How to share your soul,

How to share what you know,

To reveal the convoluted tendrils,

Tendrils of thoughts, of feelings,

Of things you have to show,

Of things others cannot know,

Not because you refuse to show,

But because it is a place you cannot go,

For no one can know,

That which one does not know.

To show what lies inside my soul,

Would be to tell an infant

Of the Northern lights.

How the colors shift and change,

Fluidly dancing and flowing,

Like water in unending patterns,

Painted in the night sky,

Reflected on the unbroken snow.

The infant would not know,

Could not know of what I speak,

Could not fathom the beauty,

The beauty that so many seek.

For you can only know that which you know,

And an infant could not know of what I speak,

Of the lights, the sky, the night, or snow.

To share my soul, to explain to you,

To show you what I know

By that which you know,

Would be to view the universe

Only by the trails of comets,

The tendrils of sparks,

That speaks to some small part

That exists inside of you,

Small tendrils lost in the mystery,

The unknown, unfathomable of the universe.

Unthinkable because we know,

Only by that which we know,

And the creamy blackness

That cloaks everything,

That ever has and ever will exist,

The true depth of a soul

Is not a thing that can be shown.

To tell you who I am,

Of what makes me me,

Is to try to describe

The true unknown nature of the sea,

Waves crashing down on the sand,

The white crest breaking

Over the top of the surface, ever changing.

To describe a never consistent entity,

It is an impossible goal to try to reach,

But even more impossible than this goal,

Is to show another person another soul,

More than all the collective eyes have seen,

Through all the generations of humanity,

Of every inch of green earth,

Grey mountains, blue lakes, and black night sky,

That has ever been witnessed,

That has ever been glimpsed.

Just as the ocean is unfathomably deep,

Impossibly unknowably full,

Possessing a pressure unknowable,

It is not something that can be understood,

So it has become an inspiration of terror,

But fear is just one inspiration it is capable.

There is great beauty, great life,

Forms of life never seen before,

Under the surface it is secretly full,

Full of invisible, invisible color,

Unknowable to our minds,

Vibrant energy that exists outside the lines.

It is not a thing we can comprehend,

Because it is not what we know,

And it cannot be shown

Through the little that we do know,

So it goes with the soul.

How do you show what you know,

There deep inside, where only you can go,

The true nature of yourself,

How you feel and how you have felt,

To reveal a thing truly unfathomable,

One thing that will always be unknowable,

Unknowable because it is not showable.

How is one to explain

Something more than the secret hopes and pains,

More than thoughts and feelings,

The very essence of your being.

The greatest question will remain,

When you can only know,

That, which you know,

How to share your soul?


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