Would You Rather?

It was like drowning in the darkness of the seemingly desolate ocean
Lit only by the odd glimmer of moonlight
The odd sparkle of his eyes
I can swim, but I didn't want to
I would've rather been completely deprived of oxygen
Than had to bear the pain I would inevitably feel when it all came crashing down

It was like we were falling
But he had a parachute
It was uncontrollable, I couldn't stop
And despite my greatest fears, I was unable to cleanse my mind of his words
But I would've rather heard his voice, even in my dreams
Than had to bear the deafening silence without him

It was like a nightmare
But I couldn't wake up
I felt paralysed
Trapped by the warmth from his body as he held me
But I would've rather failed to wake
Than had to face reality alone

It was the wrong time, he wasn't good for me
And I didn't need him
But my want for him was insuppressible

All he was was a quantity of matter on an insignificant dot in the midst of entirety
But to me he was entirety
And I was lost in the midst of his eyes

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Wow that was breathe taking. You are an amazing poet.


Thank you that means so much! :)

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