been through trauma.

And she'll hardly ever bring it up for fear of sounding like a melodrama.

But I believe it's good to share, it could help others with the strain.

Of opening up about their life, and trusting you with their pain.

I've had this happen with other people when I told them about my past.

But there's always a fear that once you've told, you'll be treated like an outcast. 

Unfortunately, I can't help anyone by saying it won't really happen to them.

I tried it once. The hurt I feel makes my heart think that the friend is now only scum.

Now I know that isn't true, but the rejection part's hard to ignore.

So, make sure the person is someone you trust. To everyone else I implore.

If someone opens up to you don't take it at all lightly. 

Don't shake or cut them off. Just listen and then maybe hug them tightly.

My sometimes problem is I'm an open book, I can share too much too often.

But when I do I find that I've gotten your walls to soften.

It makes it easier to knock them down at least just a little for me.

So I'll keep on sharing just as much as before and maybe the "scum" will then see.

There was nothing to run from except for a friend and the fun that comes with my crazy.

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My community


Cloud Shark

I like the creative word choices for your rhyming, good job.



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