An Anchor of feelings

Sat, 05/24/2014 - 12:18 -- jdrose


Today was a day of sorrow and grief

Tomorrow is a day that is short and brief.

Although its a terrible path to tread

There is nothing I can do instead.


There are things that no one can understand,

you work through things with a plan.

Those plans can change in an instant,

That's why my mind is so distant.


Today was a day of happiness and love,

Tomorrow is a day that rises above,

above all else of momentous ocassions,

and well needed explanations.


Without the help of someone else,

life means nothing by ones self,

today is a new day that has no past,

i am finally free at last.


These feelings held me captive and drug me down,

down and down and down.

Like an anchor in the sand,

underneath the boats back end.


 I no longer feel as though i am drowning,

no more sorrow no more frowning.

Today is a new day of bright light

and the dark will never be a fright.


The anchor is gone and i am relieved,

I have started to believe,

in things that people disagree

in love, and god, and harmony.


Today is a day that is bright and new

tomorrow is a day I have no clue.

Everyday is a new beginning,

and for once i've started living.










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