Momentary Freedom


As I sit in my room I ponder the many reasons why I write.

A ponder and wonder and think for a moment.

I have many reasons, and I shall try to be contrite....

I write to escape.

I write to escape the temptations and duplicity of this world.

I write to feel important.

I write to feel important when i'm struGgling with my self esteem and I feel worthless.

I write tO express.

I write to express the many facets of my personality.

I write to imagine.

I write to imagine a worlD in which there is no more homophobia, sadism, and abuse.

I write to be known.

I write to be known for my integrity, righteousness, and moraL conduct.

I write tO be an example.

I write to be an example for our posterity and the future generations to come.

I write to hope.

I write to hope that maybe someone will read my thoughts, and take steps to understand me.

I write to be heard.

I write to be heard by anyone, anywhere.

I write to dream.

I write to dream that I will be able to go to college, will be succesful, and will liVe happily.

So oncE and for all, and all at once.

I write to eScape, to feel important, to express, to imagine, to be known, to be an example,

to hope, to be heard, to dream, and to share the one message that burns in mY heart for

everyOne that can get the hint and follow my clUes.



Hint: GOD loves you.

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