Poetry In Motion / Why I Write Scholarship Entry


~ Poetry In Motion ~

It buzzes 
and beleaguers
and irritates the hell 
out of me
like a knat in my ear.
A word or phrase
has been known 
to follow me thru slumber
pull on the pillow
of my dreams;
awaken me to
become morning dialogue
when I'm brushing, flushing
bathing, eating. 
And only when
it arrives on the page
does the little bugger
cease its demands;
only then is there peace
from a persistent thought 
that has fought 
its way out of the id. 
I'm never sure if this is my creation
or a creative force
that needs to be free.



~ Why I Write Scholarship Entry ~

This need to write seems to have been in me most of my life but without knowledge of what drove me, I channeled it into my work life and then finally years and years later brought it to essays and poetry. Who knows what lies as the driving force in the need to write but it is everything your previous posters have said from who knows? To expression of pain to just simply "in their nature". And so . . . it seems most of us aren't really too sure why we write, we just know that we do and that it answers certain needs in us and others as well.


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