what is love

I do not know this so called "emotion", but I'm desperate to find my life devotion.

I get this feeling in my chest and it feels so real. But when I'm around you, that feeling grows stronger. What is this?

And when it grows stronger, I feel that emotion. Can somebody tell me what it is?


How do you define the feeling inside of me? I don't understand what it means.

But when I'm around you, I finally understand what it is. And when I do, I only think of you.

Can somebody tell me it again?


What is love? Where did it come from? I need to know because I can't control these so called "love".

I need to see if love is real. All this emotion, it's a comotion! oh what love...


I need to be held in your arms, to understand what is going on inside of me. Oh what feeling!


...This love...I think I know where it comes from. It's heart's instincts. I know what I'm feeling..

Now I can see that love is real. Oh how I need it, oh what a feeling!......This is love....This is love..

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