I can't be alone with you


I know you're my teacher, and you need to talk, but I can't be alone in a meeting with you. 

You see when I was little, I was sexually abused and I got out of that, with an emotional bruise.

Then I started to work and was harrassed everyday, so I had to quit, and it hurts me to say,

When I went to college I thought the problems where through, but then I was raped and old cuts felt like new,

So it's not that I think that you seem like the type, but in honesty I feel like I've been hurt my whole life.

It's just me now and I'm trying each day, to tell myself I'm perfect and I will be okay. 

So I'm sorry I wont schedule a meeting with you, I just don't trust right now, it's me, it's not you.

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