Never Once


When you're a child
all you think and dream about
is whether or not 
your parents are gonna surprise you
with the unicorn you begged 
them to have. 
When you're a child
all you think and dream about 
is the castle 
you're someday gonna live in forever 
with your Prince  
or Princess Charming. 
Never once 
do you think or dream that 
you'd be crying yourself to sleep 
at night, 
silently screaming internally, for the pain 
is so unbearable. 
Never once 
do you think or dream 
of the scars 
you'll someday have on your body;
the endless blood-stained lines 
from those horrific nights. 
Instead of a fantasy,
you got a nightmare. 
You wish you could 
go back and somehow stop 
your younger self from growing up,
because it isn't as wonderful as 
they believe it to be.
You wish you could
save yourself from the demons 
who hungrily thirst after 
happiness and joy. 
Unfortunately, you cannot -
there's no time machine. 
But you can rescue the little girl or boy
hiding away, waiting to 
spring free from your broken soul. 
The scars you bear
were not what you wanted, 
I know. 
The tears you shed into your pillow 
were not, either. 
But that's the thing 
about pain: it demands to be felt 
for it is what makes us human,
it is what makes us stronger. 
So don't be afraid, 
don't ever be ashamed. 
The past is awful to look back at 
but you don't have to 
Because you're worth life,
you're worth more than gold.
Get up off the ground, darling. 
Stand tall. Be proud. 
Maybe you weren't 
destined to ride that unicorn,
or ride off into the sunset
toward a castle with your 
true love.  
Maybe, just maybe...
you were meant to be 
the Armored Warrior 
you are today. 
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